Friday, September 11, 2015

"War is Peace"

So today marks the 14th year of the war. A whole generation has been born knowing nothing but war and images of war. Never knowing what peace is. How does that make you feel? Now I know my generation had the cold war. I know we lived with the very real threat of being vaporized in a Nuclear Holocaust, but that's hardly  comparable with now.

Other than the Vietnam War (also started via a false flag incident)that ended in 1975, the only countries fighting were third world countries. These wars made lots of money for the mainly Arab weapons dealers of the time and of course the East and the West. The only Terrorism or Terrorists that got any news then were Marxist Terrorists groups from Europe and South America along with the PLO. I may be generalizing but I'm not writing an essay.

In 2015 the Terrorists, the real Terrorists don't even get a mention. Call them what you like, The military industrial complex, The Neo Cons, The Zionists, The Lizard People or if you are Alex Jones, The Nazis. They are the only ones who profit from the misery of the last 14 years. They just had to have their war, for a host of reasons.To many to list here.

14 years ago today they manufactured a war. Now we live in this perpetual war just as Orwell predicted in his Novel 1984. Countless millions of people have died directly from this perpetual war. 

Millions of Muslims have been radicalized after seeing their country and their homes destroyed. Millions of them bearing witness to the murder and torture of their families and neighbors. Does anyone think that these hundreds of thousands of refugees invading now are not thinking "pay back bitch". 

Of course there are the Muslims living in the U.A.E. In their case many are still making money from the misery of their fellow Muslims. Just as they did in the 70,s and 80,s.

What we have here is an evil cabal of Jews, Arabs and greedy Zionist Christians. Destroying any country that will not accept their rule. Germany is still learning this lesson since the surrender in 1945. A Nation and its people should never question the International Bankers, let alone go it alone.

The real enemy keeps changing its public face. It was I suppose the face of Right Wing Conservatives in the last Wars. Not Right Wing as we know it, but just enough that it appealed to the people of that time. Conservative God fearing people who still remembered with pride the achievements of their pioneering forefathers. They were the ones who fought and died to prop up the wars of last century. 

Today they wear the face of the Liberal Left Wing. All caring and sharing, full of progressive ideas and rainbows. Bombing for peace and freedom. Crying over one drowned child, yet ignoring the millions killed horribly over the past 14 years. 
Antifascist new motto

Face it if you are pro refugee, you are pro big government and pro big business and a fool. You are the problem, you are the ones fueling the misery. It is you that the state funded media appeals to and lies to. It is you that walks blindly into your own grave taking everyone with you. If you could only wake the fuck up all this could stop.

A lot has changed in 14 years, but even more has changed this year alone. This global war that started 14 years ago, no doubt will expand to include Russia. As I type the battlefield is currently being cleared of civilians in preparation for the first shot to be fired for WW3. The victor will eventually rule over the brain washed coffee colored survivors, just as the Kings of old once did.

What a fucking horrible world we live in. Controlled by so much evil and filled with so much stupidity. How could we not  have learned our lesson from the last mass cull and slaughter of White Europeans? We are the only people with the ability to organize and take the whole stinking mess down. The world better pray we survive, no matter what the color of your skin is or its game over.

"Lest We Forget" we can get out of this mess if we try. 

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely f*cking spot on.
These libtards don't realise that they are a major cause of this filthy cesspool we are living in. If we could cut out this abscess living in our midst it would be problem solved, because a united people would never allow our disenfranchisement to occur in the first place.
I must admit I am still bewildered at how f*cking stupid some people of European extraction can be. Can they not see reason, not see the links between the globalist BS being disseminated en masse to confuse, deconstruct and enslave all European nations?
The day of the rope will not come quick enough however as a realist, I know that the pain will get much, much worse before many of our people stand up and fight back the way they should have in the first place.