Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Tony Abbott, Worse "Nazi Fascist" Ever.

The left agree.
Problem is Jake  us "Right Wing Nut Jobs" all know it doesn't matter who is in power, the outcome is always the same. With Cultural Marxism, White Europeans always loose. 

Now its been one hell of a ride the past week and a bit. From the moment I heard Bill Shorten (Leader of the Australian Labour Party currently in opposition for our overseas followers)  on the radio saying "we must increase our refugee intake" I knew then and there we are screwed.

The Australian Labour Party must of nearly wet their collective pants over this MASSIVE distraction. Considering that bothersome Royal Commission currently ongoing with Australian Unions. You could almost here a collective sigh from the Labour Front bench. Dont worry Bill we have been keeping an eye on your CFMEU antifascist crew. 

We will be coming for you again in a a day or two Collier, you sad sack of shit.

Back to Tony Abbott. Not to be outdone by his idol John Howard, another Nazi if you listen to the left. Tony has decided that he will finish what John Howard started, the destruction of Australia as we know it.

This spineless Prime Minister folded like a cheap suit when confronted with a very noisy minority. A minority given a platform by a complicit media. Going against the wishes of the majority of Australians, read "Right Wing Nut Jobs" according to Jake Schmidt. 

Early days but so far....

Dont for a second think it will stop here. Already the noisy minority is screaming for more. If Germany can do it so can we? One does wonder how many Jews have booked their flights out of Germany? What with all those nasty Nazis and now all those angry Muslims. No doubt there is another Holocaust in the making. The Ex Communist Merkel has been able to do what Hitler could never have achieved, a Jew free Germany. Only problem is there wont be to many Ethnic Germans either by time the Merkel has finished. 

Meanwhile the Genocide of Whites in South Africa goes on unabated. Tony could not give a shit about them. At a time that has seen our Nations Farmers and children walking off the land or selling out to the Chinese. One wonders what could have been if we allowed White South African Farmers a chance to do what they do best.  

The enormous cost of this "700 million" will be the burden of the average TAX PAYER, that's me and you by the way. Strange considering us tax payers or  "Right Wing Nut Jobs" are the ones paying for this. I guess there will no banjo lessons for our kids once we paid for it all?  

It wouldn't be such a bitter pill to swallow, if the only people paying for this are the ones supporting it. But in another kick to the nuts, the average White Australian  (Right Wing Nut Jobs) will be paying for his or hers own demise. We simply will not be able to afford to have kids. Our kids if we already have any, certainly will be lucky to even have a job. You the "Right Wing Nut Jobs"  will be to busy paying for the Third World to breed like rabbits in your own suburbs. 

Good work Tony. My bet the "brown Skinned" kids wont vote Liberal.

Half of these traitors who support this new refugee intake are already receiving benefits. While the other half  have their snouts in the trough or go to Uni. These Uni kids are training away feverishly to join their peers at the trough. Yet the later wont be the ones living in a hostile environment in the new "brown skinned" suburbs of Australia. 

So the general consensus is that we are screwed. Something I agree with. If you are lucky enough to be able to move and get a job in the country, do it. Take your culture and beliefs with you as these things wont survive in  the "brown skinned" suburbs of our cities. As soon as the first bombs start exploding and the mass killings start in Europe you can bet we wont be to far behind. Neither will the Communist kids looking for their revolution and overthrow of the system. They will be cut down very fast. But they will have a crack at the prize when it all goes to shit, that is a given.  

Let the people who supported this genocide be the first victims. Let them taste the fruits of their labor. Don't let it get you down, be the better person. Waste no time complaining or feeling sorry for ourselves. Move on, prepare for what we know will come next.   

Stay out of trouble and stay out of the way. The last place you want to be is in jail when it all kicks off. We will win, just not this battle.
In the meantime support White Nationalists Political Party's and legitimate groups. Emphasis on LEGITIMATE. Keep an eye on the UPF and see what comes from that. Rise above the disaster and close ranks.


Anonymous said...

What's the chance of the UPF becoming overtly ethno-nationalist?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Not sure, but we will write about that in the coming week.

Anonymous said...

I'm no grammar nazi, but c'mon guys.

Noachideous said...

If the Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance, then....

With Julian Lee's "Love your people" in mind, it is time for the RSL to make comment on the engineered and with malice aforethought demise of Racial Europe. The pretexts and pieces are being moved into place for a War of significance with the indigenous of the middle east.... For the benefit of that ever schmiling Merchant.... again....

Where would we find Australia's prevailing legislators and political classes in a 'camp' situation during conflict ?... As a kapo and collaborator class... Dobbing in, sending to the cooler or worse...those who seek to escape by tunnelling out of the matrix of lies that presently ensnare us.

WormTongued former PM's and 'elder statesmen'...hahahahaha.... Howard and Hawke now sit, squat and shit on their own as 'advisors' the 'Anti-Defamation Commission'. .......'ken Maggots.......