Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Cronulla and how the media took the Lebs' side

Listen up, goyim -- this here video is a lie, do you understand? You should  not even be considering watching it because there is beer to drink and sports on Foxtel. Seriously, goyim, you should be picking out a nice new dress for your two-year-old son to wear after he undergoes that gender reassignment we've been pushing for you to get him for so long. You are not only racist but still stuck in your binary-gender discriminatory ways.
This video tells a lie about Australia's media, which only wants to point out how racist and closeted Australian attitudes remain. That was evident during the appalling riots in Cronulla where innocent Lebanese gangsters were targeted because of their ethnicity and a few slight differences they had assimilating with Aussie beach culture. It was YOUR fault they had those differences, goyim, because you never learned to become multicultural. So don't blame the media for constantly having to remind you what bigoted demons you are. Learn to THANK them.
That's the way, goyim, thank them and switch off. Stop thinking about this stuff. You're not so great as it happens. You're a bad race of people and that's why you need multiculturalism. You need to learn that black men make better lovers and sportsmen; that black women are sassy and not to be disrespected; that Asians are heaps smarter at maths and don't complain about stuff; that Indians are deeply spiritual people and Arabs have the best and most peaceful religion on earth.

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