Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Liberal takeover of the patriot movement

Mike Holt: the man who shares Star of David underpants with fellow Liberal stirrer Howard Crawford
 If you have had cause to profile the online presence of political saboteurs Mike Holt and Howard Crawford you will note that both of these thick old boots have something in common — their thuggish natures.

Each of these Liberal party wreckers — who are out to trash the patriot movement by getting inside and corrupting it — are bullies and sociopaths and it is no accident they share these manic traits. In selecting them for the task at hand, their Liberal party superiors would have made these characteristics prime criteria for their selection.

Their purpose is to subvert groups on behalf of the Liberal party, which cannot risk having their political turf seized from underneath them by the patriot movement. The mainstream Liberal machine may seem to have moved centre-left, but its voter base will always be conservative. But are conservatives seriously patriots?

Let’s be clear on this, we here at Whitelaw Towers Hedge Fund and Conservation Group ™ are nationalists. We suggest blood and nation come first, while a patriot puts their country above all. A conservative, however, really places personal interest first. All their theatrics involving flag-waving are aping patriotism because conservatives are Tories and are all about private wealth and status. They claim to oppose big government, not on the grounds of any seriously overarching concerns for personal liberty, but because it would mean paying more tax — and they will do all that they can to minimise that.

A large-L Liberal would happily sell the Opera House to the Chinese to convert to a fishermen’s laundry if it meant a new yacht for the gerbil who brokered the deal. Yet, why then is it that so many poor fools believe that conservatism amounts to patriotism and that by blowing a vote on a Liberal candidate they are somehow opposing those forces that offend their sense of national identity, like Islam for instance?

This is because the Libs do such an underhanded job of destroying those groups, parties and movements that have the potential to march to the hustings on those issues. It is well documented what became of Pauline Hanson when One Nation threatened the Liberal party by sweeping up disaffected supporters. And those were supporters disaffected because the Liberals always make patriotic sounds while moving the country closer and closer to the globalism that is eating off the face of the Australian identity as effectively as hydrochloric acid. Here was Howard, back at the start of the noughties, signing us up for the War on Terror ™, while bringing in record numbers of haji migrants.

This is the REAL liberal party. Yep, the same Liberal party fielding Moslem candidates so that they can be sure on getting THAT vote… Meanwhile, back in the day Tony Abbott had a slush fund together to go after Hanson, a fact that to this day that stupid woman won’t recognise. Because Tony was a headkicker, and that is the quality that the Liberal back room men saw in Crawford and Holt. Their job is to disguise themselves as patriots, get inside the movement, then spread dissension and corrosive ideas. It was Howard Crawford who created this notion that nationalists are “Nazis” and by drawing a completely flawed and fallacious connection with Hitler and the Grand Mufti makes the assertion that those on the racialist spectrum love Islam because according to his fabrication of history, Hitler did (which anyone with a C- in Third Reich history would know is utter balderdash, but hey, these guys deal with people that don’t bother checking out history).
The love of ZOG is powerful in Howard Crawford
Yep, so inside the patriot movement — and heavily promoting Zionism — it has become an acceptable position that anyone opposing Israel is a Nazi and therefore loves Islam. It is schoolyard name calling, but the boofhead Crawford found it works on the more intellectually vegetative members around PFF and those other shitty Zionist organisations. But what has really happened is — and this is the real kicker — that the larger face of this “patriot movement” has been converted almost without notice into a satellite support base for fucking Israel. Yes, the same Israel that — along with the United States — starts all the illegal wars that generate the mass migrations of Moslem populations in the first place. Imagine that the short-lived ultra-racialist “Squadron 88” who were handing out badly written anti-Semitic flyers in Malcolm Turnbull’s own seat in Sydney’s eastern suburbs were being controlled by Lib stooge Howard Crawford whose public position is so virulently anti-Nazi because Nazis "like Islam". Yet, Crawford made a comment on the Party for Freedom Facebook page to an Australia First Party member who organised a protest against Harvey Norman for promising jobs to Syrian refugees when it won’t even hire any unemployed Australians that he was a fool because Moslems deserved Aussie jobs and that is what will keep them from 'radicalisation'… and this from a self-described “patriot”…
A Squadron 88 flyer

Crawford calls himself a "patriot"

Crawford and Holt rub each other's slugs on FB

Having deployed Squadron 88 against the nationalists who were showing signs of coalescing with the patriot movement Crawford and Holt used their influence on Shermon Burgess and Ralph Cerminara to sure-up their support and condemn anyone within the patriot movement against multiculturalism and opposition to Israel. Burgess even made a video or two affirming his backing for both. So now we have a situation whereby “patriots” wave the Israeli flag — the flag of a foreign nation — at patriot rallies (because Israel is against Islam, get it?) and “Nazis”, this being a catchall for anyone advocating against White Genocide (which Folkes once rallied against too, cheekily enough, at Sydney’s Town Hall when he held a protest on behalf of White South Africans) are unwelcome and publically spoken again. Which moves the position of patriotism, or “nationalism” as Crawford and Folkes claim ownership on into the neoconservative sphere that the Liberals inhabit.
            That sure was easy, wasn’t it?

            Under their umbrella nationalism now means:

·         Support for Israel

·         Opposition to those opposing White Genocide

·         Anti-racism

·         Pro-gay positions

·         Strange jingoism that supports dumb bigotry yet condemns ‘racism’ (as to comments made on PFF page about a stupid bogan cow who hassled a White Spanish chick on a Sydney train for ‘not speaking English’)

·         Support for Syrians being given jobs ahead of Australian “dole bludgers”

·         Rhetoric mocking unemployed Australians disadvantaged by diversity protocols while trying to recruit those same disadvantaged Australians to being “anti-Islam”

·         Anti-Islam

·         Anti-Islam

·         Anti-Islam, AND

·         Anti-Islam.

As we revealed yesterday, Mike Holt keeps in regular contact with the mainstream media to out anyone in the movement that is not pro-Israel. On the day of Nick Folkes’ abortive Cronulla Commemoration John Safran, the Jewish leftist ABC troll, turned up at AFP headquarters in Sydney because Mike and his lot had informed them that the United Patriots Front were in attendance there. What's more, Nick Folkes dropped him off. No kidding, that’s what happened. Safran then “liked” the WLT Facebook page not long after Mike had dropped by to leave a comment and demonstrate how poor he is at using the English language last night. On Holt’s page today he makes an insinuation that UPF were at AFP headquarters on that day when no doubt a court room full of witnesses could attest to the whereabouts of all legitimate UPF members on Sat 12, December.

Crawford has even sunk to the level of dragging family members of political opponents into the fray. He has mocked the brother of an AFP member who is wheelchair-bound following a motorcycle accident. He made suggestive comments about that same member’s sister. Then, to top it off, he brought Dr Jim Saleam’s daughter – who is NOT a nationalist – into his degraded profiling. Furthermore, Crawford likes to build a ‘tough guy’ image around himself. With connections to a kickboxing school, he bragged about bringing in those students as soldiers in his White Power takeover of the Liberal party, which was a story he laid on S88 to lure them in. Being weak-minded, they swallowed it all hook, line and sinker. Furthermore, he made up some colossal bulldust about being shot by a Lebanese gangster over some business while he was sitting in the back of his car.

            We would like to upbraid that fictitious gangster right now for not being a better shot with his pretend bullets.

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