Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Conspiring to Disrupt.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”

 Above, two total knob jockeys. Both doing their bit to disrupt and bury any resemblance of the truth.

What a sorted affair. The politically motivated media, the crazy cat killer, the Kosher Race Traitor, the Hollywood Nazis, the Non Person and unidentifiable Anarchist and State Asset, Andy Fleming. All on one article written by John Lyons for "The Australian" in what could be the biggest outing of State Agents and their unwilling or unknowing assistants ever.

The sourced story from "The Infamous Australian" reads as follows. Disgruntled ex Reclaim member James Gilhome is horrified after discovering "Militant"Nazi take over of Reclaim. Followed by Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.

Source. "When James Gilhome turned on his computer on May 28 he was alarmed by what he saw. Across the following three days, the more he saw the more concerned he became.

Gilhome, although sitting at his home in Tasmania, was watching over social media a plot being hatched: a plan about how to smuggle weapons into an upcoming protest in Melbourne.

Gilhome had joined the newly formed Reclaim Australia movement because he was concerned about Islamic fundamentalism. But somehow he had been included in a discussion by a small Facebook group of supporters from the United Patriots Front, an offshoot of Reclaim Australia and Australia’s newest far-right group."

James Gilhome, a quick google of this guys name comes up with all types madness. Who is this credible source quoted by the Australian? Well back in April, James Gilhome was claiming to be a disgruntled antifascist, who joined the Ranks of Reclaim over the Islam issue. He then went onto killing his own cat and using the blood from said cat to paint a Swastika on his door. 
Claiming that Tasmanian antifascist had broken into his house doing all of the above he tried to convince members of reclaim that the story was true. All in an attempt to embarrass and discredit. 

Only in April this year Andy Fleming and Reclaimwhat both had James squarely in their sites so it would appear. Reporting that not only did he kill his cat to frame up Antifa yet failing to mention he was one of them to start with. They also reported he was being questioned by Tasmanian Police over a stalking charge. Now Andy and others are saying he is a "ex reclaimer" and a credible whistle blower and witness against Reclaim and the UPF.  So is John Lyons from "The Australian" who unless he truly is as dumb as dog shit is well aware of all of this.  Did we mention we have pictures of how sick this credible source is?

The following pictures shared by this mental defect were taken by him, warning graphic.

Yep "The Australian" journalist John Lyons must be one lazy SOB. If that is the quality of journalism from the Associate Editor in Sydney, I would hate to see what else they have on the books. 

Ooops remember Greg Roberts, another Journalist from "The Australian". Good old Greg and Lyons must be very close, maybe they are one and the same?  Greg who was the political corespondent for "The Australian" just up and vanished not long after his "we are the fucking press and we do what we like" episode? Hell they both used Andy Fleming and his gang to source their information for their false and misleading articles. 

Dont think they are taken seriously? The Federal Police and ASIO both used Greg Roberts information from countless bullshit opinion pieces (thats all they are as there is no actual evidence to support anything they say) to harass and question patriots.  Info Greg Roberts sourced from Andy Fleming and Cam Smith.  Just like Lyons is doing right now, and he wont be alone. Other reporters will now use his article and the previous one as a source now for their own slander articles.  Same shit different year, but it has to stop.

But if you read on you will see how this under medicated mental drone James Gilhome simply used the Media and Antifa lies to invent the whole story. Lies already published by Lyons and other media outlets is all Gilhome repeats. Unproven claims from antifa and in particular Andy Fleming. In John Lyons eyes this will somehow lend credibility to the host of lies he has already published and the lies he obviously plans on publishing in the future. 

When you consider all the evidence published by the media up to this point has been supplied to them via Andy Fleming, including faked screenshots, its not a big jump to conclude they are all working for a higher power. Putting it simply the Reclaim movement and the UPF are being stitched up. 

The media is on this big time and are simply putting out fraudulent evidence to support some type of future charge or claim. Ensuring it sticks in the minds of the lemmings who still believe the MSM. Fact is, if the media hadn't already set the ball rolling James Gilhome would have had nothing.

The plan here is simple, turn patriots into home grown WHITE Terrorists. Patriotism = Terrorism, Christians = Terrorism, Questioning Islam, Immigration and State Policy = Terrorism. Yet the Violent Left who truly are the Terrorists are currently pushing for massive Social Change if you like it or not. All to be implemented by a coalition of The Australian Labour Party and Greens. All assisted by the likes of John Lyons.

So the story now goes onto the medias one and only source when it comes to the Far Right "Nazis", the non person Andy Fleming. We found this a bit strange that he would poke his head out again as he has been over shadowed by Stephen Jolly of late. Who just so happens to be one of his mates also.

Andy has been a bit shy on the MSM since the violent protests he and his mates stirred up on the streets of Melbourne and at the Golden Dawn Rally in Brisbane last year. But we thought it was rather timely as we had just been messaged with info accusing one of the demonstrators at the July 18th rally of being Andy Fleming. 

From some on the Right, or Reclaim, side, Melbourne blogger “Andy Fleming” is public enemy No 1 — except they don’t know who he is."

Now we have no idea if its him or not. To be honest we recently had given up looking for him after being warned through back channels that ASIO and the Feds have said he is off limits. Off limits and untouchable, if he is publicly named and outed by us or anyone else on the Right certain people are in deep shit. Yet funny enough everyone else appears to be fare game. We have claimed for nearly 10 years now that Andy Fleming and his pal Cam Smith are working for the feds,in particular the Victorian Federal Police.  So no big surprise for us or our readers.

So we posted the above pic on our FB page the morning before the article by Lyons. We simply asked if anyone could supply anymore information. Suddenly we have all types of fake and not so fake Hollywood Nazis making all types of assumptions and veiled threats. All bullshit of course, unless you are putting the fix in. Its very obvious the fix is well and truly in now. So we took it down, as there simply is no way of stopping these pricks making up more lies to feed to the media and add further weight to the bullshit claims from Andy.

The Lyons article goes to great lengths as they always do to paint Andy as the victim and a social warrior. Again Bullshit. Its always the case of "According to Fleming". No matter if you are the media, ASIO or the Federal Police.

But as you will see they all work together, all the sources used by Lyons are in on the fix at least their controllers are. 

"Nick Folkes, who runs the Party for Freedom, a key group within Reclaim Australia, is one of those campaigning to sideline neo-Nazis. When key figures in Reclaim Australia attended a barbecue at his Sydney home last Sunday someone from Squadron 88 turned up. Folkes denied him entry."

Nick Folkes loves his soapbox. Who is this source? Well Nick (pictured at top of page) has been around a few years now, going all the way back to the Australian Protectionist Party, the APP. The same guys including Nick who attempted to hijack The Australia First Party and oust Jim Saleam the Party president in 2007. Nick Flokes  along with his agent provocateurs on White Nationalist forums such as Stormfront and the now defunct Australian New Nation Forum tried for years to defame anyone who spoke highly of the Australia First Party. Yet good old anti Nazi Nick had no problems hanging out with a whole list of known Hollywood Nazis from Sydney, back then and now. In fact the Members of S88 he so proudly booted off the bus, he not only knows them and let them on, he actually had a meeting with them the night before. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Nick old chap.

So let me spell it out. Anti Nazi Nick, not only has the head of the Hollywood Nazi group S88 on his friends list on FB, Nick uses them to defame the only real unashamed pro white, anti Zionist, Patriotic political group in Australia. He then goes on to claim he is the one stopping Nazis from infiltrating Reclaim. Well fucking hello, all these Nazis he claims to be bravely stopping are not only well known to him, but speak to him more than us. In fact we dont speak to any of these "Nazis" and it could be easily said that we and a few of our readers are the most well known and labeled "Nazis" in Australia. Go figure.

In fact it was Nicks old mates from the APP who shared info and worked with Andy Fleming and his anti racism buddies at Fight Dem Back. This attempt at a coup d'etat to oust those on the Right who are not pro Israel and or willing to compromise is still happening as we speak. 

You see Nick who is married to a non white, doesn't give two shits who he deals with because in the end, they are all expendable. Nick works for the same people as Andy, just with out the resources. He is truly a snake in the grass and his Kosher Nationalist Fantasy must seem to him to be on the verge of a break through, with Reclaim anyway. Nick is using his pet fake Nazis and their stupidity to try and stop the inevitable wake up of the Reclaimers.

Andy, Nick, the State, all fear that these people once awake will turn to real Nationalism. None of them would benefit from this. Its the same all over the West. 

So here is something rare this day and age, the truth. This is not a takeover bid for Reclaim by fictional Nazis. This is a reaction to bad laws, bad government and the theft of our rights and who we are. This is the State using everything at its disposal to halt the people waking up and using what little rights they still have to fight back. This is about control and who you trust to form an opinion.

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