Saturday, November 28, 2015

The States Red Hand.

Today is one of those days that just beggars belief. Although we have been telling people since 2005 that groups like the Socialist Alliance and Anti Racism NGO's work directly for the State, today will be all the proof you have ever needed. 

Considering Australia's biggest Union the "CFMEU" (the strong arm of the Australian Labor Party) is being called upon time and time again to support and bolster the limp wrested left.  One can only suggest the problem is bigger than you think. Hell the only person missing from this is Lenin.

The above pictures from the last counter Reclaim Rally held in Brisbane early this month. Again undeniable proof that the Labor Party thugs the CFMEU, are heavily involved in assisting Anarchist in the violent silencing at times of the working class in this country.

CFMEU thugs attack citizens legally demonstrating in Brisbane. Disgraced CFMEU official, stand over man and violent felon Luke Collier. Pictured in the black cap foreground, attacking Nationalists with other CFMEU members in high viz, Brisbane 2014.

So its of no surprise that the Violent Anarchist gangs such as "No Room For Racism"  will be defending the State Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews today. Along with silencing political decent, they are protecting the State set agendas the majority are being FORCED to accept. Just no guns at this stage. So much for Democracy!

In the video above that spurred on today's protest. The Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews clearly ignores all the evidence of violence from the Left, then goes onto blaming and petty name calling of Patriots for using their right to free speech. Blaming them for violent counter rally's carried out by the very same groups he protects and refuses to condemn.  Using his position in public office to attack every day Australians simply because they have chosen to protect their Country, Heritage and culture from Progressive Nation Wreckers as seen above.
Red Left hand.

So today's demo has nothing to do with Racism, Religion or bigotry. Its a reaction to the Premiers video made early this week. It is purely political. So who do you think is turning up to shield the Labor Premier from critical voices? Keep in mind this has nothing to with Islam, Racism or Fascism. The Anarchist,the CFMEU, the Marxists and of course the Communists. And you wonder why the guys from the UPF are taking it to the streets. 

 It all makes for very, very interesting New Year.

This from Andy Fleming, the guy who hasn't stepped away from behind his keyboard for over 10 years. This from the guy who the State protects.


Anonymous said...

As UPF member Dennis Huts said in a video "we are the true anti-establishmentarians"

Has anyone thought of going to the Russian embassy as a show of support? That would really piss them off!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. More Russian flags at these things, the left hates Putin for criminalising the propagation of sodomite propaganda.