Wednesday, November 18, 2015

War On Terror, full steam ahead.

You simply must take the time and watch this video.


Anonymous said...

So I watched that Gearoid O Colmain interview on RT.
So ISIS were set up by Israel? Why aren't more Nationalists pushing this?
And what should we really think about Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad?

Anonymous said...

The Eastern Christian Patriachs are on public record that Bashar al-Assad's government has protected the historic Christian churches of Syria

That is why even globalist widget and little schmukey Obama did not dare say otherwise to their delegation to Washington.

The reason why ZOG wants to regime change the Assad gov't is because Syria was one of the nations mandated for termination by Israel - as it stands in the way of the Greater Israel Project. You know as in "Land, lots of land under starry skies above. Don't fence me in". That project.

Assad is an ophthamologist for crying out loud.
General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned 7 nations in 5 years. Clark was formerly supreme NATO Command. He injects the dysinfo that the 7 nations in 5 years war is about oil and maybe that was the coverstory. The weapons of mass destruction, WMD isn't going to fly so they have to come up with something else.

With Assad - the story is that he's gassing Yahzidis, persecuting Christians, kebab borading moderate terroists and running the Jews. [ See Borat - the running of the Jews ]

This is the yada yada in all the controlled msm and its on all channels 24/7/365 in Oz.