Sunday, August 30, 2015

Blame Game, Stupidity, Bigotry and Outright Lemming Behaviour.

Just a few screen shots. Showing the wheels tragically falling off the Cultural Marxist Bus after this weekends rally in Bendigo.

Above. Someone needs to re read Peter Graces take on the subject of growth.
But Peter they just want to overthrow the State and take what isn't theirs to take. This has nothing to do with Race or Religion. This isn't the 60's buddy, they are not hippies they are greedy middle class kids looking for trouble. They don't even understand what they are fighting as they don't care.

I have no idea about the thought process of these people, my guess they don't either. Will Halal pepper spray be like Holy Water is to vampires, when sprayed on UPF people? Is this not the same people who claimed after being sprayed in Melbourne that pepper spray is a "chemical weapon" and should not be used by Police and be banned? This is just plain stupid and worthy of note.

Yes its handy when you can count on the MSM to support minority opinions and State Sanctioned Counter Rally's. Oh look no street medics to help people, be they man woman or child. No medics to help them if they are sprayed with "chemical weapons". Welcome to the new Marxist theory of empathy for everyone we decide are worthy of it. Again seeing them for what they are. 
Did we really burn a flag, they ask? Did we really burn a flag to simply cause trouble and get a reaction?

Its only true if its written in "The Age" or by any other MSM outlet they approve.

Ah ok its official then, but that's ok...

Its not a crime and a little "retarded". WTF, hold up what was that word? "Retarded", did they go there, did I just see that?

OMFG get ready for it, I can hear the PC crowd rolling down the road as we speak in their captured Panzers from the evil bigoted Nazis from the right . This will not stand, this must be crushed. Blast those stupid and embarrassing Antifa and Socialist Alternative Anarchists. Call the Re-education camp immediately.

Enough said, you will always lose outside of Melbourne.

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