Monday, November 23, 2015

Australian Nationalism is now under Israeli occupation, goyim

Israeli flags were spotted at Sunday’s Reclaim Australia rallies and that should come as no surprise since they have officially replaced the Southern Cross as our national colours. To participate in any sort of patriotic expression in Australia now requires approval from your local rabbi. The Zionist occupying forces controlling Australia’s ‘anti-Islam’ patriot movement requires that before you can express your patriotic devotion to this country you must first recognise Israel and make its enemies your own. This is why anyone who criticizes Israel, or points out the hypocrisy of paying deference to a nation pivotal in helping generate Moslem mass-migration, must be suitably labelled in a fashion that effectively ostracises them from attending events where they may promote a view counter to that of the Zionist occupying forces of the Australian patriot movement.

Because the truth is that anyone who does not support the state of Israel is un-Australian. Only a galah does not know that there is little more dead-set dinky-di than gefilte fish and cream-cheese bagels. To argue otherwise makes you a supporter of Islam and a terrorist. It might even make you a Nazi, and everybody knows that Hitler converted to Islam and used to force Eva Braun to wear a hijab. There was no greater supporter of the Grand Mufti during World War 2 than Adolf Hitler. He used to miss meetings with his generals because he had to stop and pray to the Aryan god of Allah about 38 times per day. If you do not believe that, then just check-out any Facebook page run by the Israeli-controlled anti-Islam movement in Australia and there should be at least one fully factual reference to this absolute and incontrovertible historical fact.

So Shalom, cobber; a true nationalist knows that loving Australia begins by loving Israel. One has to put Israel first because they are the traditional enemy of Islam. They are forever involving western nations in their battles against Moslems, so a better authority and a more solid opponent of Islam could not be had. But that is just the way it is from now on, goyim, and you better get used to it. Because when you are dealing with patriots you need only wave a flag, mutter a few words against Islam, and suggest that anyone who does not agree that Islam is the greatest threat to this nation IS in fact a Moslem  themselves. Nothing bar Islam is a problem for Australia and multiracialism was working beautifully up until the Islamic extremists came along and made a mess of it all.
But... wait... no... surely those big stars of David prominently displayed at Perth's Reclaim Rally yesterday are AUSSIE flags, goyim?
Those racists who attach themselves to the movement, with the intent of trying to convince other goyim to do racism are working for the Islamic terrorists. As the kosher-certified head of the Catch the Fire ministries, the all-Aussie Danny Nalliah said, “Multiculturalism is bad, multiracialism is good.” And that’s the way it has to be, goyim, because if it wasn’t for gullible nations like yours Israel would be multicultural and that is never going to happen. What is good for you, goyim, is not good for Israel. Jews are an ancient people and god’s chosen ones; you do not think for a minute that they could sully their own bloodlines or even run that risk by having a Babylon of races running amok in their holy land?

No way, goyim. Just you remember, Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi. That’s all you need to know.
These are the true Moslems, goyim!


Anonymous said...

Are you including the UPF?

Anonymous said...

No magens at Brisbane yesterday. You missed a good show, even if Holt couldn't get his shit together with the PA.

Whitelaw Towers said...

We are not singling anyone group out, as this was a reclaim rally with more than one group attending. Remember this is an observation from a Nationalist perspective. We have not seen the UPF carrying any flags other than Australian flags at their events. But Perth does have a rather large and active Jewish community. Just ask Brendon O'Connell.

Anonymous said...

Israelis are not fellow travellers with Australian nationals. It is the Jewish groups that are financing and mandating the Islamic invasion of Europe.
Jewish Social Action Forum, Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE) and etc.

Check out the Support Refugees website as spotlighted on Irish Savant
Posted at Monday Oct , 2015

Lists all the Jewish power orgs that are calling for and supporting Islamic invasion. And So Nu? owns/operates the traitor class of the Western political elites?

Anonymous said...

I did see an Israeli flag at one of the Bendigo rallies with the UPF.

Do any of these anti-Islam, pro-Israeli groups mention Wahabism? Considered an evil twin of Zionism.

Some have pointed to the Wahabi-Zionist threat and not Islam per se. Anti-Islam plays into their "Clash of Civilisations" end game plan.

Any thoughts on this?

Whitelaw Towers said...

There is a few of us here at WLT so I can only speak for myself. "Thoughts on this". I dont want nor need any of them. As a White Nationalist it simply doesn't matter what "ism" or race it is. If its not White European, I simply dont support nor care for it. Nor would they care for us, why should they? Saying that they all have a right to govern and live how they like, in their own countries.

Anonymous said...

The suggestion is that White Nationalists shouldn't be anti-Islam. That may sound absurd to some but the real threat is not Islam per se but Wahhabized Muslims who are a product of Jew-Zionist machinations.

So it would really show up the difference between anti-Islam groups and true White Nationalists. The Jew-Zionists (using their U.S./Euro minion states) are Wahhabizing Europe. They will paint this in their media as an Islamic threat, a "Clash of Civilisations". But in reality the Wahhabi are the foot soldiers of Zionist World Domination.