Sunday, August 30, 2015

Victory Day For The UPF!

Antifa Australia, you will always lose in Bendigo!

Well every now and then we have a win. In fact its very hard hard not to be a gloating dick, as we see is usually the case from the leftest Scum. Lets all understand one thing, this battle has just begun.

So I suspect this story will be buried very fast by not only the media but by Fascist Antifascist also. Certainly doesn't fit the narrative.

Congratulations to the organisers from the UPF and the people of Bendigo. Also thanks to the members from the Australia First Party who attended. Thanks for representing the thoughts and beliefs of so many who read this blog. 

You all made history today.

While Andy Fleming just made up lies. Truly pathetic.

Conservative figures from the day put UPF numbers at around 300, Antifa at 150. The majority of the people attending from the UPF being locals. Whose concernes about the destruction of their culture and heritage and lack of credibility from the local council being their inspiration.

As you will see in the above Video, the sheer number of Patriots attending has been played down by most MSM outlets and of course Andy Flemings Antifa army of Nation Wreckers.

Below a satirical report from the Australia First Party. Source


Susan Jakobi and Nathan Sykes

Susan Jakobi has been reporting from the ground in Bendigo on the humiliating shellacking of the left.

It seems by all accounts that victory can be declared for the anti-mosque protesters as the UPF, bolstered by an army of locals joined together to demonstrate against the cultural imposition of a mosque intended to entice Muslim migration to Bendigo.

Melbourne police apparently pulled the crayon out of their nose and managed to keep the soap-shy wormwood on the other side from bothering the righteous patriots. Police lines, and police on horseback, kept the two sides separated; which is good news for our people who run less risk of catching the exotic diseases that lot are carrying. In fact,the gumby lefties are even worried about spreading it among each other, which is one theory why they've fashioned crude facemasks out of bandannas, etc. The strong police presence also prevented them from rushing between the mounted officers and interfering with the horse dung, which may just prove their biggest disappointment for the day.

There were many speakers, including Blair Cottrell, Kim Vuga and two decorated servicemen who shared their accounts of touring Islamic hell-holes, pumping the crowd one and all. Kim Vuga pointed out that multiculturalism is the driving force behind all of these problems, which is a salient message that AFP fully applaud, while others still naively assume that the Muslim problem creates itself.

These speeches were aided by a you-beaut Public Address system that reduced the homo shenanigans of the junkie union known as Antifa and their "anti-racist" bum chums from being heard in all their feeble finch-like squawking and attempts to attract attention. In fact, Susan also reports that the left went full on gay in their efforts to channel attention to themselves, with one super freak dressed as Yogi Bear and roller-skating along with rainbow coloured flags or whatnot.

Sadly, the Jew flag made a reappearance, and talk of "Judea-Christian" education sadly highlighted a slight -- but fixable -- flaw in overall philosophy.

Meanwhile, despite a clear effort from Melbourne's rozzers to keep the sides separated, a certain favouritism was shown to the retarded children on the left when they pushed their way to the extremity of a line and the gumbo offices instead forced the patriots back rather than the counter-protesting compost. Regardless, the left-wing nonces will be thanking the police, since they were saved from a certain beating by our rugged blokes, something they'll be extra grateful for tonight when they're engaging in unnatural sexual congress with one another, and they find they can still bend their knees and push their tooshes out.

Yes, the union of UPF members, locals, and random patriots was a bugle call across Bendigo. It signified the victory in this moral battle, and probably the war, which the left are limping away from as I type this. Despite all the efforts of the Labor state government to whip their student attack chickens into a Trotsky-based rage, they went off with a duck's fart rather than a giant's grunt. The giant was our side, which crushed them like earthworms.

In fact, Andy Fleming is reportedly so grief-stricken about the devastating defeat that he's locked himself in the toilet and is refusing to come out until Bianca Hall writes some lies about 'Nazi terror tactics' in The Age.

One sad incident of the day, which showed how patriotic Melbourne filth really are, was when Blair Cottrell and others were pepperprayed when they rushed the line after the garbage on the left began burning an AUSTRALIAN FLAG! Yep, MELBOURNE COPS SUPPORT FLAG BURNERS!

None the less, Blair and co just wiped the spray from their eyes like tears of laughter, unhurt and unruffled.

Well done and ONYA to all of youse!


Anonymous said...

One face I did recognise at the front of the UPF rally was John Safran, who was also present at Reclaim I, Reclaim II and the Golden Dawn. He's a Jew so I take it his presence at this things is for intel gathering or does he fancy himself as some kind of thrillseeking stormchaser of the far right, relishing the 'thrill' of being a Jew among the far right or something?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yeah mate he was sneaking around trying to get interviews. He is irrelevant and is trying to the play the serious reporter. Its proof of our patience and tolerance as no one has bitch slapped him back to Israel. We know at the Golden Dawn Rally he nearly shit his pants when he thought he may get up in the brawls. He didn't look to thrilled at all.