Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Time To Rejoin The Flock.

Once again it would appear we are at another turning point in the evolution of Australian Nationalism, dare I say White Nationalism world wide. You could say its our "happy time" and rightfully so. 

Trying to get a grasp or an understanding of the new emerging groups and personalities in 2015 has truly been a minefield. Once forgotten ineffective groups of Kosher Patriots and agent provocateurs are saying the exact same thing. The fact that they have been trying to establish serious relationships with Patriotic groups who have grown enormously over the past 10 months has been noted.

What have we, the White Nationalists been doing? Well we have left channels of communications open if needed and taken up a strategy of observation. Hence we are constantly flooded with requests of who should we support, who should we trust? In a nutshell keep your powder dry and always trust in a group who has represented you the best. That group would be for in Australia, the Australia First Party. 

The Australia First Party has always had our back, like it or not.  They have never backed away from their hard line Nationalism. Nor have they attempted to change what they are to cash in on the popularity of the new kids on the block. They put principles ahead of popularity. At the same time they have also encouraged Nationalists to take part in the popular uprising. An uprising that is currently being waged by groups and members of the UPF. All be it from a distance and in a strict hands off approach. 

We have discouraged the Hollywood Nazis from joining in on these activities and drawn a line in the sand marking the extent of our support. Yet the Kosher Patriots who have attempted to latch onto groups like Reclaim and the UPF, have done the exact opposite. Not only have the Hollywood Nazis predictably joined forces with the Kosher Patriots from the very start. But the Kosher Patriots now usurp our beliefs to appease the weak Nationalist without a home. Thats ok with us, keep them all in the same box.

Interestingly the year started with the murder of White Nationalist forums such as Storm Front Down Under. The killer, Nick Folkes and his merry band of Romper Stomper Nazis from Squadron 88. It was decided after seeing the same disruption and infiltration tactics of 2004-2010, that it was best to walk away and prepare for the real fight. Not wasting time on professional Kosher Klowns has given us the opportunity to observe these weak individuals in the open.

The same Hollywood Nazis who early this year showed up in 30+ degree heat, dressed like British Skinheads in the middle of winter. The same people who pushed a hard line Skinhead theme on Storm Front Downunder, have shown us what we always knew. They are simpletons at best and total frauds at worse. Seeing them now minus the 80's Skin Head clobber, now sharing the table with miscegenationist, Zionist Christians and Right Wing Jews, is no surprise at all.

So now is the time to rejoin the Australia First Party. Be it by joining the Party, or simply helping out your local AF group. Support the Party that has been tirelessly working behind the scenes to represent your beliefs and your identity. Come back to the fold and stand as one. Keep up the fight where ever you are but also help us put ourselves in a position so that we may exercise our voice along with the Patriotic movement sweeping the Nation. Dont let Kosher Nationalism be your next master. Inactivity is death, Benito Mussolin.




Anonymous said...

Is Nationalism synonymous with White Survival?

Is there a war on Australians or a war on whites in Australia?

I'd be interested in your thoughts as I'm new to all this.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Yes, but I personally believe no as Nationalism can paint you into a corner. There is a war on both. You can answer yes or no to both questions depending on your beliefs. My views on both have changed over the past 25 years and probably will change again. The survival of our people is what counts.

Noachideous said...

This was only recently posted by the religious extremist, jew bnaibrith filthe over at the OHPI...Their deceptive tentacles reach deep with the Australian government and its gullible, approval seeking goy functionaries.

It is another attempt to individuate the constituents that comprise racial nations.... The desired outcome is the elimination of all racial nations, so as to manufacture....shameless, deracinated.......'noahide' work unit.

There is always on the two faced jew, the professional aire of pious and pretentious 'courage to care'...

It is a another jew lie........ The jew merchant is known to lie as a marketing mechanism to have others purchase and internalise as 'truth' its faecal jew merchandise.

Anonymous said...

Would Blood & Soil be the right approach?I would imagine a true Nationalism has both aspects.

A white man's outlook in Canada will differ from the one in Australia. Even though they have the same ancestors. So Blood and Soil.

Any thoughts?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Are there any groups doing this type of thing? I would suspect all groups are doing there bit, I doubt to many brag about it, if they are serious. As Nationalism from Canada differs from Nationalism in Australia, the same can be said about groups in Australia. But the common theme must be our survival and stronger links with each other.