Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Neo Nazi/Hollywood Nazis, just a Jewish Wet Dream.

For to many years we have seen this, for to many years we have tolerated it or ignored it. Time to sweep them away. After they have all moved on we must make sure they never return. 

Ever wonder why Storm Front Downunder is dead?  Answer is simple, the fashion Nazis who once used it as a platform to discredit real Nationalists and Real National Socialists have been shown the door. Praise the Gods. But we have a long way to go.



Anonymous said...

About a year or two ago I stopped logging on to SF because of a few on there from SF Downunder that thought they were of superior intellect, thus attacking anyone with NS convictions. Naturally there were some people who had recently joined who may have been a bit naive to what is going on yet it seemed they meant well and were simply looking for a place to vent.
In the end it became a little too obvious that these certain people, who have/had thousands of posts to their name, were not who they purported to be.
I recall one chap from QLD who merely said he puts his race first, before any country or flag, in other words, he said his European DNA was his primary identifier and he copped a spray of biblical proportions, which was totally unnecessary to say the least. The sprayer, claimed he had been drinking or some other made up lie but anyone who read their exchange could make their own minds up about the bona fides (or not) of the self-anointed gatekeeper of SF downunder. That was it for me - I stopped reading it and only recently had a quick look to see if it had improved. It is still fairly quiet but the said biter of heads doesn't seem to post anymore.

Anonymous said...

Here's what Andrew Anglin had to say:

Initially, I didn't think that RamZPaul was attacking The Daily Stormer.

Any thoughts?

Whitelaw Towers said...

I dint think it was an attack on Daily Stormer. But I can understand some people may think it was. Your link above should clear things up just in case.