Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thoughts on our future.

In the light of the disastrous move by Western Governments to replace White Europeans and destroy our culture and heritage. We thought we may give our thoughts on what we called very early on in the piece "The Jacki Howe Revolution." 

We have fielded a lot of emails and calls asking for our thoughts concerning Reclaim and its off shoots, The Great Aussie Patriot, The United Patriots Front and Blair Cottrell's National Democratic Party of Australia. I will attempt to answer some of these questions. Keep in mind I have very limited ties with these new up and coming groups. But I will try and speak openly. I should also mention that this is not an endorsement but an observation. We truly do need something else to talk about, it may as well be this.

I will make this easy, Reclaim Australia has nothing to offer me personally. I didn't attend the rallies for a few reasons. One is that the antifa would use my attendance to damage their reputation.  Two, I didn't like the idea of being shown the door by some Kosher Nationalist. Years of State entrenched anti Nationalist Propaganda and "We Stand With Israel" rhetoric wont be washed away with the majority any time soon. Although viewing the comments on many of their FB pages, it would appear that may change. Its amazing how current events are making people take notice.

This next one I truly scratch my head over, "The Great Aussie Patriot" Sherman Burgess.  I get so many mixed messages from this guy my head has sometimes felt it would explode. He has been known to sport a Thors Hammer the size of his head. But unfortunately he is very friendly with some real old school movement destroying Kosher Nationalists. Many of whom are very well known to those from our political side of the barricades.  He best watch his back with them.

Some of his videos are so cringe worthy, I just have to switch off at times. Yet they are lapped up by his followers and supporters. The guy has 24,914 followers currently on his FB page alone. So no doubt unless he starts smoking crack and takes an Asian Bride he will be around for a bit yet. If we had known 10 years ago it was so easy to catch the attention of the average working class Australian, my guess we would have given it a shot also.  So we tip our hat to him and will continue to watch.

Now for the UPF. As far as I can see this is basically fronted by Blaire Cottrell and Neil Erickson. It sometimes is also represented by Shermon Burgess who is also a member/supporter/speaker. I think most of his videos should probably stay on his page for now. Just a suggestion.

The UPF guys are movers and shakers. They have had a fantastic run by playing the man not the ball. By doing so they have managed to show the Australian Public the real face of the Left in this country. At the same time they have been able to skip around the standard tags of Racist, Nazi, Bigot.  Oh they still get labeled with the above, but it just wont stick as it does with people like myself who have a history of being lied about in the media. The standard labels also do not seem to wash with their followers. Who on the whole are truly concerned with what is going on in Australia.

These guys have nearly 14k of supporters and growing on their FB page alone. Their videos go viral as soon as they appear thanks to the brutal honesty and passion shown by Blaire, Neil and Shermon. Sometimes just a little to brutal and raw from Shermon, but hey Im trying not to judge as he is very popular.

A few months back Jim Saleam, Party President for the Australia First Party was interviewed favorably and asked to comment by UPF member and Documentary Film Maker Neil Erickson. This ruffled a few feathers with antifa, but who gives a shit what they think. No doubt the UPF and Australia First are sharing intelligence and appear to be happy seen supporting each other at this stage. 

Finally Blair Cottrell and the N.D.P.A . As we have said Blaire also fronts the UPF. But we think his heart lies with his little known Nationalist Democratic Party of Australia. Watch the following video before reading on. 

This guy is a natural leader. His beliefs appear to be unshakable. In his rather short time on the Patriotic field and now what looks to be the Nationalist field, he has become one of the most influential leaders and speakers we have seen in the past 40 years. 

His age does not appear to be a barrier at all, unlike some of his comrades. No doubt this guy is going places. This makes him a rather large target for the left. That does not appear to faze him at all, in fact I believe it is a driving force. 

His ability and willingness to lead from the front, unlike antifa leadership is commendable. Although this is very risky, its certainly a attribute worthy of a true Nationalists. 

I would hope that after the proposed 10.10 rally the UPF are planning in Bendigo, he will be approached by all legitimate Nationalist groups for further talks on our Nations future?


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