Sunday, November 29, 2015

Every time you watch and read this, a Cultural Marxist cries.

Yesterday was a total failure for the left. Not only did they reinforce the UPF claim on who it is behind the violence and covering of faces. They also demonstrated to all of Australia, how the radical left can be swung into action when it comes to protecting their Political assets. Yes defending the very State they claim they are fighting against.

The UPF rally yesterday was purely aimed at the Victorian Labor Premier, Daniel Andrews. Targeted for his refusal to reveal who it is behind the violent counter rallies. Counter Rallies being staged and funded by the Unions and their Political Leaders alike. Daniel Andrews unfair criticism and branding of Australians has led to those he purposely defamed, to take action. His rhetoric against those who have the cheek to express their opinions on a whole list of Cultural Marxist policy, was the one and only trigger. 

So the UPF had an idea, something the Left struggle to come up with on their own.

Simply show the Premier first hand, (as if he didn't know) bringing the real criminals to his front door with the media in tow. Well played. The Marxist left and Anarchist, having taken the bait turned out to protect Comrade Premier Andrews. The "communist kids" simply carried out their task as tools for the state, even if the majority still don't realise it. Their leaders are nothing but the Red Guard enforcing radical, political and cultural change across Australia and the West.

Thanks to the predictable behavior of the Left, that simply hasn't changed since 1918. The mask they love to use so much has been removed. It will be their undoing and the undoing of any political figure who further supports this menace that is destroying a whole generation of Australians.


Anonymous said...

So is the UPF White Nationalist?

Anonymous said...

Well, they are certainly rustling a few feathers that's for sure. I'd say that they are trying to work through some of these "big" issues. Like, for instance, why has Australia gone down this path over the last few decades.

With Cottrell and Sewell at the helm 2016 should be very interesting for the UPF.