Monday, November 02, 2015

A Guide to Understanding Nationalism as opposed to Ziopatriotism

The distinction between true nationalism and Ziopatriotism becomes ever more urgent as the Zionists in their devious and manipulative fashion move to monopolise Australian nationalism. They even attempt to steal the word nationalism.

Now, the VERY DEFINITION OF THE WORD NATIONALISM underscores irrevocably why these agents for Israel and the traitor filth infiltrating from the Liberal party cannot use the word nationalism for their movements, nor can they can claim that their ‘movement’ and our ‘movement’ are in any way the same animal. We are as different as lions (us) and suckfish (them).


What is nationalism?


Nationalism is the unshakeable belief that puts the nation-state (Australia) above ALL ELSE. It is the belief that the people of that nation-state are unified by a common language, history, and a culture — and that all these things form the basis of that nation. Nationalism strives for an independent nation-state, which is FREE OF FOREIGN CONTROL.

And that means ISRAEL!

 What is a ziopatriot?

 A ziopatriot is someone who believes in the present established order of Australia as an ally of the United States and Israel. Whereas nationalists want total independence and cultural homogeneity for Australia, the ziopatriot is a creature of capitalism who embraces multiculturalism minus-Islam for its egalitarian pluralism. Essentially a conservative, the ziopatriot is a creature of the same neoconservatism — a distinctly Judea-American political movement — that has at its core the aim of democratizing the Middle East and protecting Israel. The originator of neoconservatism is the Jewish man Leo Strauss (1899-1973).

Why do the Liberals support the anti-Islam movement?

 Given that the Liberal party and the neoconservative movement share the same values, geopolitical views, and economic notions, it stands to reason that the influence of Israel on the Liberal party is powerful. Tony Abbott was a staunch supporter of Israel, as is Malcolm Turnbull who even claims Jewish ancestry. Likewise, the new prime minister’s own seat is in the Jewish heartland of Sydney. It was the neoconservative prime minister John Howard who tied us inextricably in with the fate of the US following 911 and sent us on a path of Zionist subservience by joining America and Britain on its illegal wars in the Middle East, finally to overthrow the stabilizing force of Saddam Hussein for the current chaos that prevails, and that ironically fosters the successor to Al Qaeda, ISIS. Not only was that a tactical and military failure, as well as a moral disaster, but it killed 41 and wounded 249 Australian servicemen in Afghanistan, and two in Iraq ( The attacks on America by Islamic extremists that resulted in this payback were the inevitable result of American foreign policy favouring Israel. Moreover, by dying for Israel, all our servicemen have managed to achieve is an even greater influx of Moslem refugees and migrants.

How can the anti-Islam movement speak for Australia when it speaks for Israel?

The anti-Islam movement clearly favours Israel, and for those unsure, a quick skip around all the Facebook pages of the prominent groups such as The Q Society, Rise Up Australia, Reclaim Australia, and Party for Freedom will turn up profiles of Jewish members often with direct Liberal party links. Their support of Israel is ironically support for a state that itself does not have an open immigration policy, but which discriminates heavily against non-Jews and even forbids marriage of non-Jews to Jews by law. The question of Palestine also arises, as Israel’s occupation of that land continues to rob it of any moral ground, but given its vulnerable position in the Middle East, and the policies it pursues, it becomes very clear why most of Islam hates Israel, and why Israel wants us to fight its wars against Arab states it views as a threat. For that reason it is entrenched in the anti-Islam movement, which dupes patriotic Australians into believing that they are supporting their own country whereas in fact they are acting for a foreign state.

Why are ziopatriots claiming that nationalists should join them?

 The ziopatriot anti-Islam movement wants Australians to support their government in supporting actions against Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. They focus solely on Islam, and make no bones about that. However, given that they are a neo-conservative force for global capitalism, this idea that one day dangerous Islamic extremists will be forced out of the country is absurd. The very tenets of multiculturalism that underpin the core values of these conservatives would be shattered if that happened. Ironically, as under John Howard’s Liberal government, the reverse will actually occur, as it already is. 12,000 alleged Syrian refugees are on their way to Australia courtesy of the outgoing Liberal PM Tony Abbott. He tried to sell that to Australians with some rot about Australia choosing to take only Christians, which is just impossible to do. Moreover, it is not the religion of the person that makes them incompatible with Australia. The Christian church(s) will do more to facilitate the liberty of other religions than anything else, so that too is a false position.

Why are ziopatriots and nationalists poles apart and certain to clash?

 As per the definition of nationalist provided above, Australian nationalists are concerned not with Israel, not with America, and sure as hell not with Islam. We are concerned with Australia. We see that the very thing that brought these Islamic extremists here in the first place is the established political system governing all major parties. So long as multiculturalism exists, Australia can never be independent and will always be the bitch of the United States and Israel. That is why we don’t waste our time with battling the symptom, but going directly to the cause. The cause is that very system, and they symptom is far more than just Islam. Far more threatening to Australia is the economic and cultural imperialism of China, which goes under the radar while the servants of Israel are busily concentrating all their attention on Islam. The threat is massive tranches of immigrants from India, who come to economically plunder this nation. The threat is the growth of African communities, and the cultural racial tensions they generate — and so on.

None of these peoples shares the dreams of the European settlers who bonded with this land, its bush, its beaches, and its harsh landscape — they are here as part of the one-world agenda which reduces nations to mere ‘economies’ where tradition and culture have no place. Nationalists will not betray well-intentioned Australians into supporting alien cultures and alien wars, such as the ziopatriot anti-Islam movement. Our fight is for Australia, and for Australians, NOT for Israel and for Jewish settlers, so that they can take Palestinian land with impunity while protected by the US military.

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