Thursday, November 19, 2015


Waleed Aly and his crypto Muzzie squeeze; another Moslem Media Muppet
I couldn’t help but notice the UPF’s post on their FB page challenging Waleed Aly to debate UPF confrère Philip Al Masry. This was in response to the Sunni Moslem former head of public affairs for the Islamic Council of Victoria’s pro-Islamic speech on the sucktacious hipster newstainment program The Project.

The self-serving spray from the Mohammedan Muppet, in which he dismissed ISIS as no big deal and suggested the greatest terror threat to Australia is Pauline Hanson, was championed all over the liberal establishment media. The ABC, The Guardian, Fairfax Media and all the other elite shapers of public opinion creamed their tranny-panties over Aly’s feelgood editorial about Islamic State and the massacre in Paris. They raved about this viral-global speech and just about put up the rainbow bunting.

Naturally, this ran afoul of the patriotic sensibilities of our mates at the UPF—and rightly so—which is how come they called Aly out to the ideological mat to pit his Sunni dogma against an unrepentant Aussie patriot.

The trouble is, on both sides of the now well-pronounced ideological divide created by the terror cult of Islam the focus is on the message. But Aly’s speech was not the message, the message was Waleed Aly himself.

Now, ask for a minute, what the fuck is the media? Is it good, is it bad, does it have it right, does it have it wrong? You’ll come away with answers, but all of them will miss the point that the media is a corporate entity. A fine documentary from many years back titled The Corporation (Zeitgeist Films, 2003) addressed the subject of corporate practises as though the corporation itself were an individual person. They applied the diagnostic criteria of a celebrated professor of psychology who advises the FBI and found that the corporation exhibited all the signs of a psychopathic personality.

Fairfax, News Corps, CBS, CNN, you name it they are corporations with no human empathy but merely a desire to drive ratings and make enormous profits for their shareholders. But they have also served a traditional political purpose, too, and that is to uphold the narrative of the government and the system which it supports.

Waleed Aly IS multiculturalism, and right now multiculturalism is on the ropes because of Islam. But the same way that France won’t do the only logical thing to avoid the inevitable societal breakdown by getting out of the Middle East and taking the Middle East the fuck out of France, we won’t either. So we need then to have Islam repackaged and sold to us via a friendly good-humour man, and that salesman is Waleed Aly. He IS diversity personified; he IS Islam; erudite, charming, intelligent and entertaining (well, Islam is the opposite of all those things, but you get the drift) and no threat at all. Not like that diabolical Pauline Hanson and her hordes of suicide bombers.

Like we nationalists always say, don’t bother with the symptom, take a surgeon’s scalpel and go right to the cause. In this case, it is the same thing. To take down Waleed, one has to take down the whole stinking system that is feeding him. When that system goes down it takes Islam and everything else with it. The entire apparatus that beams Waleed's poo-stick head into living rooms all around the country, is the same system that is trading Australia away for the eternal shekel, which is the alternate currency and idol of everything carnal and venal.  Waleed embodies the very deception of this system; and there is no debating either of them.


Anonymous said...

Waleed the multicultural muppet dispensing the halal version of the yada yada, polishing the turd and singing kumbaya.

He is our own Australian version of 'hug me, I'm Muslim.'

One thing I will say for Waleed, he can at least read the teleprompter and deliver the political correctness and the semitic correctness with a straight face. Is he perhaps a droid?

All the Blather Heads on The Project censored the abundance of WTC 7 Effects that surrounded the Nov 13 operation. Waleed, of course, wouldn't know the WTC 7 Effect if he himself was the Blather Head reading the destruction report live in front of the still standing WTC 7.

Even the muppet news acknowledges the WTC 7 Effect (@ 0.49 mins).

Anonymous said...

Have always hated this slimy turd apologist for Islamic terrorism. That sow wife of his, mudshark traitor slut.

Anonymous said...

Savour this, goyim. Susan Carland (Waleed's wife and a solid 10) is the poster girl for mixed marriage and white Australian, post Christian female conversion to Islam.

Susan apparently went on her existential quest when she was about 17 years old: "Umm. Do I believe what I do because I think it's true or is simply because this is what I was raised to believe?"

Having been raised in an "open Christian household" she wanted to know what to believe. Now there's your typical "open Christian household" for you. She looked into every religion except Islam because the prejudgices of her "open Christian household" had let her to believe it wasthis "sexist, outdated, barbaric religion that no sensible person (especially a woman ) would have anything to do with".
Watch on live jihadi cam the American Muslims stone the Christians in Dearborn MI
Every single one of these 'migrants' would be on the whole swag of welcome benefits that the average American working three jobs could only dream about.

Enter Walid, you old smoothy, who convinced the lovely Susan there is nothing barbaric and sexist about Islam, esp with all the perks of wifedom to a Muslim tvceleb who fronts the yada yada for the political program being imposed on the Australian people by the Oz political elite: ZOG wars for Greater Israel in the ME, the strength of diversity, multiculturalism, gaystopo faggotism, etc and etc.

Phil Al Masry said...

It wasn't the UPF that called Waleed using my name. It was me- I also created a video to go along with it. Check out my page: