Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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Anonymous said...

I don't have a facebook account and I refuse to. But I do look through certain pages to keep up to date with the happenings.
I just need to vent.
Fuck me, the focus on the UPF has got to go. These uneducated fucktards are nothing but bumbling fools. Shermon is the worst obviously with his constant backflips(catering to the left, media, and other P.C deadshits). A christian one minute, a Pagan the next. An advocate for Israel one minute, a anti Zionist at the same time. No Skinheads allowed, but posts Skinhead bands from time to time(no not his shit band). Against Media lies, and manipulation of the truth but when proven wrong or to be a backflipping lier himself, deletes and manipulates the truth. Its endless, you have seen it yourself.
The second vid was nothing but damage control but is now pissing off the Jew friendly as well as White Nationalists. His days are numbered in the UPF if they want to be taken seriously, his world view is straight from the mouth of Communism, that which he opposes?
As for Blair who I had hopes for and will no doubt take the reigns eventually, He is on the right track but has no capability to even survive a decent debate. He knows a few big words he has become fond of and a few phrases and points he likes to bash over and over again, not because of a high level of understanding of propaganda that is obvious, more a limited, learn as you go approach.
Erikson isn't even worth mentioning.
These guys are a mess, so far they have excluded everyone but the average idiot from participating. Should be a great success!
Apart from those in Bendigo they struggle to pull a following beyond their pages.
My hope is that White Nationalists forget these fools leading everyone astray and focus on doing something of our own. Real Nationalists have been held back for far too long and these groups are adding to it. Time to free oneself from the stranglehold and defy beyond the parameters.

Anonymous said...

Well, Anonymous at 1.52pm, Shermon is gone, and you were right about his flip flopping from Christian to Pagan, for Israel then anti-Zionist. My guess is his heart was in the right place but not too smart. Though if I was him I would be seeing a lawyers about suing his employer if he was fired for his political convictions. I don't agree with your comments about the UPF, the media has admitted Bendigo and Reclaim Australia have been the biggest nationalist mobilisations ever. Anyway, in regards to your negativity surrounding the UPF I look forward to supporting any openly WN organisation that can muster anywhere near the numbers in public that Reclaim/UPF has in the last nine months.

Whitelaw Towers said...

I m sorry you if think we have been negative. Our last statement made yesterday should have cleared that up."Well respect should be given, even if he did make some rather silly statements. No doubt this guy achieved and accomplished more than any other activist I have met so far in my life time. In fact what he achieved in the first six months was more than anyone else had done in the last 20 years. We wish him the best and acknowledge the personal sacrifice he has made helping bring the patriot movement to this point. Lets hope the Nationalist movement will grow strong and grow to such a size that we will once again be the lucky country. If we ever met Shermon I will give you a fast history lesson and then gladly buy you a beer or two."