Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Jesus John what are you doing?

You are one of us after all.

Boy oh boy, John Lyons the assistant editor from "The Australian" in Sydney is on a roll. In yet another classic piece of gutter journalism, "Nazis" from Mars once again take over the world. John Lyons once again has a crack at spreading total garbage in the hope his helpless readers lap it up. Read on HERE.

The only problem is the overwhelming amount of comments left by mum and dad Australia at the end of the article. All decrying the death of honest and unbiased journalism in Australia. Maybe the Jews were right about one thing when they said the following about John Lyons, " did anything but seek out the truth or give new insight into the issues”.  Dont worry John we are also used to being persecuted by Zionist, so I guess you have more in common with us than you know.

John don't you get it yet? Its the Jews taking over the UPF and Reclaim you need to worry about not the "Nazis".

Either way Australia First has written a rather good rebuttal HERE.

My problem with the article is with the Kosher Nationalists, as I suspect John Lyons only cares about keeping his anti racist credentials intact. His lies and horrible fact checking speak for themselves. Sadly John you are the first Anti Semite to get a bad label on WLT.

But if you read the article you will see there are a few sources, The Sutherland Shire Mayor Kent Johns and two unamed sources from Reclaim and the UPF. Most importantly we have, We Love Israel Nick I hate Nazis Folks.

There is something to be said about media anointed leaders from the Political Right. Especially ones who have a long history of working with disruptive Hollywood Nazis and Zionists. Old Nick has been at this long time and we can read him like a book.

Is Nick trying to place himself as close as possible to the UPF to take advantage of what ever may occur? Of course he is. Either way Nick will play the puppet master, if it collapses he can blame the "Nazis" (people who don't give a shit about Israel) in the UPF. If it grows he will try and poach the members and turn the leadership in on itself.

Nothing this man has ever done is for Australian Nationalism. His loyalties lie with himself and the people that use this fact to manipulate him.

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