Sunday, November 01, 2015

Oh The Anarchy!

One Hundred Years Of Resistance. Destroyed in Two Minutes and Fifteen Seconds.
More To Come.


Anonymous said...

Check out Shermon's (GAP) Facebook page. He's just declared war on Australia First and Jim Saleam. He's in for a whole world of shit, now. GAP is out of UPF for his idiotic quitting over a bit of heat from a mole, are AF still good with UPF?

Whitelaw Towers said...

I am not aware of Shermon attacking AFP or Jim Saleam, that said does it matter? He is simply speaking for Kosher Conservatives. They steal Nationalists policy and beliefs and contribute nothing back to us, only to them. I think the latest article published today should be able to explain Nationalists relationships with the UPF. Shermon is speaking for Nick Folks and Nick speaks for Multi Racial Australia, with no Islam. Personally I think leaving them alone and focusing on who we are is more important. But Nick could do with a slap, but thats always been the case.If you have any idea of history of White Nationalism in Australia over the last decade, you would understand the damage he and his friends have done. They say WN and NS folk in Australia are wrecking the movement, hell it is our movement to start with. It is they who are watering it down to be accepted. Let them try, my principles and that of my fellow Nationalists are not going to be compromised. Its times like this we need to simply stay the course and prepare to take advantage on any situation we can take advantage of. My belief on this suggests saying nothing is better than making a noise. Its all interesting times ahead and all of it can go to shit at any second.

Anonymous said...

Yes, been following this scene since Cronulla. I noticed the defamatory post has been from his page. Good boy. He was in danger of becoming the next Baron Von Hund.

I agree with you 100%, I read the "three stooges" article by Dr Jim and while elements are true, I think AF is best agreeing to disagree with them, not antagonising them into such retaliation. GAP and Reclaim have managed to mobilise the biggest actual street rallies of any nationalist movement (not counting One Nation public meetings in 1997) and get ordinary, yes mums and dads out on the streets to face not only the ZOG media but their violent useful idiots of the far left. The best thing is not to antagonise, but to educate people at these rallies about who is really behind the gestation of all these terror groups, who opened the borders of Europe, USA and Australia. Ten years ago I was a vocal supporter of Israel. Not now. But it took time and yes I was offended when people would talk about Zionism, but now I know better, but it IS a tough time once you have been unplugged as well.