Monday, December 21, 2015

Mike Holt takes aim at the UPF in the war on Aussie nationalism

Mike Holt, whose head only a baseball bat could truly love
Snakes aren’t all sweet and chewy like those lovable lollies made by Allens that we stuffed our faces with as kids — some of them are actually slimy, scaly, and not at all trustworthy; and that’s just the human variety.
Not to be confused with Mike Holt
One of these is Mike Holt, the CEO of Restore Australia, which is yet another buggering kosher micro party dedicated to putting the “u” into uselessness under the guise of ridding Australia of its only one social problem – Islam. Everything else about multiculturalism is you-beaut, according to these groups, except for Islam. But guys like Mike don’t really want to ban Islam they just want it to come to the barbie and, well, assimilate. In other words, they’re cunts.

Mike was behind a post that went up today on Reclaim Australia’s Brisbane page, on which he recently had admin status. This “Andy Fleming” propaganda tries to retardedly draw comparisons between the United Patriot Front’s logo, and Nazi runes. Oy vey. Yep, we’ve seen that one before but currently there are doings afoot, and it’s “target UPF” time. But we’ll tie it all together later.

The post was actually generated by a company Magenta River which Mike is said to have some involvement with. Magenta is a digital uploading service that, by all accounts, enables a client to spam their unwanted shit all over social media until people just give up in despair and become Amish. He uses this service to pump his anti-Islam posts about the place.

That's right, Mike, ban Islam now, but ban Nazis first -- and if you don't bang gooks then you're a Nazi

But who IS this Mike Holt twonk?

Well, he’s a bit of a renaissance man as it happens. He is an ex-Vietnman vet; opened a school in Thailand that obviously wasn’t about helping Aussie kiddies; set up an IT company; and was into real estate. His bio page on the crappy Restore Australia site says he then retired to enjoy the fruits of his many years in business. He has a book about an Aussie POW available online, along with some (snerk) songs. Yes, we have a bona fide minstrel in our midst. Oh, and he married a Thai bitch and has mixed-race mutant kids. All of this of course reads like a Liberal party members’ dossier, which is close because he was formerly the One Nation candidate for Fairfax. Yes, the picture is starting to evolve.

When Mike’s scheme was revealed by a post on RA/Brisbane page after that appalling crap about the UPF logo went up, Mike shot out of there like a ping-pong ball out of a Thai stripper’s twat. He also went to great lengths to block the person who had come upon his un-Australian little plot. Whitelaw Towers’ investigative team can now reveal that his Facebook page tells a pretty story that weaves together a plot by the same old cronies to bring down the UPF.

Mike has a “friend” in Howard Crawford, the fellow Asian-fetishist who used Squadron 88 as a tool against nationalism. He is currently pulling the strings for Nick Folkes, and is one of the most squalid Judas Goats on the scene. It was Crawford, a former One Nation and AFP member who swapped a few beers with a S88 associate for video footage of Jim Saleam and Alex Norwick that they hoped would end their tenures.
And so Howie and Mike are BFFs
It was Howard who ran a campaign on behalf of the Libs to misdirect the Penrith Action Group’s efforts to present a court challenge to the proposed mosques out that way just as Jim Saleam predicted would happen when he joined the dots. Howard was a poisonous entity when he was in AFP and it became clear, much later on, that Howard’s game was all along to upset the nationalist cause. He has been using Folkes and his bogus Party for Freedom to make inroads into the UPF managing to bring on board Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara, who are involved in the “Group Identity” fiasco currently playing out on FB (but not for long) which, yep, Mike has “liked” by the way.
Howard Crawford, the fat old cunt to the left of Squadron 88 bozos centre row
These are the people who were there when Pauline Hanson was brought down and it is the same old tactics being used by the Libs. Mike Holt and Howard Crawford cannot be underestimated in their villainy as they’ve demonstrated they will lie, misrepresent, and rat out anyone to get at the UPF, which is their goal. Mike Holt is the connection between the maggot freelance journalist Luke McMahon and the hit pieces on Reclaim Australia and UPF member Chris Shortis. Folkes likes to accuse others of snitching to the other side, while it’s one of his trademark tactics.

But we have outed them now and it is the responsibility of every serious nationalist, and patriot, to get the word around that these guys are sent to kill the movement and in particular the UPF. Therefore, know thy enemy. Holt's links are highlighted and available in the text above. And Crawford is a chicken farmer from Hawkesbury in Sydney’s north-west and can be found making seriously un-nationalist comments on PFF’s page and others. And there is this FB page dedicated to him. In fact, with Nick in the mix we have the whole Bangkok Bogan crew, who love to screw Asian women, and masquerade as patriots and nationalists in order to destroy this nationalism of ours. Anyone supporting these tapeworms must first ask how you can endorse anyone who breeds the Australian-identity out of their own family lines and then goes waving flags.


ej68 said...

Very interesting. Those mentioned are hardly known for the right reasons

Anonymous said...

The UPF modeled their logo on the Tyr rune?? Good. Now f*ck off kosher w*nkers.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Get off your high horse and stop trying to cause division between patriot groups. Who cares about what the upf choose to use as their symbol? The upf have done more to help this fight than anything that i can remember you doing. Sometimes words and politics just don't work... sometimes you need to take the fight to the enemy. Violence is all that islam and their left wing lap dogs know, so what are we supposed to do? Invite them in for tea and biccies? No!!!
Stop trying to turn patriots against each other and get on with the job of fighting islam and the rapid islamization of our beautiful country.
Yes i am a upf member, and i also support many other groups. I don't look for reasons to degrade them and to make myself look superior. Maybe you should just shut up, man up and get on with the job at hand. Just a thought.

Mike Holt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Whitelaw Towers said...

Allo allo, it's the slimy sea-monkey himself. And it looks like you're the one about to have the corro. We look forward to it too, for the good of the nation, and hope it's a chest-buster. Moreover, Mr Perren did NOT write this, as we at Whitelaw Towers Holdings Inc. have a strong list of contributors as well as eyes and ears to weed out enemies of Australia. You have just been exposed for being a traitor to the nation, a traitor to your race, and a Liberal operator out to destroy the patriot movement on behalf of the Tories you serve. We won't let an old pervert like you do that to our country, or attempt to undermine the great efforts of the United Patriots Front so that you can peddle 'anti-Islam' while encouraging the cultural ruination of this nation by the mass immigration that you support and as a quisling-class bourgeois promote. You Libs wave flags, but you don’t give a shit about Australia – you sell it off for your own personal gain. You are SNOBS, and you hate the real Australia, which is why that contaminated stalk you pee through spends its three seconds once a year inside that Asian creature that you chose to mix with and not a healthy Aussie girl (who wouldn’t be with a used-up old leech like you in the first instance). Yes, you want to co-opt the movement so the Liberals have no political rivals which the patriot movement presents them with, and you also want to destroy that nationalism because you Pommy lovers couldn't bear to think of an Australia without an English figurehead at the helm. But we’re pleased to have chivvied you out of your little marsupial hole for your online tantrum, ‘cos it gives us an opportunity to pound you a second time for the amusement of our audience.
As to “Gadaffi lover” and “Islamo Fascism”, these are of course the clueless constructions of your chicken farmer mate. He really thinks he is onto a winner with that stuff, but he – and you – just shows how little you understand about nationalism. You support Donald Trump on your page, and yet The Donald came out and said what Jim Saleam did and that is we are reaping the results of having gone in on behalf of your favourite country Israel and usurped Gadaffi and Hussein. The Donald knows this, and anyone who isn’t two dongs shy of a cowbell does, too. So borrowing from a political ignoramus like Crawford will not extend your limited nationalistic vocabulary, and it sure as hell hasn’t hurt Dr Saleam one iota. What else? Oh yeah, your "intel" on the UPF and WLT "meeting" is, well, dumber than a box of pegs since we're not a movement and UPF does not work with other groups, so the snitch circle chalked up another clanger for you to make a goose of yourself with.
Yep, Mike, you’re welcome to come back here and we’ll give you more and more rope, because you hung yourself today politically, not that there was any life in your dismal campaign to begin with. And seriously, your attacks are at a childish level, yet you try to promote yourself as a serious author? On the subject of that -- whatever made up atrocities the hero of your book endured as a prisoner of the Japs has nothing on what the reader must suffer at the torturous hands of your brutal grammar and insufferably clumsy plotlines. You should just stick to bingo, old Bert. Your relevance factor is zero, but your attempts at vandalising the patriot movement cannot go unpunished. Nighty night, princess.

PS - Learn to spell. And especially names, you spelled every one you’ve mentioned wrong. Seriously, can you go eight-seconds without embarrassing yourself? That’s a rhetorical question by the way

Bikers unlimited said...

Aghhh It's the grubbiest of grubs in the movement's new attempt of somehow,gaining support for his greedy little pocket is it? we approach a very critical time in Australia's future,this grub Must,and fully deserves to be,fully exposed to the few that are still blind to its past antics under the disguise of patriotism.How many times!!! True patriotism has had enough of this snake in its fold...Times up Mr 'No room for Racism'dividing the people of Bendigo at a crucial time for them..Mr donations to ''..We have had enough of your lies and bullshit!! Time for you to look at other income opportunities in order that your young wife doesn't kick your sorry arse out of the house!!Times up Grub!!

Whitelaw Towers said...

How interesting, Thanks Bikers unlimited we will check this out. Please feel to send on any other info you may have. It would appear from the reports we are getting Mike has been destroying patriotic movements for a very long time. I guess the Patriotic scene could do with a spring clean, just like Nationalist movements have had to do in the past. Its interesting to see the cross over of these toxic elements between the two. Always disrupting and corrupting.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Whitelaw for these exposes'. I was at Reclaim 1 and 3. Mike Holt was asking for the lend of a microphone on Facebook an hour and a half before the rally at Emma Miller Place. Then they allowed antifa to kick them out of the main area at EMP, not even protesting to police. When the speeches finally started, the piddly speakers they had brought along broke down, and Holt asked the disappointing crowd if "there was anyone that knew anything about these things". Even when they got something going, you could not hear a word. I was embarrassed to be there and for all the good people who showed up. After the PA broke down at Reclaim 1, and they know the size of Socialist Alternative/Alliances PA systems, they would have something more professional by now. But if Mike Holt and Reclaim are going to do antifas work by proxy attacking the UPF and WN, well, not bothering next time. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Will the UPF become more explicitly WN in 2016?

I hope so...

Bikers unlimited said...

How disgusting is that...Yet another event severely sabotaged due this grub's incompetence whilst fluttering around in his All a Nobody!! Holt's already been kicked out of PUP and One Nation plus one other...they wanted nothing to do with the idiot. I'm sure Reclaim know all this now after Rally 3,but I'm going to copy that to Reclaim Brisbane page,the more that people realise how that happened,the better!! It must never be allowed to happen again!!! Thanks Anonymous,I had only heard part of how Bris went wrong..certainly not who was majorly to blame!!

Anonymous said...

I was at Brisbane as well. It was a disaster as far as the PA. A speaker told me that they were assured there would be a great PA there and that all went to shit thanks to that overstuffed gobbling turkey Holt. People were pissed off because you couldn't hear a thing for the Leftist filth chanting their verbal diarrhoea after the stole the rally site...WTF? Holt is a fucking leech and the laughing stock of the movement.Time to go Holt and please make it permanent so we can dance on your grave!

Whitelaw Towers said...

LOL feeling the love Mike? Jesus we had no idea how much this guy is loathed.

Anonymous said...

Hello all three above. Anyone who attempts to rally in public especially against SAlt has my admiration, Holt included. However, I did notice One Nation, PDLA and many other absent at Reclaim III at Emma Miller Place This because it was Holt's show this time? I knew not about him being kciked out of One Nation and PUP. I was hoping that UPF would come to Brisbane and inspire a Perth like crowd for Reclaim IV, because Brisbane was the most disappointing of all the rallies. A lot of good people showed up and held the front line unmasked against the scum of the SAlt/Alliance. Hoping that they'll have someone who knows how to organise a pissup in a brewery next time, and that someone invites the Melbourne UPF. The Brisbane socialists unfortunately owned the last even and they need a good fucking hiding next time. BTW, anyone from Reclaim Brisbane reading this, next time you need to -
- get a bigger PA than SAlt/Alliance, one that works even, and a backup
- get King George Squared so the scum can be effectively cordoned off from Reclaim and they wont have a vantage point to stalk and photograph patriots
- Invite the UPF to kick SAlts ass, get the PDLA and One Nation back on board
- Get the police to do their fucking job and arrest SAlt next time they break through the police cordons before the rally

Anonymous said...

Well looks like Holt's site is as Kosher as Hannukah. Very suspicious. I suggest that Holt's website is a honey trap.

Of course Holt and Co. forget (or ignore) the fact that over 90% of the original Soviet executive were Jews, as pointed out on this site a while back.

If that is not a conspiracy, I don't know what is. In the unlikely event of the Protocols of Zion being a forgery, as Henry Ford pointed out, it is irrelevant, it all checks out anyway.