Thursday, October 22, 2015

Just another day in Kosher Nationalist Politics.

Oh boy things happen fast in the Flip Flop world of Kosher Nationalist Politics. In an attempt to cash in on the hysteria surrounding the current high security alerts in this country concerning Islamic terrorism. Good old Nick Folkes has snapped up the confused Bogan King of New South Wales, Shermon Burgess. In the process hijacking the meaning and truth behind the "Cronulla Uprising" 10 years ago. As we have noted the rhetoric coming from these Kosher tossers claiming Cronulla was a riot is just assisting the media and state in their re-branding of the events at Cronulla for political reasons.

Its all about diversity minus the Muslims when it comes to Nick Folkes and his friends Ralph Cerminara and Shermon. I think we can safely say, Australia now has its own official version of the English Defence League.

So we have to ask a few questions, especially concerning Shermons support of Nick Folkes Kosher Political Party. First does he deserve to be wearing a Mjolnir better known as the Hammer of Thor? Worn by many people, including myself denoting our sworn belief in the old ways of Odinism/Paganism and our clear understanding that we must preserve our Race, Culture and Beliefs.  So why is Shermon wearing the Mjolnir? Why wear it when he so obviously supports a man who has walked away from his people by breeding outside of his race? Why wear it when you support a person who has spat upon the beliefs of those who refuse to diversify, or surrender willingly to the genocide of our Race?

Now I dont want to make this personal as this guy and even Folkes are big enough and ugly enough to make their own choices in life. Contrary to the Left Wing Media and anti fascist beliefs. We are not forcing people to strictly observe the rule of only selecting people from your own race to procreate with.  Yes unlike the state of Israel we don't envisage a large scale propaganda campaign warning our people of miscegenation any time soon. Not for a few years anyway. But if you listen to Anti Fascist claims its just around the corner ok.
    Feel free to have Nick translate this for you.

It must be noted, this is not only in Israel. The Government Funded commercial  also asks Israeli Jews to inform other Jews outside of Israel not to marry non Jews. So it would appear that the Israeli Flag waving fans from Nick Folkes unregistered (not as Shermon has announced as registered) Political party have no problem with Nazis as long as they are Jewish Nazis. So Sherman, just think about that and let that sink in.

So who are the Nazis we keep hearing about secretly behind Reclaim and other Patriotic groups? I know they are not talking about us. In fact I can assure you that real nationalist have attempted to stay as far away from this as possible.  But it would be hard for the media to think otherwise.  Considering the now Defunct Hollywood Nazis from Squadron 88, also had ties with Nick Folkes. Also considering below.

Its easy for the media to get confused, when Nick Folkes is seen organising a Demo bringing to light the very important issue of White Genocide in South Africa. White lives matter and White Genocide is an issue in South Africa, but apparently not in Australia. Diversity is great unless its Israel and white lives matter only in South Africa. That may have something to do with the fact that Nick and showman man Ralph Cerminara both have children of mixed race. Confused yet? Can someone please tell me how many policies and beliefs White Nationalists are lifting from these guys? I can answer that, none. 

The question I am asking our followers, who unlike Shermon have a solid belief in the 14 Words.  Are you concerned that the pantomime being played out at the moment will end up destroying any true resistance to the destruction of our Race and Nation? This is my greatest fear.

There will be plenty of commentary in the coming weeks, but we can assure you this page will not support agenda driven politics of the Kosher Nationalists.We support the Australian people in resisting the Left Wing agendas of Media and State. But for fucks sake they deserve the truth allowing them to make decisions from an informed position. Not based on fear mongering, not based on a policy of making total war on nations and people for Israel, Zionism and Greed. Killing for peace and then opening the door to the vanquished spreading the war into our homelands, is what we should be talking about. 

Lets get this debate back on track, Multiculturalism has failed! Our support of US/Israeli policy has failed! Its not a religious war, its a war for our survival, its a battle for our freedom and our right to preserve who we are.  Not just here, but all over the West. Our homelands are vanishing fast and will eventually fall.  They will not simply fall at the hands of Islam, they will fall to all faiths and races that do not share our Ancestors. Having a more diverse culture minus Islam is not the answer. Having one dominate culture, our own culture is the only answer for our homelands. Strength is never found in diversity.  


Anonymous said...

The Hammer of Thunor or Mjolnir will awaken the true Ario-Germanic folc when used as a holy symbol, though interesting when worn by a fake (sherman) it shines on the wearer like a wigger displaying his cheap bling. Thank Hollywood for cheapening powerful symbols. I choose to wear the Wolf Cross/ Hammer as it is less known by the hordes of kosher filth.

Anonymous said...

Left Wing Bigots and Extremists Exposed are now going to expose "Nazis". Things are about to get ugly and the Left will have an inexhaustible supply of jack off material.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Re Left Wing Bigots. This was expected as its SOP for these idiots. Next they will share info with the people they claim to be exposing.You would think they would have learnt from last time they done the exact same thing. The whole Nazi/Islam thing is truly pathetic and simply shows their research skills are lacking. Either way I don't expect we will waste to much time on them. We all know who and what they truly stand for, they make that very apparent with out any help from us.

Anonymous said...

There are a number of quite rabid anti-Islam groups, people and sites. But where were they when Southern Europe was being flooded with Africans not that long ago? Are they are concerned about the Africanisation, or Asianisation of Europe or white nations?

Will they care of the Islamic immigration stops, but all others continue unabated?

The Liberal party used boat people as a smokescreen to divert attention away from legal immigration. This isn't speculation, Howard admitted this himself. But the problem is that Tony Abbott stopped the boats! With no boat arrivals, and any operations kept 'secret', he needed a new diversion. I think this is why "Islam" suddenly became such a big deal. Yes, there was one shooting, but low level violence from Islam in the West didn't start yesterday, it's been going for a while. But when the LNP took power, it seemed that suddenly we had all these new threats and thwarted plans....


So the media and government have a new diversion, and Reclaim/UPF are capitalising on this, but in doing so they are unwitting tools to a power which wants to fight Islam while simultaneously keeping the borders of all and only white nations open to the rest of the non-Islamic world.

Whitelaw Towers said...