Tuesday, August 11, 2015

John Lyons.

Nazi like us....

Hey John we speak out about Israels crimes all the time. But Andy Fleming never does.

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Noachideous said...

Those who stand with the jew and its 'israel', stand like the jew to piss on the graves of their non-jew ancestors.

And are destined to become another stuck racial Pig in Yidcore's jew ablutionary Porn.

The narcissistic, self entitled blowhard jew thinks the number 42 is all about the jew.. like everything else..... The entire universe.... is about.... the...... jew..

The occidental link provides more evidence that jew israel had to be created in 1948. Hence the frenzy to get the British the hell out of there.. and to end it succinctly with the 2 Atomic Bombs, for the purpose of semiotic shaping.

It is the likely reason why WW2 exists in the shape of a jew temple menorah, with 42centre and 3 years either side.. Coincidence or 'bias confirmation'. ?

It is reason enough for every member of the OHPI 1948 and the BnaiBrith to be banned from the Australian War Memorial and every other 'goyische' war memorial.... Collaborating Kapo Prime Monsters to if necessary.

These murderous fuckers and smiling assasins with their santimonious aires of pious 'professionalism'and courageous caring can only go to gloat.

From the gaping mouths of the Pharisee swarm endless streams of Pharisaic Lies....... Phlies......

Report on that Dick Head 48 Journalistic Filthe.....