Thursday, August 27, 2015

Victoria State Govt Supports Muslim Invasion - Intervenes in Bendigo Mosque Protest

Above latest video from the UPF.

Nathan Sykes

"Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews — who nobody in Sydney has ever heard of, but who's noted for his admiration of homosexuals and Muslim terrorists — has gone to the proverbial prayer mat with the United Patriots Front.

The hero of the communist movement, and champion of everyone who isn’t straight or Australian, has intervened personally to make sure that the hordes of Ice addicts in Antifa don’t waste their hit in Bendigo on Saturday.

Having read in The Age about how Neil Erikson and Blair Cottrell are fair dinkum Nazis who plan to stage a putsch on Bendigo Town Hall, he turned off his Ashley Madison account, and called the police commissioner into his office. “Hey sweet blossoms,” he winked, “did you read thith article by Bianca Hall? She reckonth that Neil Erikson ith actually Hitler and that he’th planning to do Nazthism on Bendigo on Thaturday. Worth yet, he’th going to upthet the 35 Muslims who live in Bendigo. Ithn’t that juth tho mean, darl?” “That’s terrible. Doesn’t he know that Australia is part of Islam? What’s the matter with this evil White supremacist and his murderous followers?”

The rest of what happened in that office can’t be repeated here because it’d spoil the ending of my novel, but the upshot is that the filth have told the UPF and Bendigo residents that they have to piss off round the corner so the anarchists and Antifa can jump up and down on the Town Hall steps poking out their tongues (mainly to show off their tongue piercings).

But more impressive is that the queen of feminism and former communist prime minister of Australia, the Welsh witch Julia Gillard, is hauling her massive can along to support the Islamic oppression of women in Bendigo. Yep, and the joyous thing is that the whole state machinery of the Victorian state Labor government will be honouring a Labor tradition by supporting dodgy developers and shady council deals.

See, us White people need Muslims, Asians, Africans and Indians and stuff to show us how to be cultured. Left to our own devices we'd only, you know, build Australia and stuff. We’d be lost if we lived in predominantly Australian communities because there’d be no honour killings, no gang rapes of White girls, no drive-by shootings, no terrorist attacks, and we’d be able to walk freely through the western suburbs of Sydney.

What’s more, there’d be no need for Racial Discrimination laws; the French-born Laotian Race Discrimination Commissioner whose name I couldn’t be fucked spelling wouldn’t make three hundred grand a year telling us what rednecks we all are; there’d be HOUSES to rent; shorter waiting lists in hospitals; better schools; better roadways; lower taxes; less freedom-restricting laws and a whole lot of stuff that put together makes for a racist country.

So if you REALLY want to stand in the way of progress, and protest against Australia becoming an Islamic state where we all have to pay a tax for being non-believers, then the time and place for the rally has changed to

HARGREAVES MALL, 265 Hargreaves St, Bendigo VIC 3550 2:00PM.

That's right, if youse want to stop 35 Bendigo Muslims from exercising their right to worship in a mosque intended for hundreds, then go along and be a Nazi. Bianca Hall has already written the story for Saturday's edition of The Age."


Anonymous said...

Wow, @ndy has really been keeping his head down lately, both with his blog posts and his announcing his attendace at protests! (such as the endigo mosque protest, at which he will almost certainly be attending today. Hope someone can spot him there, right people now know what he looks like (possibly) now.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a landslide victory to UPF and other patriots in Bendigo today, morally and numerically. This UPF fills a desperate need for a formidable and credible street forced to take the streets literally back off the hard left. Hopefully they remain non-Kosher as well as non-Halal.