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Mutually Assured Destruction

Mutually assured destruction, or (MAD), is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of high-yield weapons of mass destruction by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender

This will be long and choc full of bad news and good news for some. Just depends what you do from here. But speaking for this Blog and the people who tirelessly support it and contribute we can say the Party (sic) is over. 

By now many would have seen the video featuring Jim Saleam from The Australia First Party in the company of  others in what could only be viewed as the biggest political blunder of his life. No doubt this video will go down in nationalist history as day the Zionist ripped the already wounded pro White nationalist party in Australia apart. 

Under Jim's leadership, the Party has grown, and then withered on the vine. Indeed, it has fallen. There are many reasons it has taken this descent, and thus far it has survived by the sheer determination and stubbornness on Jim's part, as well as that of his faithful Sydney-based followers. But today we must call it the end of an era, even though it's highly unlikely -- given that otherwise admirable quality of stubbornness -- that Jim or his faithful clique will concede this resounding loss. More power to them.
After wasting many years fighting off the kosher Israeli flag-wavers and the diversity-without-Islam brigade, many have said enough is enough. Our flagship, if you can call it that, has taken a huge unrecoverable blow in our eyes.

Although this battle started back in 2006-07 with the split of the party from then member Darrin Hodges, it appeared that the battle had been won and the world had moved on. After their failed attempt to move the party from a hard-line nationalist position to a hard-line party of crypto conservatives, the leaders of this putsch created the Australian Protectionist Party. This party was seen for what it was, and failed in all attempts to garner support. All it managed to do was to slow down the progress of Australia First, who wasted nearly five years putting down the APP's incessant attacks. 

The Australia Protectionist Party, sensing defeat, had its own little night of the long knives and re-merged as Nick Folkes' Party For Freedom. The PFF were left to their own devices, which proved to be a big mistake on the part of the AFP. Thanks to the global 'war on terror' and the ever increasing threat of Islamic terror attacks in Australia, PFF found themselves in a position to cash in on the paranoia that exists today. In January this year, the animosity that had been quietly fomenting between AFP and PFF increased. First it appeared on Stomfront's 'down under' forum; perpetuated by a new vanguard of Hollywood Nazis called Squadron 88. The provocations were immediately seen for what they were. The same old lies and tactics employed by the Australian Protectionist Party on the same forum were once again being rolled out against Australia First and its leader. This happened at a time when the then moderator of SFDU, who was sympathetic to the AFP, and who would have been wise to this charade, was shown the door for reasons that we don't want to touch.

This left the new moderator, who isn't even based in Australia, to try and understand what was going on; a difficult task at best, let alone with no idea of the history involved. So with this it was decided on mass that key figures would abandon these forums and let S88 die. This tactic worked and basically limited their attacks. It was a case of carry on without SFDU, and all was fine once again.

At the time it was widely known that the leader of S88 had been trying to sell his hardcore Hollywood Nazi circus all over Australia and New Zealand. It was also known that they not only had regular meetings with the Party for Freedom, but Nick Folkes was good friends with the leadership. As you would already know, we demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that this Hollywood Nazi club was just a front for the PFF. Every legit WN and NS group in Australia and New Zealand soon put them on notice and they vanished just as quick as they appeared.  But not before being rolled out for the media.

PFF leader Nick Folkes is a man for whom credibility doesn't answer the phone

Concurrently, Reclaim Australia had started to gain momentum. They grew so fast that even Nick Folkes was taken aback. Their anti-Islam rallies with ten or twenty hokey dingbats in attendance, were being overshadowed by the thousands now taking to the streets in disgust over Australia's absurd policy of aiding and abetting the spread of Islam in this country.

The PFF were so desperate to gain the numbers to ride the anti-Islam wave that they started inviting the now already disgraced members from S88 to bolster their demos. Much to the amusement of White nationalists across Australia, seeing the Star of David being waved around by the Party for Freedom with Hollywood Nazis truly offered the media a story, or so they thought. But all of this was ignored. 

So it was pointed out time and time again by this blog and Australia First that these Nazis going to the Rallies were Nick's lads. The dream of trying to get White nationalists to support his pissy little sideshow through S88 was a well recognised joke. The bait simply was not taken by any serious nationalist, and much was made out of this. 
Squadron 88's "Mark " at the front in his 30-degree bomber jacket, the ideal summer wear, actually lives with a member of Nick Folkes' Party for Freedom. Rent Free.

Yet, it only gets better. The rally held in Melbourne by the UPF and their growing number of supporters were also a threat to Nick, and by now, his controllers. On that morning when the bus waited to be filled with Aussies travelling to the Melbourne rally, more than just patriots were boarding. Included on the passenger checklist was Ross "The Skull" May, and his S88 cohorts. Ross May is infamous in Australian WN lore. Much has been made about Ross's relationship with Jim Saleam, which stretches back to the 1970s. This association has always been a persistent albatross around the collective neck of Jim and the AFP. But wouldn't you know,  Ross was being trotted out as S88's figurehead. 

Who was it that ushered him on the bus? Well, that was Nick "I hate Nazis" Folkes. Nick and his new BFF Ralph Cerminara later videoed Ross and Mark after pulling the bus over near Albury mid-morning and turfing them off into the freezing cold in the middle of nowhere. Nick and Ralph did this to show off their anti-Nazi credentials to a mass audience. However, two other S88 members were permitted to stay aboard and complete the journey. One of these is a Sydneysider named Clive. He is the inseparable buddy and neighbour of "Slasher", who is best described as a cross-between an acid-casualty and Davros. Slasher gets about Sydney in a disability scooter plastered with NS symbols. His mechanism is fully shot, and he persists in this life as a sort of failed medical experiment that nobody has had the heart to put out of its misery.
A much more handsome version of Sydney 'Nazi' freak show attraction Slasher
If only Nick's parents had used one of these.
Nick Folkes exploring the erotic possibilities of his anus with the help of an Arab flag.
Party for Israel.
Howard Crawford (L, middle row) the Liberal party muckraker behind Nick Folkes, with Mark of S88, and Clive.

All of his business was well-known in nationalist circles. And yet Andy Fleming, his Antifa droogs, along with the mainstream media, managed to overlook these salient aspects of what was a significant news item with highly evasive skills. However, this was not surprising, as everyone has been watching the rise of the UPF, and lost sight of the side players.

And now to the ‘that’ video, released today by Nick “I hate all Nazis except S88” Folkes… Four years ago, for reasons known only to him and the devil himself, Jim and his entourage decided to pay Slasher a visit. The equivalency of this act would be like David Duke popping in to have a beer with me. However, what’s done is done, and the alcohol-fuelled spirit of that video is now impossible to convey in its rightful context, given the setting, and the poor choice of company. In effect, it amounts to Jim Saleam’s political death. Jim will release his own video, explaining what transpired and coming back with his counter claims – which will expose much of the hypocrisy surrounding the Judas Goat Nick Folkes – but for Jim the damage is beyond repair, at least to the mind of this humble blogger.

This video, which has passed from Slasher’s phone, allegedly to an S88 member (Clive) and back to Folkes (another indication of the company Folkes keeps while crying loudly with his mate Ralph Cerminara about how they hate “Nazis) is not only a death blow to Jim, but for the time being, nationalist politics also. Nick Folkes will NEVER be let off the hook for this gross act of betrayal to White Australia, and yet race betrayal is something that Nick is a master at. But now he has sabotaged a party that has struggled against the very odds to defend the idea of Australian independence. In the meantime, using an Aussie flag like a hypnotist’s watch, Folkes has been able to lull the even weaker minds that surround him into a cabal claiming to be patriots, but who are only really patriotic to the state of Israel, through their associations.

Clive fancies himself as a national socialist. Well, he’s really earned his party badge with this act. He handed the death of a nationalist party to the Zionists as if he was giving away a cigarette.

Of course, Jim Saleam cannot be excused for keeping company with the very individuals he knew to be treading between both worlds. It shows a puzzling lack of judgement on his part, and a disastrous choice of consorts. Hollywood Nazis that hang with race traitors that support the very Israel that S88 were once infamously handing out flyers opposing are obviously not the greatest allies to take into your confidence.

This is how things play out in the toxic waste-pit called Sydney where exhibits in a freak show are more reasonable than the social cripples which inhabit what passes for nationalism in that state.

Clive (R) -- the NS skinhead who allegedly helped the Jews cripple nationalism. Perhaps all that heat from wearing a bomber jacket in 30-degree heat out in Sydney's west finally broiled what was left of his brain.

Just to add insult injury, we can't help but note with irony how these kosher clowns used the 92nd anniversary of Hitler's coup d'├ętat, commonly known as the Beer Hall Putsch, to carry out their sabotage of Australian Nationalism. Those funny Jews, always with the jokes.

In closing we would like to say the following things. If by some miracle Australia First survives this PR disaster and rises from the ashes like a Phoenix, we pray it doesn't rise out of the toxic soup of nationalism that is the Sydney scene. We hope those who stay and fight with the embattled leadership can affect real change and drag Australia First out of the 1980s mindset; becoming more relevant for the new up-and-coming nationalists who will grow in numbers over the following years. 

We know Jim will fight until the bitter end and most likely outlive us all like a nationalist Keith Richards. As for ourselves, we will continue to fight the good fight in exposing the enemy who has had a hand in this sustained attack. But we are realists. 

Up until today we saw signs of progress. But we simply don't have another three years to spare. Nick Folkes' Party For Diversity Minus-Islam, will be swallowed up by Liberty Alliance and other spin offs from the Reclaim movement. It has been apparent that they were never in this for any other reason but to sideline White nationalism. Let them drift away like a turd in the ocean, but put them on notice! Their day will come one way or another; the past ten years of treachery will hit them like a brick in the face. When the back-slapping and high-fiving has finished, some time down the road, they will be paid-back ten-fold. I know, as I will be there to see it. 

In the meantime, let's look forward to 2016 and start taking ground back. I wish AFP and my mate Jim the best of luck. I have a feeling they will battle on, just not with us at their side. It's time for some positive nationalism, far removed from the mess that always flows out of the nationalist rabble of Sydney. We strive for greener pastures, far removed from the kosher clowns and their pantomime theaters in suburban Sydney. 

We have held back this article, waiting for Jim to upload the video reply he made the night before Folkes floated the footage from Slasher's.We are sure that Jim will have a lot more to say on this on this topic in coming weeks.

We will keep you posted.


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