Thursday, August 20, 2015

More Antifa Union Scum News.

What a lovely lot of Nation Wreckers these CFMEU Anti Fascist thugs are.  Our old mate Luke Collier is mentioned once again.

Above, Luke Collier hired Thug and Anti Fascist organizer,"brothers in arms" with one Andy Fleming. We all recall Luke from the Golden Dawn Demonstration in 2014. HERE.

But now we see more evidence of who the real violent organized criminals and in some cases terrorists are. It goes all the way to the top people.


Originally posted by Australia First.


As readers here are aware, Mr. Luke Collier was charged, alongside Joe Myles, of assault upon Australia First Party members in Brisbane last year.
Both men are CFMEU officials and why it was they came to be allegedly involved in such violence - remains unclear.

It has been claimed that 'Andy' Hutchings or Slackbastard as he is better known, somehow choreographed a set of violent incidents in Brisbane and conned various persons into it all.

Today everything moved up a degree.

The Australian newspaper, which has given Slackbastard amazingly favourable publicity in recent weeks as some sort of 'expert' on the Reclaim Australia rallies, reported rather gleefully today that Mr. Collier was likely to face Commonwealth charges.

The Australia noted that the Royal Commission into trade union misconduct had recommended Mr. Collier be prosecuted.

Well between the criminal charges and now this. I suspect we will see Antifa raising funds for this violent criminal, just as they have with another violent criminal and friend of Andy Fleming, Jock Palfreeman.

Either way, its about time some serious questions are asked about the connections between Militant Unions, Party officials from the ALP/Greens and the the Leadership of Australian Antifa.

21 Jan 2015
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03 Dec 2009
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