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Antifa Flag Burner BUSTED!

Not our page but certainly heading in the right direction. The reports we have are that the name maybe incorrect but they got the right person.

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What we do know is that The Bendigo Advertiser, upset at having to report that a woman from "No Room For Racism" has been charged. Decided also to put to print a few porky pies, just to even it out and keep the Premiers office happy. Apparently the people of Bendigo do not deserve the truth.

Source. A 26-year-old North Melbourne woman has been issued two infringement notices after she lit a flag on fire during the rally last weekend.
The infringements, $607 dollars each, were issued for ‘behaving in a riotous manner’ and ‘depositing burning litter’.
Members of No Room For Racism and United Patriots Front clashed in Bendigo over plans for a mosque in the region.

Considering if anyone from Patriotic or Nationalist circles had been charged with anything, you could guarantee that their full name and place of employment would have been reported by Police and Media. 

Yet antifa, and in particular Fat Boy Kieran Bennett from Reclaimwhat are complaining and concerned about their injustice warriors being identified. It would appear so is the State by the looks of it. A bit rich don't you think.

 Just remember we didnt start this naming and shaming. This started a long long time ago, by them as a matter of fact. Nor did we start any "hit lists" as antifa so obviously has on many occasions.  So stop crying foul Bennett when you are on the receiving end, pardon the pun.

Above Kieran Bennett from Reclaimwhat actually ticking patriots off an actual hit list. This video tells us a lot about the deranged state of mind of these people. Pay particular note at 1.35.
Before the total humiliation of Bendigo had sunk in. Antifa and No Room For Racism were preparing as per normal to get as many pictures of patriots as possible. 
I guess antifa just carry cameras to take selfies? Seriously these guys actually turn up carrying real hit lists complete with pictures. The fat dipshit Bennett (from the video) seems to be almost having a sexual or religious experience ticking names off a list.  To many  B grade Holocaust films I think. 

So the "flag burner" what ever her name is, one thing is for sure antifa are desperate to blame everyone but themselves. Below, from reclaimwhat.

So blaming Indigenous Australians, well done "No Room For Racism". I bet they didn't plan on getting arrested at all after the last effort in Melbourne. That brings me to my next question. Why her, why now?

The Bendigo defeat was not only a defeat for the Cultural Marxist, but also for the State Premier Daniel Andrews. A warning shot had to be fired across the bow of the youthful Nation Wreckers. Stop exposing us and the failure of our Policies. Message received thats for sure.

But either way my guess the Police in Bendigo would like to see a few more charges. I bet the people and business owners of Bendigo are demanding it. Check out the following email that is doing the Lefty circuit from a Cultural Marxist who lives in Bendigo.  

I was there today, ostensibly for the Peace BBQ (which was a wonderful event). However I did venture into the main part of town and saw both sides up close. i.e. the PUFers and NRFR/CARF.

I'm a life long leftie and have been a member of political parties on the left for over 30 years (I am now a proud member of the Greens), however what I saw first hand today from the actions of NRFR/CARF absolutely disgusted me to the core.
There is not a scintilla of doubt that the objective today for them had not a jot to do with respect for those the PUFer protest was about. i.e. the Muslims of Bendigo and the Mosque they simply want so they can worship in peace.

I was there this afternoon just off Pall Mall when Mel Gregson, together with Zeke Ox, were rousing the assembled group to "Take the Town Hall" along with various "Fuck Off" epithets etc. All through amplified sound in the centre of Bendigo. A reasonably significant number within their group were masked.

I took around 900 photos today, many that capture the dozens of NRFR/CARF supporters masked up. Several of these people threatened me and made angry advancing moves as I was there photographing.

Now, I hold no brief at all for the UPF, and in fact I despise everything about them and their hateful ideology and ignorant rantings. From all I can see most of their so-called leadership group ought be in gaol. They are criminals simply waiting to be charged and convicted.

However, I also found myself in very close proximity to them and right in the (for want of a better term) UPF compound. I spoke to numerous people there, photographed many, and got right in the face of people like Cottrell, Lawrence, Cerminara, and Shortis to name a few that found themselves within a metre or soon my camera lens.
Sure, I saw lots of ignorance and nonsense from them (particularly notable was Lawrence's claim that "five communists attacked him and beat him up"), however in the time I was there I saw very little overt aggression. Rather, what looked mostly like bemused locals (mostly male, mostly 20's ish) standing shuffling their feet whilst across the Police cordon Zeke Ox was shouting the usual range of slogans (some good, others not do good) and clearly trying to create anger from the assembled relatively small crowd within the UPF compound.

Now I am aware it all went bit pear shaped later on, however what I saw in their compound at that time was notable for largely the lack of aggression (save for a couple of blokes that clearly were old hands at the UPF game.. and had contributed to the Joelle Norris retirement fund via the vastly price inflated UPF clothing range).
None of this (NRFR or UPF) became notable however compared what I experienced a few minutes later on at precisely 2:02pm this afternoon whilst sitting in a bar/cafe on Pall Mall having a hot chocolate with my son.

We were sitting right by the window looking out and suddenly there was a commotion outside. We had heard the advancing chants of the anti-racist group apparently moving from one blocked off side of the UPF compound back to (presumably) another spot they had earlier been.

The only effective way for them to move locations around the UPF compound involved going along Pall Mall for a block or two between Williamson Street and Bull Street, or other streets either way?

Anyway, what we saw was a group of apparent NRFR people (they were carrying NRFR branded placards!) who came upon the restaurant where we were and given there was outdoor furniture place (tables, chairs pot plants etc), they first upturned a plant, then grabbed some chairs and threw them. Salt and pepper shakers and I understand some other table pieces were stolen off the tables and pocketed (I presume to be later possibly used as missiles, though thats mere speculation. I do know I saw them taken!), some water bottles were smashed, and general mayhem ensued for a crazy 20 or 30 seconds.

Something hit the window (I think it may have been a chair thrown?) and when I went to try and take some photos through the window, one of their number saw this and went to efforts to block me from doing so (at first with his body, and then with his hand moving in front of wherever I was aiming).

I did get some images though of that incident, albeit somewhat blurry for some right at the short time of the actual attack. I use the word attack, as clearly that's what happened. Seemingly for no other reason than the restaurant furniture was 'in their way', and so it was apparently decided to make a show not only of clearing a slightly wider path, but to help themselves to some table pieces whilst they were at it?

Now this all happened on a street where there wasn't a UPF person to be seen, and it was relatively peaceful.

I should add that along with my son and me, there were two other patrons in the restaurant, also close to the windows, who saw the same as us. They were Bendigo locals, who both said they had no problems with the Mosque. They were probably far more disgusted than me with what they saw.

Lastly, the manager (owner perhaps?) of the restaurant was also there and saw the whole thing. No prizes for guessing his feelings about it all.

Now I have heard of denials by NRFR people to any violence on their part today etc etc.

All I can say to this is that those denials are complete and utter nonsense. What I have recounted above happened as part and parcel of the main group of counter-protesters as they moved as a group within Bendigo. If the leadership did not see all this, then they must have been totally blind and deaf (it was a noisy incident) to what was happening right in front of them? They were just seconds behind these (mainly) young males on the rampage. I repeat they had NRFR placards with them. There is no doubt of their allegiances and who should take responsibility for them?

Now I know this won't happen, however I sincerely believe someone appropriately senior from the Socialist Party (whom NRFR runs under their banner) should write to the proprietor of this restaurant (I am sure they already know which one I mean) and not only apologise and take responsibility for what happened, but also compensate the proprietor for the losses. I am sure the few things stolen and/or smashed won't cost that much, however in thinking of the principle of not causing harm and supposedly "defending Bendigo", what happened there this afternoon seems a bloody crazy way to demonstrate that.
So obviously this Anarchist from Melbourne and her comrades simply arent winning the hearts and minds. All the rhetoric from Andy Flemming, No Room For Racism and all the other assorted Socialist Groups in Melbourne thus far has been simply "Smash The Fash".  Look at them back peddling now, simply astounding. Smash up the place then say you will go back and support them....
 Seriously, are these guys that stupid? Sure go back, the Police are waiting and so are the locals.
Hearts and minds.

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