Saturday, December 05, 2015

Antifa goes anti-Islam... and it makes about as much sense as anything they do

Those lovable ice-freaks wrapped in their uniform face coverings have become an inevitable fixture wherever Australian patriots gather to oppose the harsh strictures of Islamic fundamentalism which are only as far away as the nearest Moslem community.

Antifa comes to oppose these rallies and beat up on old people, on the grounds of “working class solidarity” (yeah, we know, like there is even a single Antifa gainfully employed outside of a needle exchange) and yet, it seems that the latest telex from the Antifa head-rats’ nest is fundamentalist Islam is BAD, m’kay?

Did these nit-magnets suddenly run out and join Reclaim Australia? Seriously, we’ve always known Antifa is a glass shy of a goon, but to come out with this poster spotted by one of our intrepid WLT scouts while out and about in the Babylonian Republic of Sydney proves that the earth is now spinning around another sun.

Take a look, and if that doesn’t say, “No God, No State, No Caliphate, Armed Struggle Against All Forces of Reaction” then we’ll eat a peanut butter and toothpaste sandwich.
But, wait a minute!
No kidding, we’ll have to give them Danny Nalliah’s number because these history book revolutionaries are ready to go full-on Anti-halal. Perhaps there is even a name change in store. In fact, it all makes sense with the invocation of Danny’s name because as the head minister-rabbi of Catch the Fire ministries he and God have teamed up for some classic miracles such as bringing four people back from the dead, and turning dog biscuits into lamingtons. He even convinced the big cheese to make him a dinky-di Aussie, and it totally worked because we can’t spot any difference between him and Paul Hogan.

His latest miracle appears to be converting Antifa to anti-Islam and it’s a beaut. So, our work is done, because Danny and God will handle all the nationalist stuff from hereon. We’d just be getting in their way.

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