Friday, October 23, 2015

Andy Fleming "mAd love" for White Genocide.

"Terrified White Students Barricade Themselves in Classroom from Hundreds of "activated" Racist Blacks shouting “All white people get out or else we will kill you” - guess the blacks got the message when the President of the country, Zuma, sings "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer" on a public podium...

In this video made by Cape Town student Anne Landman, a group of white students had barricaded themselves in a classroom against hundreds of black rioters outside. She explains on her FB page:

"So this happened. I stopped filming before things got out of hand as we were scared they would damage property, which they did. Hundreds of rioters outside those doors. People were cornered and taunted. Some of our students were beaten up for trying to keep the doors closed. The doors are now broken. They stormed in with balaclavas on, shouting horrible things in our direction. Quote of the day “All white people get out or else we will kill you”. Sorry for the language in the video but we were all panicking a bit in there. What has this country come to?"

Yes Australia's own  Social Justice warrior and all round State appointed asset Andy Fleming, thinks this is just great news. If he could only do this in Australia....

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Anonymous said...

Just hilarious the ignorance of Socialist Alliance/Alternative and all the other libtards of their ilk calling for gay rights and sodomite marriage. Communist MPs even in Putin's "fascist" Russia still want homosexuals to be jailed as they were under the USSR. Then again, facts were never the lefts strong points.