Saturday, October 24, 2015

National Socialists Are Marching to Power

Source Renegade Tribune 

Kyle Hunt 2015

"While many commentators are convinced that we are witnessing the complete destruction of Europe and the end of the White race around the world, I take a more optimistic position. Of course, our enemies are attacking us left, right, and center, and we must be realistic as to the situation we face, but I see opportunity where others see certain doom.

We must know our enemies – how they might attack, their past tendencies, what weapons they have at their disposal, and how many they are, so as to be able to effectively counter them. Whatever is thrown at us, we must use to further our own cause. Like a jiu jitsu master, we shall use the force of our attacker against him. The anti-White elite has control of military might, trillions of stolen dollars, hordes of rapacious invaders, hate speech laws, and all sorts of other plans in the works, but that just means it will hurt really badly when he tries to deal a knockout blow and is thrown face first into the ground.

Resistance makes us stronger. This is why lifting weights builds muscles. The more our enemies use words like bigot, Nazi, supremacist, racist, etc. on us, the more we become inoculated to them. While many in our struggle actually embrace these terms now, the general public is starting to learn they have much less to fear from the “racist” than the rapist.

The more we are “shut down”, ostracized, and opposed by the mainstream, the more clever and experienced we become. We are open-system thinkers who refuse to be stuck in the boxes that have been created for us. Cubes are for the retarded Muslims of Mecca and the insane jews who rock back and forth, not for the proud men of the West.

 At the same time, we must not always just react to the enemy, but have him react to us. It seems much of what we are seeing in terms of overt anti-White propaganda and policy is in response to the effectiveness of pro-White activism in recent years. The jews openly unleashed a non-White invasion on the White world, but does this show that they have everything completely locked up or is it a sign of their desperation? Could it be that this is a last-ditch effort on their part to douse the rising flames of nationalism? Far from slowing us down, this could hasten our rise. The fire can not be put out. All water that is poured on will quickly turn to steam for our engine. We will draw all soaked, disenfranchised Whites to our big bonfires. Others throughout the world, seeing this brilliant example, will follow suit.

It is already happening. Our movement is not centered around one location or one person, but around a big idea. The flames are spread out across the world, often hidden within the minds of Men, but soon these small fires will join to form one giant blaze, which will light our way to a glorious future.

Our opponents have been getting their way for too long. They marched through the institutions, gained power through stealth, operated in the shadows, with plans spanning hundreds of years. And now, when they are seeking to shore up all loose ends and openly take full control, the reigns of power will be ripped from their greedy hands. The goals they worked toward for so very long will be taken from them, seemingly in an instant, by people openly marching with their torches for all to see.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Andy Fleming "mAd love" for White Genocide.

"Terrified White Students Barricade Themselves in Classroom from Hundreds of "activated" Racist Blacks shouting “All white people get out or else we will kill you” - guess the blacks got the message when the President of the country, Zuma, sings "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" on a public podium...

In this video made by Cape Town student Anne Landman, a group of white students had barricaded themselves in a classroom against hundreds of black rioters outside. She explains on her FB page:

"So this happened. I stopped filming before things got out of hand as we were scared they would damage property, which they did. Hundreds of rioters outside those doors. People were cornered and taunted. Some of our students were beaten up for trying to keep the doors closed. The doors are now broken. They stormed in with balaclavas on, shouting horrible things in our direction. Quote of the day “All white people get out or else we will kill you”. Sorry for the language in the video but we were all panicking a bit in there. What has this country come to?"

Yes Australia's own  Social Justice warrior and all round State appointed asset Andy Fleming, thinks this is just great news. If he could only do this in Australia....

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Just another day in Kosher Nationalist Politics.

Oh boy things happen fast in the Flip Flop world of Kosher Nationalist Politics. In an attempt to cash in on the hysteria surrounding the current high security alerts in this country concerning Islamic terrorism. Good old Nick Folkes has snapped up the confused Bogan King of New South Wales, Shermon Burgess. In the process hijacking the meaning and truth behind the "Cronulla Uprising" 10 years ago. As we have noted the rhetoric coming from these Kosher tossers claiming Cronulla was a riot is just assisting the media and state in their re-branding of the events at Cronulla for political reasons.

Its all about diversity minus the Muslims when it comes to Nick Folkes and his friends Ralph Cerminara and Shermon. I think we can safely say, Australia now has its own official version of the English Defence League.

So we have to ask a few questions, especially concerning Shermons support of Nick Folkes Kosher Political Party. First does he deserve to be wearing a Mjolnir better known as the Hammer of Thor? Worn by many people, including myself denoting our sworn belief in the old ways of Odinism/Paganism and our clear understanding that we must preserve our Race, Culture and Beliefs.  So why is Shermon wearing the Mjolnir? Why wear it when he so obviously supports a man who has walked away from his people by breeding outside of his race? Why wear it when you support a person who has spat upon the beliefs of those who refuse to diversify, or surrender willingly to the genocide of our Race?

Now I dont want to make this personal as this guy and even Folkes are big enough and ugly enough to make their own choices in life. Contrary to the Left Wing Media and anti fascist beliefs. We are not forcing people to strictly observe the rule of only selecting people from your own race to procreate with.  Yes unlike the state of Israel we don't envisage a large scale propaganda campaign warning our people of miscegenation any time soon. Not for a few years anyway. But if you listen to Anti Fascist claims its just around the corner ok.
    Feel free to have Nick translate this for you.

It must be noted, this is not only in Israel. The Government Funded commercial  also asks Israeli Jews to inform other Jews outside of Israel not to marry non Jews. So it would appear that the Israeli Flag waving fans from Nick Folkes unregistered (not as Shermon has announced as registered) Political party have no problem with Nazis as long as they are Jewish Nazis. So Sherman, just think about that and let that sink in.

So who are the Nazis we keep hearing about secretly behind Reclaim and other Patriotic groups? I know they are not talking about us. In fact I can assure you that real nationalist have attempted to stay as far away from this as possible.  But it would be hard for the media to think otherwise.  Considering the now Defunct Hollywood Nazis from Squadron 88, also had ties with Nick Folkes. Also considering below.

Its easy for the media to get confused, when Nick Folkes is seen organising a Demo bringing to light the very important issue of White Genocide in South Africa. White lives matter and White Genocide is an issue in South Africa, but apparently not in Australia. Diversity is great unless its Israel and white lives matter only in South Africa. That may have something to do with the fact that Nick and showman man Ralph Cerminara both have children of mixed race. Confused yet? Can someone please tell me how many policies and beliefs White Nationalists are lifting from these guys? I can answer that, none. 

The question I am asking our followers, who unlike Shermon have a solid belief in the 14 Words.  Are you concerned that the pantomime being played out at the moment will end up destroying any true resistance to the destruction of our Race and Nation? This is my greatest fear.

There will be plenty of commentary in the coming weeks, but we can assure you this page will not support agenda driven politics of the Kosher Nationalists.We support the Australian people in resisting the Left Wing agendas of Media and State. But for fucks sake they deserve the truth allowing them to make decisions from an informed position. Not based on fear mongering, not based on a policy of making total war on nations and people for Israel, Zionism and Greed. Killing for peace and then opening the door to the vanquished spreading the war into our homelands, is what we should be talking about. 

Lets get this debate back on track, Multiculturalism has failed! Our support of US/Israeli policy has failed! Its not a religious war, its a war for our survival, its a battle for our freedom and our right to preserve who we are.  Not just here, but all over the West. Our homelands are vanishing fast and will eventually fall.  They will not simply fall at the hands of Islam, they will fall to all faiths and races that do not share our Ancestors. Having a more diverse culture minus Islam is not the answer. Having one dominate culture, our own culture is the only answer for our homelands. Strength is never found in diversity.  

Friday, October 16, 2015


and our take on things, from a hard line political White Nationalists point of view. Also a quick comment on the relevance of this Blog.

Well as many are now aware, Shermon Burgess of Reclaim and UPF fame stood down from any position he held with any group. He has decided to take a break and maybe play a smaller roll in the future. In a video uploaded yesterday Shermon claimed that the behavior from some provocateurs inside the UPF membership and a left wing conspiracy to defame him forced his hand.   He then goes onto name Neil Erickson and Blair Cottrell as the two main figures of the new UPF line up. We posted the following yesterday on our FB page along with Anti Antifa Australia after viewing his video.

"Well respect should be given, even if he did make some rather silly statements. No doubt this guy achieved and accomplished more than any other activist I have met so far in my life time. In fact what he achieved in the first six months was more than anyone else had done in the last 20 years. We wish him the best and acknowledge the personal sacrifice he has made helping bring the patriot movement to this point. Lets hope the Nationalist movement will grow strong and grow to such a size that we will once again be the lucky country. If we ever meet Shermon, I will give you a fast history lesson and then gladly buy you a beer or two."

So we admit to being critical of Shermon along with Reclaim and at times the UPF. In fact we have been writing about them since the start. Our first post back in February this year and subsequent posts, I believe have been fair comment and observations from a rather hard line Nationalist view point. 
So as you can see we have tried to follow them and keep you, the reader of this blog, up to date and informed. As we have already said this has been done from a hard line perspective. All in all I think we got the balance right.

The events of yesterday appear to have taken everyone by surprise but I think many of us saw this coming. For whatever reasons, many could see by Shermons videos that he was under a lot of stress. It looked like he was unsuccessfully attempting to mix two types of Nationalism and brand it Patriotism? Further looking into the past few months one can understand the stresses he was under. Loss of Job, loss of family, loss of accommodation and the inability to find further work and all because of the publicity surrounding his name. The guy sacrificed much so that many may build from it.

Where to now? With Shermon's exit we see the entry of what we believe are the main players; Blair Cottrell and Neil Erikson.  So far we have no problems with this at all. A third player who also appears to be rather clued up is Thomas Sewell . I believe these three will and already have changed the face of nationalism.  Enough of them for now as it is way to early to comment on any further. But we hope Australia First is watching and making plans for some type of agreement with them. As it appears the face of Nationalism is about to change drastically.

Changes are happening right across the board with Australian Nationalism. The numbers reading this blog has dropped below 300 a day, we haven't seen this since we first started in 2006. In fact we have noticed a slow drain of numbers since the arrival of the UPF. When ever we have an increase or spike taking us to over 1000 views a day, it is because we have written about the UPF.  In fact the only people who still faithfully read this blog outside of Australia and in any numbers are our American followers closely followed now by the Russians of all people. Also a huge spike in readers from Eastern Europe has surprised us. Maybe they are looking at migrating to Australia?

We first set this blog up to monitor Anti Fascist, Anarchist and Marxist Anti Racist groups that are hostile to Nationalism in Australia. We then merged that into supporting Political and Non Political Racialist and Nationalist groups in Australia.  We also took the fight to those Civic Patriots and Kosher Nationalist from Australia who continually disrupted and attempted to derail the Political movement.

In 2015, exactly 10 years after our first Blog Victor Whitelaw was published, its time to reevaluate our mission. We now see a smaller role from the writers and contributors to our blog. To be honest our first mission of monitoring idiots from the left has now become hardly worth the trouble. In fact this writer does not even bother reading or watching them at all.

Since the start of the Reclaim movement and then the UPF, the left have seriously dropped the ball. Underestimating the UPF is an understatement. Even with the support of their media pals, ASIO the Federal Police and countless NGOs and State controllers they still manged to totally fudge it big time.  They are simply irrelevant now. 

The war we have fought on the internet against them for many years was simply unsustainable. The war for hearts and minds now being fought in the street has seen them sat squarely on their arses. Strangely enough, not because of any physical confrontation from Patriots or Nationalist. The overwhelming case against them of premeditated violence and harassment being a huge contributor to their demise. Along with a constant stream of videos uploaded by Neil Erikson, has them Royally screwed.

No amount of lies from the media can fool the thousands of Mums and Dads who have witnessed the Left in person. To make matters worse, those thousands of Mums and Dads from all over Australia then witnessed the media outright lie about who the trouble makers are. That in itself has created a huge mistrust of the media. Those Mums and Dads tell other Mums and Dads about what really happened. Those thousands, at least 30 thousand of them have now turned into millions. Sharing the truth with their work colleagues and family and friends. This has built a very healthy mistrust of MSM and anyone in a position of power.  In short the UPF and its earlier incarnation of Reclaim, has achieved more in Rebuilding Nationalism in this country since the end of WW1. No thanks to arrogant Anarchists like Andy Flemming and the Australian Media.

Playing the man and not the ball has shown Australians there are bigger threats than Islam in this country. Its the enablers and the Cultural Marxists that have been forced to show their hand for everyone to see. They are now paying the price for their treason as the people simply turn away from them. Thanks to the adoption of this tactic by the UPF, this will only be the start of more misery for the Left. The real street movement, the real working class has awoken. Exposing the lies of the Left and their State and Federal handlers. We all know now they are just defenders of State policy. Soon their own people will see this also. 

The following is a perfect example,

Above Kieran Bennett showing us the real face of the Pro Islamic anti Nationalist movement.

Above Blair Cottrell addressing the crowd.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015