Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Do not underestimate the seriousness of this.

The Left in this country continue on their merry mission of assisting the State in its war against the people via massive immigration. Keeping the focus on the evil racists (read free thinking Nationalists and Patriots) while ignoring the fact we are on the brink of WW3. 

These labeled and hounded "racists" and "bigots" are waking up to the fact that our Governments are more than just traitors, but in fact facilitating this up and coming war. 

In short I think its easy to say that the Left and State are making great bed fellows. But it certainly looks like a war between the NATO (Marxist) aligned countries and Russia (Nationalist) is inevitable unless other countries start speaking out. But don't hold your breath.  Especially if you are waiting for our country to say anything but repeat what its told to say.

Meanwhile, America continues to arm the terrorists. Even going to great lengths in giving Isis a 45 minute warning before striking fuel shipments and refineries. Shipments supplying stolen oil from Syria to Turkey. They simply cant upset Turkey or its allies Isis by killing off the Turks driving and facilitating this operation. A operation that has gone unmolested until Russia came along and fucked it up for everyone who belongs to War On Terror Gang.

On the other hand Russia is being shot out of the sky by our so called allies. Is it because they gave no warning to the enemy? Is it because they are halting the flow of stolen oil that is being traded and shipped to Turkey? Oil that is bankrolling the very same terrorists we are supposed to be defeating. Terrorists that are now flowing into our homelands with the support of the State and antifascists. 

The sheer evil that is currently making decisions in the west is mind boggling. Again, all this is being supported on a local level by the so called antifascists who claim to be anti state. 

While the Left go about screaming racist at every opportunity. Doing their best to silence the opposition that is now more than ever, anti state. Persisting in the charade by pretending to be something they are not.  Nationalists are making a stand for a real free world. One that respects all Nations, allowing Nations to govern how they please.

Instead of assisting in the misery of millions if not billions. Nationalists are calling for the end to the provocations leading us towards WW3. We are calling on our governments, stop allowing our Nations to be flooded with Islamic peoples fleeing wars facilitated by Israel and the West. We call on them to halt the hundreds and thousands of others taking advantage of the situation created by them and their wars. We call on our Governments to stop involving us in foreign wars on behalf of the Bandit state Israel and the War mongering states of the West. We call upon the European Leaders to halt the mass replacement of the European peoples and the destruction of our Ancestral homelands. Lastly, we demand a future for our children. 

For making these demands, we are not only targeted by the State directly. We are then attacked by the States Red Army Factions in our media and via State organised anti fascist groups. All of whom are hell bent on destroying us and the future of our children.  

I ask, who are the radicals now?

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