Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Luke Mcmahon Antifa Fraud, but he is a journalist don't ya know.

 Respect his authority or he will fuck your life!

Yes folks, this is the guy whoring himself out to the state sanctioned media in Australia and whoever else that will publish his shit. Yet another fine example of the Antifa mafia doing the work for the people they claim to battling against. 

You may remember Luke from our last little write up about his gutter journalism. HERE

But if that wasn't enough. wait till you read the exchanges between himself and his intended victims; members of the UPF and Reclaim Australia. It truly doesn't get any worse than this. 

Luke Mcmahon organising an interview, no doubt he has no agenda.

Luke bragging about his Police connections, having a good old laugh about people he has targeted and stalked. It looks like journalists are just given a free hand to do as they like in Australia. And if you want to read how many of the MEAA's code of ethics this thwarted power-freak has breached, just click here.

Yes, real serious hard-hitting questions there. Sorry, this is just outright taunting of the people he has already defamed in the press. Considering the UPF have more followers than all the Greens MPs combined, I think Luke is stretching it a bit. 

No doubt Luke will get an offer to host 60 Minutes after this bit of investigative journalism.

After Luke used a fake expert to claim a UPF member was going to be Australia's answer to Anders Breivik, he then goes on to joke about how he has now started investigations against him.

Source "Dr Chloe Patton, an expert in the visual imagery of extremism from the University of South Australia, said Mr Shortis' presentation was similar to that of Breivik, a far-right terrorist who killed 77 people in Norway in 2011." No doubt Chloe certainly has no agenda? Note nothing about
"visual imagery of extremism".

Very professional, one would think Andy Fleming himself is writing is this crap.
 The above is just a small sample from what we have been told. Now I have to ask you all, have you ever seen anything like this from a journalist? Even in the darkest days at WLT with Greg Roberts claiming "we are the press we can do fucking anything" we are still struggling to get our heads around this one. Now do you want to see what he was doing before he became the pin up journalist for the NKVD?

Well, when Luke isn't setting up tabloid news outlets for his Dole Army. No doubt he is sharing a wine or two with Andy Fleming, Cam Smith and his mate Ben Pobjie . All of the above just happen to do a bit of work for the ABC when they see fit. They also appear to have no trouble at all moving from hard core anarchist, to state sanctioned experts . 
Oh look an Anarchist from the fictional Dole Army, wearing what appears to be a touch of  product placement for the ABC.
Funny how Luke managed to get the ABC to run his scam, embarrassing two MSM networks the very next day after they aired his scam. Starting to understand why these people think they are a law unto themselves?

 Its strange how all these anarchists have links to the ABC and all types of Left Wing journalists in Australia. Just a coincidence I suppose. 

What Luke does is beyond the pail of any journalistic ethics, even those dubious ones lauded by Fairfax editors. His messages contain threats, defamation, blackmail, and in many cases in breach of stalking laws. The man is either insane, or is being used.

Now if you are a White Nationalist, or anybody who is more right than left and you have been messaged or harassed by this fraud. Please feel free to send it on.

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