Monday, November 23, 2015

Abo activist slams Socialist Alternative and its haji leader

This kebab is off Ken Canning's menu

Ken Canning, or Burraga Gutya, is a well-known Aboriginal activist who we do not give two flips about since he is totally irrelevant to us. But it has come to our attention that this left wing brudda has slammed Socialist Alternative and called its haji leader Omar Hassan “self-serving” and accused him of trying to be a “hardcore activist”.

It appears that during the counter protests against the Reclaim Israel rallies in Sydney at Martin Place yesterday Sheik Omar Hassan refused to subscribe to the basic tenets of communal will that he has spent his short life spouting about in the privileged confines of the University of Sydney. No, in fact Ken -- or as he goes by his Abo moniker ‘Burraga Gutya’ (sounds a bit like Barrack Obama if you say it really fast thirty times in a row while drunk) -- has washed his first nations' hands of the little Muzzie blowhard. Ken has even pulled out of next year’s bullshit Socialist Alternative “Marxist Conference”, which promised to be like a gala junkie symposium, only with spoiled middle class brats mouthing bygone political platitudes in between picking their noses, sucking
durries, and raping anarchist women.

Below is Ken’s spray. Crack a tinnie and have a laugh: it’s beaut when the far left implodes for being the dickheads they are; it's a bit like watching bum fights.

Ken Canning
Yesterday at 18:37 · Edited ·

Furious at the end of today's anti racism rally. For once we had good mainstream media coverage with positive interviews happening throughout the day. This was totally ruined at the end by the irresponsible actions of Omar Hassan and some other members of Socialist Alternative Sydney. Despite being told before and during the rally that any movement away from the spot we occupied would lead to trouble, this lot just could not help themselves and had to attempt to break the police lines after the speakers had finished. EVERY speaker today were unanimous in calling for a peaceful rally with no march to take place after. It is alright for you lot to use my photo on your poster to advertise this rally but via Omar you simply refused to listen to not only myself but to all other invited speakers. Omar, you got up quickly at the end and called for a march and your followers blindly went with you (interesting to note that during the confrontation with the police, you were well away from the front line). Now we saw more of that on the news than the positive action that was happening. Good move Omar, good move Socialist Alternative Sydney. Omar, as an activist you make a good garden gnome, your behaviour today and your total disrespect to invited speakers was of more benefit to the Reclaim movement than to our anti racism action. You cannot defend your actions, there are many people who heard many of us trying to tell you a march was simply not on under the day's circumstances, but in your endeavour to be seen as a "hardcore" activist, you disrespected and ignored everyone. I am now formally withdrawing from Socialist Alternatives Marxist conference in Melbourne next March and will not have anything to do with you or your organization again. Put simply, you and your organization put innocent people at risk with your ego driven behaviour. Don't bother replying with any weak excuses, there are no excuses for your behaviour today and that unfortunately was the main talking point of MANY people after you disappeared.


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Anonymous said...

Bring on the Grand Mufti. The GM usually tells it straight and leaves the political elites running The Agenda in Oz struggling with the teleprompter.

Remember Sheikh Taj al-Din al-Hilaly the Top Kebab in Oz telling Australians that 9-11 was "Allah's work against oppressors".

The best Howard could come up with by way of reply to the TK was that his statement was "insensitive".

If Ally Halal said that he would be arrested for incitement to terrorism. If the TK says it and issues a fatwa - it's insensitive.

The best Turnbull can come up with is that Grand Mufti comments along these lines "are not representative of Islam" and do not speak for the Islamic community. And yada yada yada.

The efforts of the Political Elite to tone down the Top Kebab will no doubt continue apace. Just add more hummus Malcolm. Actually, this would be a fun story to follow.

It is good thing Aboriginals have awakened to the fact that Sharia Law is fundamentally hostile to them. But as they have a guilt industry I do not look for them to make common cause with white Australia.