Saturday, November 07, 2015


It might be the final words of a prophetic novel, the end scene in a disaster Sci-Fi, but the last images of Australia are a few English speaking European Australians and a multitude of Asians, sub-continentals, Africans and others amassed at transit points en-route for the massive Northern economic zone, for which they require the equivalent of passports, since it’s essentially a whole other country. It is there they make their modest fortunes to buy citizen accommodation in affordable blocks of condensed vertical housing owned by the developers from the People’s Republic of China.

No fears here about crazy White folks disrespecting integrated peoples from the third-tier economic regions of the world who respect our flag and even like a (China-brewed) tinnie while they watch the all-nations teams AFL. Nope, those evil White supremacists you once read about so much about in the Zionist-owned media and on patriot blogs and social media group pages are all gone. Now it is just good wholesome patriot folk who respect that flag … which has changed by the way, to reflect the New Asian Republic of Australia ™. But they respect it just enough, because this is just ONE economic zone, and not the biggest by any means.

All those White supremacists, all ten of them, were pushed out long ago. Those English speaking European Australians are no longer afflicted with the hubris of their colonialist forebears, since history was revised and written chiefly in the two important stages of indigenous history, and post-colonial diversity. All that stuff about the Nazi White Australia Policy has been expunged, and even the few remaining cranks who call themselves “nationalists” and live in the bitter dream of one day returning to an “Australia” that you can only read about in banned history books, and on footage from pre-Republic times the state claims are “fake”, do not talk about ‘White Australia’, but simply pre-Republic European Australia, concerned about scaring off potential recruits.

In this post-racial society, what matters most are monetary credit units. Credit units are an assessment of one’s social standing in their distinct community zones. Yes, for the harmony achieved in this secular-yet-tolerant bi-nation has been done so by segregating different ethnic workers where possible. Fears about Islamic supremacy, for instance, were assuaged by special Islamic zones ruled by a hybrid Islamic-Global law. These are closed to infidels; an economically beneficial concession on the part of the state that averted the devastating wars of independence waged throughout the country decades before by the separatist soldiers of Islam. Again, what matters most, even in the Islamic zones, are credits. The more credit units one has the better the style of living; although only the traditionally wealthy can afford to live in the scenic seaside suburbs and blue ribbon areas reserved for those of the highest corporate achievement. Usually these Chinese nationals whose service to the Northern economic zone was exemplary enjoy a retirement by Sydney’s harbour foreshore, and in the better parts of what were formerly known as Melbourne, Perth, and so on according to the status of each state.

For those unfortunate enough not to qualify for service in the Northern Economic Zone of the Asian Republic of Australia, life is hard indeed. But the ferals who are forced to scrape a living — and there are approaching several millions — they none the less serve the Republic’s penal industry where possible, or elsewhere as a necessary flywheel for social cohesion by providing a suitable scapegoat for social ills. They are also the major consumers of Chinese State manufactured drugs.

It’s a brave new world, and it could not have been possible without the assistance of all sides of politics back in the day. They are long forgotten now, but the “anti-racists”, “progressives”, “economic realists”, “libertarians”, “socialists”, “anarchists”, “patriots”, and just the common every day dutiful consumer played their part in taking Australia forward to this post-racial economic bliss where English is no longer taught in preference of the major Chinese and Indian dialects. There is of course a kind of street patois that has grown out of those two major regional languages as they have assimilated a touch of Arabic, and even African; as the huge human resource growth of Africa has started to become a major supplier of human resources for the Northern Economic Zone


Anonymous said...

These Patriotard groups p*ss me off quite frankly.

Even the UPF is still trying to work itself out. Cottrel, Sewell and Hutts seem to be heading in the right direction.

UFP need stand alone rallies that focus on White Australians. This anti-Islam only thing is not enough.

What do you reckon brothers?

Whitelaw Towers said...

I think we should focus on our own groups and clean our act up collectively. If we want to be relevant we must make what we have work. That means getting behind Australia First politically and getting behind any other legit organisation that supports and respects our beliefs. Things will change soon enough and we need to have a strong united front to take advantage of anything that may swing into our favor. But first we need to all work that little bit harder or to be honest, we will never recover. It is always better to do any business from a position of strength. I agree with you on the UPF, but we cant be so complacent as to leave them do all the heavy lifting. This is what we will be doing and I hope others understand that message.

Anonymous said...
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