Friday, December 11, 2015

Supreme Court shuts down Cronulla protests under state law 25c

To be updated as the day goes I suspect.

There was no kangaroo in court today, as the right for Australians to protest against White Genocide by Lebanese gangs got shut down!

The NSW Supreme Court has shut down tomorrow's planned protests and counter protests in commemoration of the 2005 Cronulla riots under NSW state law 25c. As this hits the WLT presses, Shermon Burgess is also allegedly facing contempt charges and according to a bloke we met in the pub “faces possible arrest as a ‘risk’”, although what sort of risk we couldn’t say. We always thought that Sherm was of greatest risk to garden gnomes and shrubberies.

Meanwhile, Nick Folkes is facing a whole gamut of crap under both state and federal laws and we are told that he is moving on to the “human rights” courts, which is like threatening to tell his dad. The word from our mate in the pub with the boozy breath and bleary eyes in regards to silencing Nick involves the possibility of “bankruptcy” and “prison” although that will of course need to be clarified before we put our professional reputation on the line (disclaimer, folks). However, these laws appear to be migrating to a more uniform federal code that can be used to silence racial disobedience.

Under the NSW section 25c law public assembly can be prohibited and anyone heading down there, including the walking worm-farms from Antifa faces arrest for unlawful assembly. Thereafter they can be dragged down into the bowels of a dank building and whipped on the soles of their feet with electrical cord. In the case of Antifa, that would be good, but for nationalists fighting for the preservation of the Australian identity, way of life and well existence it’s about as Orwellian as it gets.
Poor old kosher Nick Folkes. He waved Israeli flags, and yet it was a law pushed by Jews that is potentially going to bankrupt him
This has become a grave matter of freedom of speech, or implied freedom of political expression. The local Jewish community has been fully active in pushing for the strengthening of 18c racial vilification laws, which it said were too full of loopholes for its sense of vengeance. Now, the state appears to be putting those laws to good use, and against true blue dinky-di Aussies – erm, and Nick Folkes’ Party for Freedom.

This will have ramifications for patriots and nationalists alike from hereon, as the state can not only shut down our right to assemble and hold lawful protests, but through Machiavellian sleight of hand can lay hate crimes charges on the expression of patriotic beliefs.

This is where we’re at. You can be guaranteed this will eventually migrate to Victoria, which has hitherto had more lax rules about public assembly.

It will also too potentially scare off the modest mums and dads who had started putting their support behind patriotic movements, all-be-it most of them kosher shuck jobs.

But we can’t let Nick Folkes off the hook for a moment. As much as we support his dunderheaded right to expression, it is exactly HOW this liberal-satellite clod expressed himself that got us all into this mess in the first place. In his pursuit of notoriety, he's fucked us all.
Why, when this man acted as his own defence, has it all gone pear-shaped? Honestly, we cannot think of a reason
Folkes used the word “riot” provocatively, and even used the slogan “Sydney’s fun, Cronulla is a riot”. He did everything he could to publicise himself and his dodgy kosher party by employing inciting language and imagery. If somebody with less faecal matter in their skull had found an excuse to exhume the memory of Cronulla, and posited it in the correct framework this might not now be happening. Yet, it would have happened one day and it took a clown like Folkes to make it happen sooner rather than later. The Party for Freedom, idiots that they are, have cancelled the event and are having a barbie instead.

On a sidenote, it’s come to our attention that anarchists who are being bussed from Melbourne to meet at Sydney University before heading to Cronulla will now switch their riotous behaviour to the headquarters of the Australia First Party in Sydney. Party chairman Jim Saleam is meeting with Newtown police this morning.

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