Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dr Rob Sparrow "You're the voice" of Andy Fleming: Gotcha!

Andy Fleming is dead. The search is over. The cynics will argue, “But you’ve said this so many times before”. They will inevitably ask, “Are you REALLY sure?” Meanwhile, the other side will predictably protest, “That’s NOT Andy! You're just silly nutzis! You’re about to endanger a good man’s career!” To ALL of that we say, “Yarblockos! Big bolshy yarblockos to thee and thine.” And of course we’d be speaking Nadsat, the teenage argot created by author of A Clockwork Orange, Anthony Burgess, and we are free to do so because…

Yep, just because.

See, the indefatigable investigative crew of Whitelaw Towers Detective Agencies ™ have had our work done for us by a good old fashioned whistle-blower (by the way, a big THANKS to that anonymous person). The search ended with a private message to our chairman. Thereafter a certain self-seeking nitwit got hold of a piece of evidence and was wrongly accredited with its discovery (by himself, eh GAP) but that’s irrelevant because the important thing is that the message gets out there. Still, Shermon Burgess, you're a self-promoting dill who has taken credit for something that wasn't yours to take credit for.

Andy is no more. There is only Rob Sparrow
Here then, we offer our first piece: the VOICE comparison.

And thus, the differences between the two voices are simply the fact that on JJJ Sparrow is talking via telephone and then being broadcast over air, while on the other he is directly in a studio...

It is the same person, NO question. And if you WOULD question, then you're up against the unlikely margin of magical universe probabilities. For instance, this Sparrow comes from a militantly leftist family with a brother who's an anarchist writer that just happens to be mates with Andy Fleming’s former partner Cam Smith; he writes leftist screeds; and he’s rabidly quoted by his online persona in the shape of the crew he has manning the ‘Andy Fleming’ persona of Slackbastard.

Sparrow even ADDRESSED THE MELBOURNE ANARCHIST CENTRE. We have him here, in Melbourne, with his poofy ear-rings, and then we have Andy, in Melbourne, a militant anarchist… And now for the final ‘coincidence’ they just happen to sound EXACTLY THE SAME. Hmmmmm.

How do you think a BLOGGER like Andy ever got to be a much-quoted and interviewed source in the first instance? Do editors of major news organisations generally have their stories attributable to anonymous non-achievers posting on the sub-ether of the Internet on the matter of subterranean politics? NO, they DON’T.

Do FRENCH ACADEMICS co-author academic texts with non-peer reviewed non-academics? NO THEY DON’T. Do celebrated journalists and authors typically hang out with unpublished, unaccomplished nobodies simply because they happen to like the cut of their political jib? NO THEY DON’T.

Thus, the rest is irrelevant. Andy is dead and finished as far as we on the Aussie Nat Right are concerned. But things are about to get mighty hot for Dr Robert Sparrow, who must now answer for his double life as a political agitator to his Monash University superiors. And sucked so very much in, Robert Sparrow and Co, because you’ve ruined so many lives in your quest to crush an alternative discussion on politics in this country.

And we shall NEVER forget, or forgive.


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Anonymous said...

You are sooooo f#@k now! No amount of lying or back peddling can get you out of this!

Anonymous said...

Well well well, nice to finally meet you rob sparrow!

Anonymous said...

G'day rob sparrow! You mongrel, you have blood on your hands mate!

Anonymous said...

Major butt hurt for the looney left! GOTCHA!

Anonymous said...

Remember those Aus First members bashed in Qld by your CFMEU pals, Andy Pandee? We havent forgotten. now weve got a face to put to the scumbag that pulled their strings

Anonymous said...

lol Andy.....but sherman burgess that figures hes always been a c*nt

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Anonymous said...

The voice, yes perhaps, but JEFF Sparrow more likely to be the actual writer

Either way, these little birdies, Jill, Jeff and Rob all on a wire now.

Whitelaw Towers said...

We believe it's probably a collaborative effort. But yes. All on a wire.

Anonymous said...

Think maybe that Socialist Jeff uses the Anarchist Slackbastard/Fleming identity to attacks the Nationalist movement with it while in reality he is truly a Socialist?

Jeff and Bob, what a pair of typical upper class champagne socialists, and their slut sister that started the terrorist organisation, Socialist Alliance. 2016 will be an interesting year. We've finally flushed these turds.

Anonymous said...

The fact that Slackbastard is silent on this one suggests to me there is something to this. He is often quick to deny such claims, but unusually silent on this.

Also, what are the odds of all 3 of these siblings being anti-white militant leftists. Do we know if they are members of the tribe?

Anonymous said...

Not to say they haven't been contaminated in the meantime, but the name Sparrow is of Anglo-Saxon origin.

It matters not.

The more I examine this problem, it seems to merely boil down to a battle between left and right wing.

You have scumbag Catholics in Toowoomba that paved the way for Sudanese and other undesirables in Toowoomba. Then you have Catholic Poles that rejected the Syrian invasion imposed by the EU, and the French Catholics supporting Front Nationale.

You have good atheists like Dawkings that oppose Islam as equally as Judaic Christianity, then you have other atheists that go out of their way to welcome Muslims.

You have scumbag Protestants that welcome and assist refugees and others that are not.

It just seems to boil down to a battle between the Conhead Left and the Nationalist right, a global Spanish Civil War.

I could never put that voice from the Phillip Adams program to James Hutchings, the last dead cert for @ndy. It was too Anglo sounding, but this Rob Sparrow, he is a definite match. I always suspected someone in academia; they were always quite erudite and well written to their credit, even though it was for a poisonous cause. Though I suspect that Rob Sparrow merely voices for Jeff Sparrow, and Jeff is the principal author of Slackbastard with cunts like Godino, Hutchings, Feregon and other providing support.

Anonymous said...

The left are unusually silent about this. Might just be something to it.

Anonymous said...

Why use a crappy voice recording of a phone call to try and match up his voice when there are crystal clear podcasts of his radio show on 3CR????

Whitelaw Towers said...

RE the recording, yes we have a crystal clear copy of one also, at the time we simply didn't have time to add it to the vid with New Year and holidays and such. But let them deny as we have only just started. The more the good Dr denies the sillier he looks. Unlike the left, the WLT team work and have families. Our families and paying the bills come first. Sad old camp Professors rate low even if it is Andy/Sparrow.

Anonymous said...

9.08 am and 6.24pm, don't forget the recent Phillip Adams show. Odd that Jeff leaves his brother to do the talking, the gutless cunt.

Anonymous said...

how old is he?

one of slackbastards earliest posts at

August 21, 2004
I moved house.
I turned 33.
I’m still slack.

Previous blog post was July 10 so can assume his date of birth is July - August 1971

historical check of the electoral rolls would confirm if he changed electoral areas around that time (possibly). getting sparrows date of birth would be excellent confirmation.

Anonymous said...

He was born on August the 9th. Type in Happy Birthday Slackbastard into google. He had a habit of wishing himself Happy Birthday for a couple of years. He is roughly 44 years old.
That sounds like a good strategy.
Like previously Aubury based tub-o'-guts Kieran Bennett, whose only real employment has involved working as a freaking debt collector for the ATO and a post-office clerk (check his linkedin profile), @ndy is exactly the sort of guy who would turn up to vote every three years. I suspect he is from the northern suburbs of Melbourne- try Brunswick first.

Anonymous said...

Those disgusting faggot earrings, look like multiple cockrings, very appropriate.

What a coward, not only hides and denies, really a socialist but hiding behind the fictitious identity of an anarchist to deflect heat from his own. Gutless cunt.

Anonymous said...

UPF will be at Toowoomba on 13/2/16.

Come protest in person, Jeff/Rob, rather than downplay its success on your pseudonymous website.

I fuckin' dare ya'

You've plenty of money from your publicly funded postilions.

Or will you depend as usual on the unwashed from UQ and USQ to do your dirty work?

Gutless parasite cunt.

Anonymous said...

It makes complete sense that Jeff Sparrow is the principal author of Slackbastard, as he already hosts a show on 3RRR, he would get his brother to do the talking on Father Bob and other radio shows so people would not match the voice. Gutless cocksucker.

So, are Godino and Hutchings also connected with these twats? Why was Hutchings a dead cert not so long ago?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work! Keep it up :)