Monday, November 02, 2015

Nick Folkes and the koshers plant their Israeli flag in Aussie nationalism

In an unprecedented show of embarrassing lack of impulse control, the man who would be fuhrer of Australian nationalism for Israel, Nick Folkes, has once again tried his best to fuck the thing he pretends so hard to be all about.

Nick, who has the emotional age of a threenager with Asperger’s, spat the dummy big time at Australia First Party chairman Dr Jim Saleam after Jim called Nick out for being a parasite in the bloodstream of Australian nationalist politics. Nick has a long history of screwing up the nationalist scene with his kosher antics, but now, apparently, with the zapping of a magic powder and few Yiddish spells, nationalism in Australia IS a Jewish thing.

That’s right — Australian nationalism is anti-Islam, and if you’re not anti-Islam, then you’re a Nazi Moslem. And so says a man who confuses patriot with nationalist and calls himself both.

Yes, Jim Saleam is a “fake patriot”, whatever that means. It must mean that by not supporting Israel, condemning multiculturalism full stop, and putting Australia first and foremost, he is not a true Zionpatriot.

Yes, Nick and logic are like peanut butter and toothpaste: naturally alien to one another. But then Nick is a walking, drooling, knuckle-dragging example of what is happening to nationalist politics in Australia: it has devilishly become subverted by the very people that it exists to oppose — the Zionists.

This is why Nick had friends like this chiming in on his Facebook posse with unbelievably straight-faced comments from kosher characters like David Adler, who posted, “Thanks for drawing attention to this character and the issue generally. This type do damage and credibility of those supporting broadly good Australian values and fighting to protect this wonderful country from Islam.”

Oy vey! And here he is with his best mate TONY ABBOTT. Yes, you can’t get more nationalist than being a Jewish man supporting Tony “here’s 12,000 Syrians for ya” Abbott.

Yep. You heard it straight from the Rabbi’s mouth. Australian values need validating by their adherence to Jewish influence. But then, what about Howard Crawford, the Liberal party creep behind Marcus “Trust me, I’ll stop the mosque” Cornish. Crawford opposes Nazism so badly that here he is sitting next to two members of Squadron 88, with whom he had spent much time.

You might remember Squadron 88 from their adventures in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, distributing “anti-Semitic” flyers in Malcolm Turnbull’s very own seat. Yes, this is the man who posted in support of Nick’s condemnation of Jim “the fuhrer” Saleam.

Nick calls himself a nationalist after having two children with an Asian woman. Erm, the path to saving Australia does not rest in breeding out every recognisable strand of Aussie DNA, Nick. Then again, Nick also protested against the White Genocide of South Africans. Yes, a man who murders his own racial bloodline and hates “white supremacists” is ready to throw his all in for White South Africans.
But then again, here below is Nick's team at Sydney's last Reclaim rally protesting on another nationalist issue in the hopes of stealing members to his non-registered micro-party. Yes, he has Asians protesting against Chinese ownership. You know it makes sense.

Here are some final words of wisdom Nick posted today on his page as he lambasted Jim Saleam for not being a true kosher patriot. Oh,.. and before we forget, here’s a sterling quote on that very page from that very same Nazi Howard Crawford is mates with. If you can understand a word of it, you win Sydney Harbour Bridge. Roll the Benny Hill theme:

Tyler Winchester
 I have rearly lost faith in it all for the time being. Lesson of the day is if you don't Like the hooked nose crowd and other undesirables keep it to your self and go with the patriot anti Islamic movement. Certain groups are closed and something more mainstream is in the way. If things get truly big other elements. Can be put in place. But as for saleam I had put up unesponded like nick with lies and slander

Nick Folkes Nationalism existed long before Hitler came into power. No doubt the Treaty of Versailles was way too harsh on the German people. Trust the French to push for total annihilation of German finances. I don't blame the German people of today, they are our brothers and sisters fighting the same evil political establishment and Islamic invasion. Hitler should made fought the failed ideology of communism but instead it became a war of eugenics.
3 · 19 hrs
Oh, Nick. You really have the makings of a historian.

Nick Folkes
 Indeed, Western Europe is just collapsing due to the third world invasion. This scenario is not sustainable. The Eastern Europeans still understand identity and church better than their western counterparts.
1 · 18 hrs


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Noachideous said...

Two World Wars were fought for the benefit of jew israel in 1948, by design and with malice aforethought. Grave pissing jews of both the 'left' and the 'right' continue with their deceptive and courageously caring shit despite this verifiable fact being openly acknowledged by cabala kikes.....

The jew seeks to have the racial European world fight another in the Middle East, this time for greater israel. It neatly explains bnaibrith jew advocacy for millions of 'refugees' into the racial European world.

The jew state is nourished with the blood of others... It should be left to wither on the vine.

War inciting filthe like Dr Andre Ebola of the and likely bnaibrith subset, might consider picking up a rifle, moving to the middle east, and fighting his own war....