Friday, December 11, 2015

Australia’s Zionist media and nationalism: a comparison in values

Plug in your brain, goyim!
This media that condemns us nationalists — and those centre-right phonies from the civic patriot movement — one would imagine comports themselves with morals that would please Jesus if he happened to click on their site.

But if we take a brief look at a single morning’s front page stories from the site of News Corps’ free access page we can see just the kind of salacious, mucky fare that this clickbait driven media-whore trades on. In one morning we have

·        An invisible super-bug is going to infect the world

·        Greedy pharmaceuticals CEO buys a rare ‘Wu-Tang Clan’ album for a whole lot of money

·        Mythical Internet social justice vigilantes ‘Anonymous’ troll Islamic State

·        Bogus propaganda about North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and a “hydrogen bomb”

·        How America’s gun culture “has truly gone mad”

·        Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo admits to “personal problems”

·        Confessions of a cyber-dominatrix

·        Ex-Neighbours star snatches back son in a Malaysian diner

·        The man with the “one-inch penis”

·        Teen terror-suspect (yawn) “radicalised”

·        Cronulla commemorative rallies threaten Australia’s essential multicultural harmony, AND

·        Muhammad Ali, who now has mashed potatoes for brains and is a full-on spastic, “rips into Donald Trump”

This is your uncle. Think what he tells you to

The few hard news items are sprinkled sparsely through this lurid cesspit of voyeurism are likewise calibrated to appeal to politically moderate appetites. The rest is, like the ghastly Daily Mail, celebrity junk and newsfotainment that if read often enough will lower your IQ to dementia-levels and give you herpes.

So, if this is a reflection of the society that the forces behind this purveyor of softcore porn anti-intellectual bog-wrap wish to shape for us we must compare the inherent values that we can extrapolate from this sample of what poses for news in the Babylonian Republic of Asian Australia.


News.corps says that

·        Greed is good and we all want to be filthy rich and take a massive dump on the rest of the world from a very great height

·        Panicking your readership with scary stories about imminent plagues is good for business

·        Faceless vigilantes are defending western liberal values on the same Internet that brought you this cultural poison

·        America should be disarmed so that the state can control every facet of its citizens’ lives

·        Kinky sex sells

·        The lives of celebrities are so much more interesting than our own mediocre existence

·        A man has a small dick and we should all laugh at him

·        Multiculturalism is the most important thing in this country, more important than jobs, natural resources, the environment and national security

·        Terrorists are good people who really just need a hug so that they can get on with the good job of contributing to multiculturalism which is the most important thing in this country, more important than jobs, natural resources, the environment and national security

·        Donald Trump is bad because he represents White America and Mohammad Ali is good because he is a black man
This is news, goyim, this is what you must read about every day without fail!

Meanwhile, as nationalists we truly ARE the scum of the earth because we would want

·        No multiculturalism so that there would be nothing to ‘radicalise’ Arab teens who wouldn’t be here in the first place, and Cronulla could be remembered as a good thing

·        We would support our homegrown scientists so that they’d be on that superbug’s arse and we wouldn’t have to scare readers by unnecessarily going on about it

·        Pornography would be expunged from society so that this degenerate Jew-invented “cyber dominatrix” would have to fuck off to Israel where she belongs and we can foster a healthy, normal family unit

·        Celebrities would be true national heroes whose deeds and valour deserved to be shared and aspired to

·        The poor bloke with the dinky dong would be spared the public humiliation by our censors

·        Greed would be viewed as the Zionist -disease it is

·        Opinions of low-IQ blacks would be deported to Africa where they belong so that the suffering, burdened and vilified White culture could prosper and this time without the Jew-imported parasites there to eat it from the inside-out.
This is an example of degenerate nationalist art that will kill you and destroy multiculturalism, goyim. You must take the hammer to it yourselves, for the sake of people of colour!




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