Friday, November 06, 2015

Party for Freedom are the new Antifa

You Aussie Nationalist, you!
The hijinks and slapstick vaudeville employed by Party for Freedom and their clown-in-chief Nick Folkes only goes to prove accusations made by nationalists that his kosher unit exists only to hamper the nationalist movement in this country.


Rather than crusade against Islam, and save his Japanese wife and children from being forced to submit to Islam and wear a hijab, Folkes and his amateur cast of Fiddler on the Roof performers are investing every unit of their energy attacking Australia First Party chairman Dr Jim Saleam for being cruel enough to break the terrible truth to them that they are not nationalists.


Rather than organising a support demonstration outside the Russian Consulate General in solidarity with Putin and Russia’s pro-active role in Syria, they choose to take a sickie, and spend the arvo at Nick’s spraying up a banner defaming Jim Saleam.


Instead of jumping in the ute and gunning it down to Parramatta mosque and berating Islamic zealots, Nick sits behind his muggy computer, posting narky comments about Jim and snickering like a kid playing with its own faeces.


Nick’s followers are likewise a motley collection of science experiments gone wrong, and who are superbly befitting of membership in his feeble unregistered micro-party.


Jim has spent his entire life fighting for Australian nationalism, and has dealt with all manner of characters including Folkes throwing up every obstacle to his efforts and those of the loyal comrades who have stood by him over the years. His reward is to be smeared by a drongo whose devoted cabal worship a man who sticks condoms on his head and flags up his rectum. Perhaps it’s a party ritual of initiation: along with Friday night Jewish Sabbath round at Nick’s sheltered workshop come part-time synagogue.

George Jameson (L) left his Israeli flag at home for this one...

We now hear unconfirmed reports that Nick is planning to “out” Australia First Party members in a stunt that puts them at the bottom of the same manky barrel as Antifa. Named “Saleam’s Stooges”, to benefit from the wit of employing the “SS” insignia in their calumny, they wish to run pics with names and addresses of the party fold.


Now, what is it Nick wants? Is he merely a child throwing a tantrum and pushing it until it turns into something really ugly? Does he expect to somehow break the AFP and scoop up displaced members from its wreckage? Does he seriously believe that his Semitic-style salvos against the party will result in him becoming the king of the nationalist hill?


Firstly, Nick and PFF will never be the king of ANY hill. They do not even rest in the same category as the Australia First Party, which is nationalist. Party for Freedom are civic patriots and belong in the company of Reclaim Australia, the Liberty Alliance, Rise Up Australia and all those Zionist dickheads.


Secondly, when it comes to these third-tier parties and groups, Nick’s group will forever sit way at the bottom in terms of size and complement. They are NEVER going to be a sizeable force, just a kosher vanguard snatching up an inch of negative space here and there in the very mainstream media that despises them.


Thirdly, NICK IS NOT A NATIONALIST. It cannot be spelled out often enough. You cannot have a party aligned with a foreign state and consider it nationalist. You cannot procreate with Asians, alter the gene pool, and then try and call yourself a nationalist. Moreover, you cannot seriously expect to garner a nationalist following when you are anti- White nationalist, sympathetic to Israel, and are a party full of race mixers. Any more than a brick can grow wings and fly Party for Freedom can NEVER be nationalist. Someone ought to sit these duckies down in a classroom somewhere and make them all write it out a thousand times on the writing board.
This is the duality of life as a Party For Freedom nationalist


George Jameson (who appeared on the bridge with the banner claiming Jim Saleam is the "enemy of nationalism" can't seem to understand you cannot be nationalist when you're a Zionist agent.

PFF’s actions amount simply to trying to shut down nationalism and rebrand it for the race mixing koshers. They believe that true Australian loyalists are as water-headed as the special needs persons who make up their membership, and that they can sell them multiculturalism-minus-Islam and call it nationalism.


Nick, as you’re so fond of pointing out that you have a day job, it’s probably good advice to you not to give it up.


The Australia First Party is into serious nationalism. Their mission is an awesome task, not assisted by having sideshow hobos like Folkes trying to distract them. Folkes is so vile of character that there is no stunt too low that he will not stoop to — be it sharing intel with antis, outing nationalists, or defaming the party chairman.

And he can’t make his mind up: one moment Jim Saleam is a “Mossad agent” (lol) the next he is a “dangerous White supremacist” and “Nazi”.

Who knows? Certainly not Nick.

No, Nick does all his thinking with his mouth open, and he doesn’t do much thinking even when he does. In ten years from now, when the condoms have at last peeled away from his forehead, and the flag fallen out of his bum-hole, Nick will be left standing before his mixed-race family a comical figure with nothing to show but a lot of bad raps on the Internet.
If Nick's marriage goes sour, there's always another one a phone call away.

When his kids ashamedly look up at their idiot father, he’ll have to explain to them in Pidgin English what it all meant. That is when he’ll stick one thumb in his mouth, the other up his bum, and start prancing around like a dancing flamingo.

 Because some things will never change. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

While we're at it, let's take a little walk down Nick Folkes lane and meditate on what a marvellous leader he would make for this nation if every one of us voted for him. OK, get that Benny Hill theme cranking. Ladies and germs, I give you the one, the only, the indomitable, the incorrigible, that blast a minute dinky-di patriot NICHOLAS FOLKES. This is your political life.



Anonymous said...

Exactly how would Folkes get his hands in the AFP membership list, you think? Perhaps Hodges made a copy before he left?

Whitelaw Towers said...

We could only guess. But I suspect they have their own problems now with antifa doing the exact same thing to them. Membership lists are usually under lock and key and the only list he may have had access to would have been the ones he recruited. If they do carry out this attack it would more than likely just be people they already know. The Sydney Nationalist and Patriot scene is frankly, a basket case and honestly seems to get worse each year. Rumors and BS rule the streets down there with so many people with a foot in each camp all trying to be noticed. I think from this point on we should focus more on policy or lack of theirs, instead of making it so personal. It simply is just a waste of time having to respond to childish shit. Lets just see what the next few weeks brings us. Anyone with half a brain can see the Patriot groups are built on shaky foundations. Historical fact and facts in general escape them. One would imagine the punters can do their own research. Our beliefs and policy are built on fact and we have no need to lie to win the favor of the people. We dont depend on scare mongering we use fact, thats what makes us so dangerous.

Darrin Hodges said...

Nope, ive not had contact with them or anyone else for a few years

Whitelaw Towers said...

Long time no hear Dazza. Dont panic we wont be pushing any of this any further. Its a waste of time, moved on. We are not the same movement, its the people who simply cant make up their minds if they are Kosher or Non Kosher Nationalists that is the problem. But WLT is no longer playing its part in turf wars. The rest is history.

Whitelaw Towers said...

email at re papers.