Friday, September 18, 2015


The people of Bendigo are presenting a shimmering example of the heroic narrative of democracy — that the people united can have a voice.

And it’s a narrative that democracy is valued upon, but which thrashes all four hackles the minute anyone contests the power it gives elected officials.

In the case of the proposed Mosque in Bendigo, which Bendigo council shushed through the approval process without any public consultation, the media and all the whips of the multiculti/globalist system are united against that people power.

This is because the people are saying something that these demagogues don’t want to hear — that the diversity and social engineering for dollars that they are intent on forcing on them is not welcome. Moreover, they did not elect a mayor and councillors to become their community dictators, moral judges, and social planners.

This is something that the council, the media, and the political agitators from the gutter left are oblivious to.

The reports of the recent anti-mosqueprotest at the public gallery of Bendigo Town Hall were rife with a pro-council/pro-mosque bias in the detailing of the protesters, who came to call arch “maggot” Mayor Peter Cox to account for his un-democratic, un-Australian and unscrupulous doings.

Coxy folded up like a beach chair and required a police escort as locals demanded to be heard. From there on, both he and the Islamic planners received a dignified treatment by media, while the citizens – who are the whole point of a democracy, since they’re the actual people who cast their vote — were reported on like an infested rabble that had half a brain between them.

Yes, and the salient point that the democratic process was NOT observed seems to be of no interest either to the council, the media, or Mayor Cox who piffles the notion. But the dreck from the gutter and their cuckolded brethren from the middle class who make up the ranks of the “anarchists” and “anti-racists” have been especially baffling in their commentary on the news on their particular pages.

To them, it’s not a matter of democracy, which they deride anyway, but a ‘race’ issue born of the fact that the Bendigo folk do not want a mosque or the social upheaval that will attend the obvious intention of a sizeable non-Australian community migrating there.

So, for a group that is incensed at any notion of a breach of civic will, personal freedom, and general liberty these cucks are mocking the locals for exercising their right to raise their voice — after all, it’s their money that pays for that council.

As long as that element of “race” is divined to be a factor in the equation, there is no right and wrong to method as long as diversity is enforced, and these crumbs of civic life have no problem with that, which kind of compromises the entire value sets that their political subcultures are founded upon.

We go even further into it, and here is a selection of comments on the topic. Note the generally appalling grammar:

-          Abbott's hate criminal army. Its about time they are all rounded up and branded terrorist nazis.

-          fucking Bullies

-          if they had half a brain, they'd be dangerous.

-          Animals

And if dehumanizing them isn’t good enough, then attempting to invalidate the locals resentment and attribute it to “outsiders”, while concurrently suggesting locals are incapable of having a contrary opinion speaks an elitist volume.

-          The Bendigo racists really don't like hearing that their movement has been stirred up by out-of-towners (Holt, Shermon, Kiralee, etc), no sir. All totally grass-roots and home-grown, these racists, yes sir.


But for a secular lot, who disdain religion especially if it’s Christian, and attend no Islamic services, or observe any Islamic religious practises, they’re damn keen to be at the forefront of promoting Islam in Victoria.

-          I say we crowd fund and start building loads of mosques in Bendigo. A mosque on every corner.

-          With another mosque on top of every mosque

-          And maybe a Synagogue as the cherry on top

-          Bendigo doesn't need a mosque. It needs 88 mosques.

You’ll remember at some point back in the moronic morass of these half-bright witticisms that one of these donkeys suggested that it was outsiders influencing the Mosque protest, and yet, here we have outsiders influencing the counter protest impervious to irony of their own remarks.

Well, forgive them, they aren’t too bright – they went to university after all.

But this is an example of what the battler is up against in the war of cultures being waged globally on European identity. However, it’s more of an insight into the contempt for democratic will that exists in the very people who hide behind the skirts of democracy every time they tool up, pull on a facemask, and turn out to protest.


Anonymous said...

You are all frightened and ignorant, closed minded and embarrassing to read about. You can try and hide behind other titles but you should definitely look up the definition of racist. It will plainly read, racist: frightened, ignorant, white residents of Bendigo, who don't want there crappy little insignificant town of rednecks to be stolen by Osama bin laden, because we stole it first. And as soon as we can we will vote for George w bush to be our mayor. God bless kfc and Holden.

Yes I know you really are that stupid

Whitelaw Towers said...

It would appear we have bigot making comment on a Evil White Racist Blog. Welcome Annon nice to see you here. Pot calling kettle come in kettle.