Thursday, November 26, 2015

Update! Part Two, Antifa and Anarchist agree.

I best explain to our international subscribers and casual travelers the above plug Andy Fleming recently posted. First you may not be aware of who Andy Fleming is. He has gone by a few names over the years. When we first came across Andy he was the co-founding  member of the now defunct anti racist terror gang called 'Fight Dem Back". Back then his name was simply @ndy Slackbastard. When he and his crew weren't blackmailing Nationalist he busied himself with stalking them online.

After the demise of FDB thanks to the illegal activities of his group and the general walloping they received from this blog, he decided to go it alone and promote his Slackbastard page. Initially he pulled his head in and stuck with the standard stuff pushing his Anarchist beliefs and generally making a fool of himself. Publishing total lies and seriously erroneous information. As a matter of fact the information he was publishing on the Australian Right was so outdated and factually flawed it was hard not to correct him. I guess looking back we probably should have.

Right up until the popularity of Golden Dawn took hold in Australian Nationalists circles, he was just about to walk away.  It all seemed so pointless. Running up to the  protest in 2014 by Australia First in Brisbane Andy, better known then as Slackbastard found  his passion again of passing on false and misleading information. By this time it was well known that he and his good friend Campbell Smith, AKA Cam Smith, AKA Dr Sexinhiemer were in fact feeding this bias and incorrect information openly with the Australian Federal Police and ASIO. They even admitted it by stating they have had to corrected their information on many occasions. His rhetoric had hit fever pitch by time the AF demo had materialized. 

Using his position on the  government funded left wing radio station 3CR. Andy not only fabricated a whole complete falsity of what the demo was about, he also claimed that people attending were anti Union and supporters of one of the most corrupt and arrogant Premiers that has ever held a position in the Queensland Government.  By doing this he mobilized his mates in the CFMEU.

By now Andy had to have a real name so he could sell his poison to the media. In walks Andy Fleming. This guy has since been used time and time again by Main Stream Media as an expert source on the Far Right of Australia. Yet he never reveals his real name.

With the rise of Reclaim, Andy was well and truly placed by his friends at the top as the expert on all things Right of the Liberal Party. In fact every reporter who has written anything about Reclaim, UPF or the Far Right (totally different animal) seeks his council and allows his lies to go to print or air unquestioned. His lies are constantly sourced and never investigated but always put forward by left wing reporters.

So we have a bomb throwing self confessed Anarchist supporting Islamic groups. Islamic Groups and individuals he has attempted on many occasions to radicalize into attacking Nationalist and Patriots on his behalf. This guy has been behind every violent counter demo held against Patriots and the Far Right since the Golden Dawn Rally in 2014 . Believe me when I say, this is a very short analysis of this self confessed Anarchist Jew.

Now he is once again using the Australia Broadcast Corporation the ABC, another solely Government funded media source to spread his lies. This guy who goes by an assumed name with no credentials at all besides the above, will have the ear once again of the Australian public. I think we should all be concerned about that. 

But Andy Fleming would be nothing without the support he receives from his network of fellow travelers deeply embedded in the media and the State. He is so well protected that warnings have been given on two occasions from Australian Intelligence of the sever consequences that will befall any individual who actually puts a real name to this agent. 

So now we see how the state intends on spreading its agenda across this country. I think its everyone's duty to stay informed and be vigilant of these types of State Agents.   


Anonymous said...

Just listening to this cunt now. Can you put that voice to any of your suspects? Sounds quite Anglo, someone in their 40's, possibly someone from academia. Shit, British troops identified Haw Haw straight away in person. It is only a matter of time until this plague rat is flushed from the Melbourne sewers into broad daylight.

Anonymous said...

G'day Slackbastard!
He was born on the 9th of August, and he has indirectly posted his age in a blog post. He is between 42-44 years old. Honestly, he makes a habit of announcing his attendance at public events like an army herald blowing on his trumpet. His voice is quite distinctive, as you should know from listening to his interview-it is effeminate and high pitched. You can get a so-so general description of what he looks like- it really won't be hard for somebody to simply turn up to the next function he is attending and make a positive ID.
But this guy guards his identity jealously, as he is wise to do. No Alex Gollan-style public appearances, I think.

Anonymous said...

The shit that appeared in the ABC 7.30 Report, his body type looks a lot like James Hutchings, yes some middle aged spread fat shit, though I couldn't put that voice from the Adams program to it, but hell, you never know. Only thing for sure is that his gutless anonymity days are numbered, too many people after him now.