Saturday, December 12, 2015

Fairfax Media makes love to Antifa like an AIDS pimp

This video shows how tough Antifa are. You cannot see this woman's friend being bravely stomped by the university equivalent of Hells Angels
The crushing of our freedom of speech supposed to occur at the Cronulla commemorative rally thanks to Nick “the dick” Folkes must’ve got caught in the landing gear of Santa’s sleigh and flown south to numpty land. Not a single cop shut down the lamb chop patriots that misguidedly turned out to hear Aussie Danny Nalliah preach about the evils of multiculturalism minus his own browner-than-curried-turd arse, or Kim (I’ll never be Pauline no matter what) Vuga.

Freedom of speech made it to Cronulla
They did not round up the manic pussy brigade that is the state-sanctioned middle-class student subculture known as Antifa either. It was just Nick, and his four slashed tyres which failed to rate a look-in, and we must be thankful for small mercies if nothing else. From what we understand the dim blue line of the law failed to arrest Herr Folkes over contempt of court like so many of us wished, but at least he didn’t get to open his ugh gob, and wank on.
That is worth noting, since big brave Nucky, who pushed this whole Supreme Court thing further than it needed to go (since it had accommodated him all along) folded like an old woman’s hankie when it came to defying the law he made such a public spectacle of appearing to challenge. Nucky sure needs roasting like an eight-cent peanut, but he can go on the backburner for now: we’ll sauté his squishy arse in squid grease tomorrow. Tonight we want to say a little something about how the wimpiest pack of un-macho meerkats on the manor, Antifa, were allowed to hang tough for the media especially the adoring fan club of super-cucked homos at Fairfax media.

The very Jewish-looking leader of Antifa at Cronulla who bashed a woman, spat on our flag, and called for us to be killed. And you mean to say YOU couldn't put this guy in a wheelchair with one punch?
There are many reasons to want to bash Nick Folkes with a life-size Hannah Montana doll, but the most pressing at present is because he fucked the potential for a serious representation at Cronulla. Because of his bush-league antics only a skerrick of the numbers that might’ve turned out managed to. Because of him the whole ten-year commemoration got cucked and farted out the arse of the fairies at Fairfax that make gay seem like a macho idea because their degree of faggotry is yet to find a faggy enough comparison.
When The Sydney Morning Herald (which sucks) starts reporting on Antifa as bruisers, but fails to condemn them, and when the local authorities even provide a train for the pansy-soft dishcloths of this most bum-presenting of university-based social movements to make it safely home you know Nucky has held us back from dishing out the hardcore beating that these sensitive post-millennial wowsers so richly deserved. But, ah, we just mentioned Nucky again and we said we were not going to. So we’ll stop, because we have the intro we need.

Altogether these Antifa kids couldn't break a milk biscuit in half and this guy goes foetal?
The big disgrace of the Cronulla ten-year commemorative rally was that, beside there being no rally to speak of, and not one that echoed the right respectful tone, was that these work-shy, un-punched, un-hardened human Tampax got to posture for the oh-so-nonced Fairfax media. None of these Antifa kids has picked up a weight, or done a day's manual labour, in their privileged lives. We link here to the masturbatory text some faggot who pretends to write presented as copy in the name of this refugee-sodomising publication and “ooohhh” they not only exaggerate the numbers of these genital-deprived poseurs on the ground, but they ‘fierced up’ their presence just to show the “fash”.
Fairfax, which even mentions the “Andy” and acknowledges that’s just a bullshit made-up name of a scared kiddy fiddler who hides behind his dead grandmother’s pantyhose, is in cahoots with the likes of Luke McMahon who is a bottom feeder linked to Andy and writes lies about nationalists and escapes defamation cases.

Fairfax currently has defamation cases on the go and is less than anti-establishment about how they battle those, which should in a world not butt-plugged upset their adult-baby fetishist mates in Antifa. It mentioned, but not in any harsh terms, how the pack of gutless privileged children surrounded and toughly assaulted a patriot woman wearing an Aussie flag which these bum worms called a “fascist flag” and then called for both her and the flag to be burned (video above shows the aftermath). Yep, burned. And Fairfax, who should have all their journalists seriously stomped on the lunch cart out of that paedophile factory, pretty much smirked coyly while uploading the copy and probably wanked over it, too.

This is the toughest warrior that Antifa has. Grrrrrrrrrr. You BETTER be scared, fascist
The truth is that Antifa are weaker than nuns’ piss. A grain of decaffeinated coffee could knock fifty of them over by just blowing in their prissy faces. If nationalists had had their shit together, and realised how cucked the cops are despite this whole Supreme Court bullshit that played out in the media, they should have been waiting for Antifa's train at either end. En-route they could have done a bums’ rush from carriage to carriage and bludgeoned these pusstaphas as they sat slurping their vegan bees’ cum. They could have sent the fuckers cross-eyed with permanent and well-deserved brain-damage employing a flash attack the Dad’s Army who police the train would’ve gutlessly failed to prevent. And this is what we need.
This shit stops here. Next year we write a new script. Next year Antifa takes out health insurance en masse and so do the fags that spur them on in the name of the state. Fuck Fairfax, fuck the state, fuck the universities and fuck Antifa… Papa’s taking Antifa to the tool shed, and they ain’t walking out without leg braces. See you in the New Year, pedo fags!
These safety-zone seeking slaves of coloured pieces of shit mostly came from Melbourne courtesy of Slackbastard. It's a shame on Sydney they weren't sent back in traction.

They're at their evolutionary end.


Anonymous said...

Regardless of who it organizing, you blokes need to get out to these things to kick heads. Looked for you at Reclaim III on the 22nd, no show??

Whitelaw Towers said...

You looked for us? WLT are bloggers, not a group. Moreover, Reclaim Australia is a kosher patriot affair and anyone opposed to Zion is not welcome. They even renounced the UPF.