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Melbourne’s Socialist Councillor, the Jew Press, and the Phantom Nazis

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Hamish Patton Daily Stormer
August 8, 2015 Source.

Socialist Party of Australia and Yarra City Councillor Stephen Jolly keeps a firm grip on his own right wing.
Socialist Party of Australia leader and Yarra City Councillor Stephen Jolly keeps a firm grip on his own right wing.

Irish Trotskyite and Yarra Councillor Stephen Jolly is the human equivalent of a vending machine condom that’s been repeatedly used by an Afghani goat-herder to rape his own livestock.

The absolute hero of the leftist Fairfax Media, this parasitic worm is leader of the Socialist Party of Australia and was the principle organiser of so-called Anti-racists, anarchists, and meth-addled social warriors who nearly demolished Melbourne last month in their bid to fight off the evil Nazis who are in fact Kosher cuckservatives.

Yep, during the tumultuous leg of those Melbourne Reclaim Australia rallies, the Marxist Ronald McDonald was in the thick of the violence. He was the chief agitator, directing his army of squatters and their student counterparts to attack police and protesters. In fact, rumour has it that he even used ratepayers’ money to fund his campaign, in a flagrant case of council corruption.

In cahoots with super-coward government-informing anarchist troll Andy “Slackbastard” Fleming, the non-Australian socialist councillor has been aided and abetted by Australia’s corporate left-wing mouthpiece Fairfax Media. It is their shared goal to shut down all opposition to White genocide in Australia.

To that end, Jolly and Fairfax have been useful to one another’s respective causes. Fairfax wants a communist Australia as much as Jolly does. In this narrative, Fairfax has been exploiting anonymous claims that United Patriots Front organiser Neil Erikson had made “death threats” against the lying leprechaun on social media.

In fact, all these bogus reports were supplied by Antis themselves, but have been freely reported by the Jewish Fairfax journalists at The Age to lend an authenticity they patently do not possess. In that same skewered line of reporting, pro Israel Reclaim Australia, with their Sri Lankan evangelical Judea-Christian spokesman Danny Nalliah are now “Nazis”, and that word is being freely used to describe anyone who isn’t painting a rainbow pavement for diversity; even if they’re only opposed to Islam, like RA.

They made a meal of the gun that was allegedly smuggled aboard a bus from Sydney which was joining the protesters. Thereafter, Victoria’s (most likely) cross-dressing Police Commissioner Graham Ashton spoke in alarmist tones about a matter he already knew about, since the man carrying the gun was licensed. New South Wales Police had already advised him, and simply confiscated the gun — which had no ammunition — to be on the safe side. The man was in fact due to spend time at a Melbourne pistol range that day. Meanwhile, rumours from sources within Jolly’s extended camp have issued unverified reports that the councillor was himself “tooling up” the troops, by supplying counter-protesters with baseball bats and pocket knives paid for by Yarra City ratepayers.

In this climate, these supposed threats against the Jolly bastard have been stoked almost on a daily basis. But even News Corps is in on the act. The headline declaring of the Socialist anti-Australian that “[I] Won’t Give In To These People” sprayed from its pages like crap from the back end of a bull. It is a circus, since there were no death threats, and a few dodgy rumours were all that Fairfax needed for their Stalinist campaign against the United Patriots Front.

In fact, the United Patriots Front had organised a legitimate petition against Jolly for his involvement in the illegal activities of that Melbourne rally, arguing rightly that the little squeak is unfit to be on the council.

Cynics beware! The Age spotted THESE real Nazis on the Internet, and they're on their way to Melbourne.
The Age spotted THESE real Nazis on the Internet, and they’re on their way to blitz Melbourne.

However, finally there was victory for the Aussie hating Fairfax Media and its useful drunken Irish sidekick. The Age has triumphantly boasted that a “Nazi” was charged over death threats (and rape threats?) made by phone to the wimpy councillor. There is nothing in their report, or the police report, to suggest the unnamed 38-year-old man is a Nazi or whether he isn’t a total goonie bird swept up in the publicity that the budgie-cage liner of a paper has been generating in regards to this little socialist pee-stain.

The frenzy of lies and fantasy that are boiling up between these two half-witted creations of socialist insanity just goes to prove that each in their bid to stomp on truth, free speech, and the White Australian identity have blown a collective tube. They have also left no doubt about the reality of the White genocide program and the lengths that all opposed to the existence of Whites will go to for their Jewish masters to ensure that their orders are carried out.

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