Sunday, November 29, 2015

Every time you watch and read this, a Cultural Marxist cries.

Yesterday was a total failure for the left. Not only did they reinforce the UPF claim on who it is behind the violence and covering of faces. They also demonstrated to all of Australia, how the radical left can be swung into action when it comes to protecting their Political assets. Yes defending the very State they claim they are fighting against.

The UPF rally yesterday was purely aimed at the Victorian Labor Premier, Daniel Andrews. Targeted for his refusal to reveal who it is behind the violent counter rallies. Counter Rallies being staged and funded by the Unions and their Political Leaders alike. Daniel Andrews unfair criticism and branding of Australians has led to those he purposely defamed, to take action. His rhetoric against those who have the cheek to express their opinions on a whole list of Cultural Marxist policy, was the one and only trigger. 

So the UPF had an idea, something the Left struggle to come up with on their own.

Simply show the Premier first hand, (as if he didn't know) bringing the real criminals to his front door with the media in tow. Well played. The Marxist left and Anarchist, having taken the bait turned out to protect Comrade Premier Andrews. The "communist kids" simply carried out their task as tools for the state, even if the majority still don't realise it. Their leaders are nothing but the Red Guard enforcing radical, political and cultural change across Australia and the West.

Thanks to the predictable behavior of the Left, that simply hasn't changed since 1918. The mask they love to use so much has been removed. It will be their undoing and the undoing of any political figure who further supports this menace that is destroying a whole generation of Australians.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

The States Red Hand.

Today is one of those days that just beggars belief. Although we have been telling people since 2005 that groups like the Socialist Alliance and Anti Racism NGO's work directly for the State, today will be all the proof you have ever needed. 

Considering Australia's biggest Union the "CFMEU" (the strong arm of the Australian Labor Party) is being called upon time and time again to support and bolster the limp wrested left.  One can only suggest the problem is bigger than you think. Hell the only person missing from this is Lenin.

The above pictures from the last counter Reclaim Rally held in Brisbane early this month. Again undeniable proof that the Labor Party thugs the CFMEU, are heavily involved in assisting Anarchist in the violent silencing at times of the working class in this country.

CFMEU thugs attack citizens legally demonstrating in Brisbane. Disgraced CFMEU official, stand over man and violent felon Luke Collier. Pictured in the black cap foreground, attacking Nationalists with other CFMEU members in high viz, Brisbane 2014.

So its of no surprise that the Violent Anarchist gangs such as "No Room For Racism"  will be defending the State Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews today. Along with silencing political decent, they are protecting the State set agendas the majority are being FORCED to accept. Just no guns at this stage. So much for Democracy!

In the video above that spurred on today's protest. The Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews clearly ignores all the evidence of violence from the Left, then goes onto blaming and petty name calling of Patriots for using their right to free speech. Blaming them for violent counter rally's carried out by the very same groups he protects and refuses to condemn.  Using his position in public office to attack every day Australians simply because they have chosen to protect their Country, Heritage and culture from Progressive Nation Wreckers as seen above.
Red Left hand.

So today's demo has nothing to do with Racism, Religion or bigotry. Its a reaction to the Premiers video made early this week. It is purely political. So who do you think is turning up to shield the Labor Premier from critical voices? Keep in mind this has nothing to with Islam, Racism or Fascism. The Anarchist,the CFMEU, the Marxists and of course the Communists. And you wonder why the guys from the UPF are taking it to the streets. 

 It all makes for very, very interesting New Year.

This from Andy Fleming, the guy who hasn't stepped away from behind his keyboard for over 10 years. This from the guy who the State protects.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Repost,Anarchy and the State.

Seems UK Anarchists and Australian Anarchist have a lot in common. They are all state owned assets.

Source Griffin Watch

Anarchy in the UK, but who are these "Anarchists"? UPDATED.

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For March 27, 2011

"The TUC-led protest march in London on Saturday was the biggest I’ve seen. The attendance was significantly larger than the massive pre-Iraq war London protest (that was duplicated in cities across the UK leading to an estimated 2 million participants). As the newspapers report, the march was good-humored and almost entirely peaceful.

This morning however, as usual, front pages are filled with images of young men slamming poles through shop windows and fires blazing on the streets. This is the image of ‘protest’ that is intended to settle into the minds of the complacent, the merely curious and those that might be considering doing something to challenge power in society.

The violence is blamed, again as usual, on ‘Anarchists’.
The presence of this group is easily identifiable at any large protest. They dress mostly in black and often carry red-and-black pennants on poles. Most cover their faces below (and normally but not always above) the eyes with black scarves. They move as one and stick together.

Yesterday I was in Trafalgar Square when this group (of maybe 150) skewed away, as one, from the main body of the march and strode as a troupe round the other side of the square past St Martin-In The Fields and up Charing Cross Road towards Cambridge Circus. I heard one old fellow say, “Where are they off to?” The reply, “Oxford Street to smash a few windows”.

Of course they were. The game is well and broadly understood.
But why were they not stopped? Nor even followed. The police showed no interest in these people whatsoever.

They could easily have been stopped. If a few of us had put some thought into this predictable event we could have stopped them ourselves. They were small in number and mostly kids. I would guess that there was hardly a person over 25 among them. The young men leading the group were lean and fit. Many of those behind were slight. No fat, middle-aged or grizzled faces at all.

Who are these people? For a political movement they seem strangely reluctant to reveal themselves in public and state their case.
In fact Anarchism as a political philosophy seems to be a 19th century idea that more or less disappeared during the first three decades of the 20th century. In the mid-to-late 1800′s this movement was led by people like Emma Goldman. The Goldman-directed agent Leon Czolgosz assassinated US president William McKinley in 1901. McKinley had been supported by the financiers against William Jennings Bryant and had won the 1896 election. However, it appears that he outlived his usefulness and was killed. At that time Anarchists were major political change-agents. Their actions allowed them to be presented to the public as enemies of the state but their ‘orgy of destabilisation’ (to use Webster Tarpley’s words) created a chaos that those who really wield power find extremely useful. Violence, division and chaos makes for a political situation where the only people who are NOT confused, disorientated and misdirecting their energies are those who directed the chaos in the first place.

Is it possible that the ridiculous, silent and anonymous rump that is UK ‘Anarchism’ today is nothing more than an instrument of MI5 that is only triggered into action when there is an active political opposition to discredit?

Are ‘Anarchists’ a bunch of silly kids signed up to a website (on which there is not a single name, nor a forum nor an other evidence of serious political discourse)?
Has anyone ever heard of a UK anarchist being prosecuted for violence during a public protest?

Do we know the name of a single UK Anarchist?
What kind of political organisation does not have a visible leader, nor leadership group.

What kind of political group does absolutely nothing to promote its political philosophy in the public domain (please don’t say that smashing windows [remember to wait until the cameras arrive] is any kind of meaningful statement)?

Are the ‘Anarchists’ such a group? Almost-adults led by a very small group of police agent-provocateurs? Highly likely in my opinion.
Actually, here is film of some of the worst scenes from yesterdays protest. If you watch carefully (it will take a few viewings) from about 5:45 you will see one of the ‘Anarchists’ move towards police lines while some fighting is still taking place. He must say something or show a card because he is ushered gently to the other side of the line by the same police (he has presumably just been attacking) while the chaos continues. I suppose this explains why juvenile Anarchists are never arrested and charged…..because it would inevitably lead to the naming of more senior individuals within the group who are police or MI5…..and the whole charabang of deceptive (but useful) bullsh*t would fall over a cliff and disappear under the waves. I’ve convinced myself.


And there is evidence that this type of police action goes on everywhere (watch the boots). It also seems that internationally ‘anarchists’ serve a similar purpose.
Here they are back in November 2010 at the ‘student’ protest. No long-haired scruffy jumper-and-trainers-clad student he.

Note the strong and sturdy copper’s boots. Notice the banks of cameramen awaiting their money shot that will (and did) adorn our front pages the following morning. Notice PC plod behind the cameramen, looking on with mere curiosity.

Neither the BBC, nor ITV, nor the corporate press will EVER ask simple and obvious questions, nor raise obvious concerns nor make obvious allegations about these people. It is about time the rest of us did. If you are beginning to understand the game, inform your friends and associates. Speak it out loud and clear.

PS For those who are new to realising the obvious but ‘unthinkable’, MI5 are the internal UK Intelligence service. They are senior to the police while working independently but often in co-ordination with them. They can turn up at a crime scene, flash an identity card and tell police to clear off. Even our most senior elected politicians are only told of their activities on a need-to-know basis. They are subject to an authority that is entirely separate from our visible political system. They are governed by individuals representing the interests of a ruling oligarchy, an elite who have access to almost unlimited funds owing to their ownership and control of the various vehicles of international finance.

One imagines that MI5 agents thinks they carry out their dirty work in service of UK PLC but international financiers are only interested in the UK as a safe haven from which to project, with their allies, imperialist control over the earth’s resources i.e. globalism. They are engaged in a ‘project’, sometimes called ‘the great game’. Though ‘a game’ to them, it has nothing in common with a game for the rest of us.

This is a game in which the rest of us all lose.
It is no accident that inside the UK (as elsewhere) the rich are getting massively richer , the poor get increasingly desperate while we submit (complaining-in-an-ever-so-civilised-manner) to the coming debt-enslavement of our children. This IS what yesterday’s march was about, wasn’t it?

Neither our real government(the oligarchy), nor MI5 care a damn for us. Their sole project is to condition us for submission and eventual total enslavement.
The pretend-government of venal careerists that we elect will strain at any number of gnats having swallowed every camel as dictated by their political bosses.

To be fair, most involved in imposing this nightmare agenda are quite unaware of the bigger picture.

MI5 employees! WAKE UP! You have got children too.
Schoolteachers, police, Council employees, military personnel!WAKE UP!
Notice that the edicts you (and your bosses) obey come from you-know-not-where. Start challenging them. Do nothing (or as little as possible) that invokes the slightest qualm or reservation in your God-given conscience."


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Update! Part Two, Antifa and Anarchist agree.

I best explain to our international subscribers and casual travelers the above plug Andy Fleming recently posted. First you may not be aware of who Andy Fleming is. He has gone by a few names over the years. When we first came across Andy he was the co-founding  member of the now defunct anti racist terror gang called 'Fight Dem Back". Back then his name was simply @ndy Slackbastard. When he and his crew weren't blackmailing Nationalist he busied himself with stalking them online.

After the demise of FDB thanks to the illegal activities of his group and the general walloping they received from this blog, he decided to go it alone and promote his Slackbastard page. Initially he pulled his head in and stuck with the standard stuff pushing his Anarchist beliefs and generally making a fool of himself. Publishing total lies and seriously erroneous information. As a matter of fact the information he was publishing on the Australian Right was so outdated and factually flawed it was hard not to correct him. I guess looking back we probably should have.

Right up until the popularity of Golden Dawn took hold in Australian Nationalists circles, he was just about to walk away.  It all seemed so pointless. Running up to the  protest in 2014 by Australia First in Brisbane Andy, better known then as Slackbastard found  his passion again of passing on false and misleading information. By this time it was well known that he and his good friend Campbell Smith, AKA Cam Smith, AKA Dr Sexinhiemer were in fact feeding this bias and incorrect information openly with the Australian Federal Police and ASIO. They even admitted it by stating they have had to corrected their information on many occasions. His rhetoric had hit fever pitch by time the AF demo had materialized. 

Using his position on the  government funded left wing radio station 3CR. Andy not only fabricated a whole complete falsity of what the demo was about, he also claimed that people attending were anti Union and supporters of one of the most corrupt and arrogant Premiers that has ever held a position in the Queensland Government.  By doing this he mobilized his mates in the CFMEU.

By now Andy had to have a real name so he could sell his poison to the media. In walks Andy Fleming. This guy has since been used time and time again by Main Stream Media as an expert source on the Far Right of Australia. Yet he never reveals his real name.

With the rise of Reclaim, Andy was well and truly placed by his friends at the top as the expert on all things Right of the Liberal Party. In fact every reporter who has written anything about Reclaim, UPF or the Far Right (totally different animal) seeks his council and allows his lies to go to print or air unquestioned. His lies are constantly sourced and never investigated but always put forward by left wing reporters.

So we have a bomb throwing self confessed Anarchist supporting Islamic groups. Islamic Groups and individuals he has attempted on many occasions to radicalize into attacking Nationalist and Patriots on his behalf. This guy has been behind every violent counter demo held against Patriots and the Far Right since the Golden Dawn Rally in 2014 . Believe me when I say, this is a very short analysis of this self confessed Anarchist Jew.

Now he is once again using the Australia Broadcast Corporation the ABC, another solely Government funded media source to spread his lies. This guy who goes by an assumed name with no credentials at all besides the above, will have the ear once again of the Australian public. I think we should all be concerned about that. 

But Andy Fleming would be nothing without the support he receives from his network of fellow travelers deeply embedded in the media and the State. He is so well protected that warnings have been given on two occasions from Australian Intelligence of the sever consequences that will befall any individual who actually puts a real name to this agent. 

So now we see how the state intends on spreading its agenda across this country. I think its everyone's duty to stay informed and be vigilant of these types of State Agents.   

Antifa and Anarchist agree.

There is simply no point denying it, they just embrace the truth. Must be hard being a radical Anarchist knowing the media and State support and actually protect you. Again who are the radicals? If you haven't yet seen the video below, watch it now. Then think about the reaction from antifa.

Andy Fleming knows its true.
Reclaimwhat are even having a chuckle. They even tag the Victorian Premier on their page. That's nice of them.

But at the end of the day we all know the truth, including them. Do you think they could possibly deny it? Goes all the way to the highest reaches of Federal, Sate and Local governments. But I feel things are changing, very very fast.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Do not underestimate the seriousness of this.

The Left in this country continue on their merry mission of assisting the State in its war against the people via massive immigration. Keeping the focus on the evil racists (read free thinking Nationalists and Patriots) while ignoring the fact we are on the brink of WW3. 

These labeled and hounded "racists" and "bigots" are waking up to the fact that our Governments are more than just traitors, but in fact facilitating this up and coming war. 

In short I think its easy to say that the Left and State are making great bed fellows. But it certainly looks like a war between the NATO (Marxist) aligned countries and Russia (Nationalist) is inevitable unless other countries start speaking out. But don't hold your breath.  Especially if you are waiting for our country to say anything but repeat what its told to say.

Meanwhile, America continues to arm the terrorists. Even going to great lengths in giving Isis a 45 minute warning before striking fuel shipments and refineries. Shipments supplying stolen oil from Syria to Turkey. They simply cant upset Turkey or its allies Isis by killing off the Turks driving and facilitating this operation. A operation that has gone unmolested until Russia came along and fucked it up for everyone who belongs to War On Terror Gang.

On the other hand Russia is being shot out of the sky by our so called allies. Is it because they gave no warning to the enemy? Is it because they are halting the flow of stolen oil that is being traded and shipped to Turkey? Oil that is bankrolling the very same terrorists we are supposed to be defeating. Terrorists that are now flowing into our homelands with the support of the State and antifascists. 

The sheer evil that is currently making decisions in the west is mind boggling. Again, all this is being supported on a local level by the so called antifascists who claim to be anti state. 

While the Left go about screaming racist at every opportunity. Doing their best to silence the opposition that is now more than ever, anti state. Persisting in the charade by pretending to be something they are not.  Nationalists are making a stand for a real free world. One that respects all Nations, allowing Nations to govern how they please.

Instead of assisting in the misery of millions if not billions. Nationalists are calling for the end to the provocations leading us towards WW3. We are calling on our governments, stop allowing our Nations to be flooded with Islamic peoples fleeing wars facilitated by Israel and the West. We call on them to halt the hundreds and thousands of others taking advantage of the situation created by them and their wars. We call on our Governments to stop involving us in foreign wars on behalf of the Bandit state Israel and the War mongering states of the West. We call upon the European Leaders to halt the mass replacement of the European peoples and the destruction of our Ancestral homelands. Lastly, we demand a future for our children. 

For making these demands, we are not only targeted by the State directly. We are then attacked by the States Red Army Factions in our media and via State organised anti fascist groups. All of whom are hell bent on destroying us and the future of our children.  

I ask, who are the radicals now?

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Just Another Gutter Journalist On The Anarchist Payroll.

Oh lordy this one is truly one of the biggest wankers we have come across since Greg Roberts. When we think about it, this guys is like the Frankenstein of Australian journalism. It would appear he has the arrogance of Mathew Henderson Hau, the journalistic ethics of Greg Roberts, the bull shitting capabilities of Andy Fleming and Cam Smith, all wrapped into one parcel of shit. No doubt with the correct prompting and reporting he would certainly make the pages of the Columbia Journalism Review for the Worst Journalist of 2015.  If ever a country could ever do with a real watchdog to keep an eye on journalists it is no doubt Australia.

So lets say hello to Andy Flemings pal Luke Mcmahon.

Now its only early days and we have only just started collecting data on this hack. But what we do know so far, is scant.  But we know he originally hailed from the Anti Fascist mecca of Melbourne and it appears he prefers Melbourne's weather than Sydney's.

Luke also has a close relationship with some of our favorite Nation Wreckers, Andy Fleming and Cam Smith.

Its a match made in hell. This truly is a great example of the depth the radical left has infected an already cancerous, bias and corrupted media in Australia.

But lets keep our first post on Luke simple. Lets have a quick look at his investigative journalism credentials.

Oh we noticed Luke. We noticed how bad things truly are when people actually believe the dribble you write.

Oh is it Luke? That seems enough evidence for me to have them rounded up and executed. Its people like you who truly are blinded by their own hatred and lack of knowledge. Lets go.

As people have already seen, the UPF symbol is similar but certainly not Germanic. In fact when we first saw it we knew exactly what it was. Even the most moronic Culture hating lefty would know what it is.  Many having vandalized or destroyed monuments and historical sites around this country, while chanting "Always was always is Aboriginal land" most likely came across this so called "Nazi" symbol.

Possibly this is where Luke gets his Nazi connection from? Obviously the First Fleet, Convict settlers and the Australian Military are all Nazis to these Cultural Marxist.  

Above, proof of Nazi occupation since 1829 in Luke's home town of Sydney.

Luke Mcmahon, proof of Nazi Collaboration with the Australian Army. Scary stuff.

Although not as common as it once was, the Broad Arrow (Symbol of the Nazis) is still in use in the Australian Army and is used to identify Defence (Nazi) owned property.  It has now been embellished by adding two capital letter ‘D's’ (for the Department of Defence) to the broad arrow. In the past, there were occasions where the use of the two capital letters ‘WD’ either side of the arrow to for War Department. Obviously latter examples have been embellished with the SS runes, so Luke will have you believe.

Above. Proof of Luke Mcmahons claim of the Nazi invasion of Australia from the British Free Corp. One of the earliest designs obviously. 

Great detective work Luke Mcmahon, definitive proof that the above hate symbol pictured above is a Nazi Symbol. Where were you during the Nuremberg Trials? You could have been great a witness with your expert knowledge. 

The Australian Media, Entertainment & Arts Association who are the Australian Media Watchdog has a code of ethics. It also has a complaints process as Luke would already know. Although Luke may not be a member, much like Soviet Russia wasn't a signatory to the rules of war in WW2. His editors who print his shit are.   

    Respect for the rights of others

Journalists will educate themselves about ethics and apply the following standards:

1.  Report and interpret honestly, striving for accuracy, fairness and disclosure of all essential facts.  Do not suppress relevant available facts, or give distorting emphasis.  Do your utmost  to give a fair opportunity for reply.

2.  Do not place unnecessary emphasis on personal characteristics, including race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation, family relationships, religious belief, or physical or intellectual disability.

3.  Aim to attribute information to its source.  Where a source seeks anonymity, do not agree without first considering the source's motives and any alternative attributable source.  Where confidences are accepted,  respect them in all circumstances.

4.  Do not allow personal interest, or any belief, commitment, payment, gift or benefit, to undermine your accuracy, fairness or independence.

5.  Disclose conflicts of interest that affect, or could be seen to affect, the accuracy, fairness or independence of your journalism.  Do not improperly use a journalistic position for personal gain.

6.  Do not allow advertising or other commercial considerations to undermine accuracy, fairness or independence.

7.  Do your utmost to ensure disclosure of any direct or indirect payment made for interviews, pictures, information or stories.

8.  Use fair, responsible and honest means to obtain material.  Identify yourself and your employer before obtaining any interview for publication or broadcast.  Never exploit a person's vulnerability or ignorance of media practice.

9.  Present pictures and sound which are true and accurate.  Any manipulation likely to mislead should be disclosed.

10.  Do not plagiarise.

11.  Respect private grief and personal privacy.  Journalists have the right to resist compulsion to intrude.

12.  Do your utmost to achieve fair correction of errors.

Guidance Clause

Basic values often need interpretation and sometimes come into conflict. Ethical journalism requires conscientious decision-making in context. Only substantial advancement of the public interest or risk of substantial harm to people allows any standard to be overridden.

 A quick look at this mugs Twitter account, truly is an eye opener and proof we need a media watchdog with teeth.

Above. As Andy Fleming wrote back in 2014, Luke has his own little group that collects anonymous tales of Nazis. Im sure Andy Fleming and his bum buddy Cam Smith is in constant contact with them 

Like all good Cultural Marxist he has own type of Media Red Brigade, just perfect for disseminating lies and half truths. My bet that membership list is worth looking at.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Abo activist slams Socialist Alternative and its haji leader

This kebab is off Ken Canning's menu

Ken Canning, or Burraga Gutya, is a well-known Aboriginal activist who we do not give two flips about since he is totally irrelevant to us. But it has come to our attention that this left wing brudda has slammed Socialist Alternative and called its haji leader Omar Hassan “self-serving” and accused him of trying to be a “hardcore activist”.

It appears that during the counter protests against the Reclaim Israel rallies in Sydney at Martin Place yesterday Sheik Omar Hassan refused to subscribe to the basic tenets of communal will that he has spent his short life spouting about in the privileged confines of the University of Sydney. No, in fact Ken -- or as he goes by his Abo moniker ‘Burraga Gutya’ (sounds a bit like Barrack Obama if you say it really fast thirty times in a row while drunk) -- has washed his first nations' hands of the little Muzzie blowhard. Ken has even pulled out of next year’s bullshit Socialist Alternative “Marxist Conference”, which promised to be like a gala junkie symposium, only with spoiled middle class brats mouthing bygone political platitudes in between picking their noses, sucking
durries, and raping anarchist women.

Below is Ken’s spray. Crack a tinnie and have a laugh: it’s beaut when the far left implodes for being the dickheads they are; it's a bit like watching bum fights.

Ken Canning
Yesterday at 18:37 · Edited ·

Furious at the end of today's anti racism rally. For once we had good mainstream media coverage with positive interviews happening throughout the day. This was totally ruined at the end by the irresponsible actions of Omar Hassan and some other members of Socialist Alternative Sydney. Despite being told before and during the rally that any movement away from the spot we occupied would lead to trouble, this lot just could not help themselves and had to attempt to break the police lines after the speakers had finished. EVERY speaker today were unanimous in calling for a peaceful rally with no march to take place after. It is alright for you lot to use my photo on your poster to advertise this rally but via Omar you simply refused to listen to not only myself but to all other invited speakers. Omar, you got up quickly at the end and called for a march and your followers blindly went with you (interesting to note that during the confrontation with the police, you were well away from the front line). Now we saw more of that on the news than the positive action that was happening. Good move Omar, good move Socialist Alternative Sydney. Omar, as an activist you make a good garden gnome, your behaviour today and your total disrespect to invited speakers was of more benefit to the Reclaim movement than to our anti racism action. You cannot defend your actions, there are many people who heard many of us trying to tell you a march was simply not on under the day's circumstances, but in your endeavour to be seen as a "hardcore" activist, you disrespected and ignored everyone. I am now formally withdrawing from Socialist Alternatives Marxist conference in Melbourne next March and will not have anything to do with you or your organization again. Put simply, you and your organization put innocent people at risk with your ego driven behaviour. Don't bother replying with any weak excuses, there are no excuses for your behaviour today and that unfortunately was the main talking point of MANY people after you disappeared.


Australian Nationalism is now under Israeli occupation, goyim

Israeli flags were spotted at Sunday’s Reclaim Australia rallies and that should come as no surprise since they have officially replaced the Southern Cross as our national colours. To participate in any sort of patriotic expression in Australia now requires approval from your local rabbi. The Zionist occupying forces controlling Australia’s ‘anti-Islam’ patriot movement requires that before you can express your patriotic devotion to this country you must first recognise Israel and make its enemies your own. This is why anyone who criticizes Israel, or points out the hypocrisy of paying deference to a nation pivotal in helping generate Moslem mass-migration, must be suitably labelled in a fashion that effectively ostracises them from attending events where they may promote a view counter to that of the Zionist occupying forces of the Australian patriot movement.

Because the truth is that anyone who does not support the state of Israel is un-Australian. Only a galah does not know that there is little more dead-set dinky-di than gefilte fish and cream-cheese bagels. To argue otherwise makes you a supporter of Islam and a terrorist. It might even make you a Nazi, and everybody knows that Hitler converted to Islam and used to force Eva Braun to wear a hijab. There was no greater supporter of the Grand Mufti during World War 2 than Adolf Hitler. He used to miss meetings with his generals because he had to stop and pray to the Aryan god of Allah about 38 times per day. If you do not believe that, then just check-out any Facebook page run by the Israeli-controlled anti-Islam movement in Australia and there should be at least one fully factual reference to this absolute and incontrovertible historical fact.

So Shalom, cobber; a true nationalist knows that loving Australia begins by loving Israel. One has to put Israel first because they are the traditional enemy of Islam. They are forever involving western nations in their battles against Moslems, so a better authority and a more solid opponent of Islam could not be had. But that is just the way it is from now on, goyim, and you better get used to it. Because when you are dealing with patriots you need only wave a flag, mutter a few words against Islam, and suggest that anyone who does not agree that Islam is the greatest threat to this nation IS in fact a Moslem  themselves. Nothing bar Islam is a problem for Australia and multiracialism was working beautifully up until the Islamic extremists came along and made a mess of it all.
But... wait... no... surely those big stars of David prominently displayed at Perth's Reclaim Rally yesterday are AUSSIE flags, goyim?
Those racists who attach themselves to the movement, with the intent of trying to convince other goyim to do racism are working for the Islamic terrorists. As the kosher-certified head of the Catch the Fire ministries, the all-Aussie Danny Nalliah said, “Multiculturalism is bad, multiracialism is good.” And that’s the way it has to be, goyim, because if it wasn’t for gullible nations like yours Israel would be multicultural and that is never going to happen. What is good for you, goyim, is not good for Israel. Jews are an ancient people and god’s chosen ones; you do not think for a minute that they could sully their own bloodlines or even run that risk by having a Babylon of races running amok in their holy land?

No way, goyim. Just you remember, Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi oi oi. That’s all you need to know.
These are the true Moslems, goyim!

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Waleed Aly and his crypto Muzzie squeeze; another Moslem Media Muppet
I couldn’t help but notice the UPF’s post on their FB page challenging Waleed Aly to debate UPF confrère Philip Al Masry. This was in response to the Sunni Moslem former head of public affairs for the Islamic Council of Victoria’s pro-Islamic speech on the sucktacious hipster newstainment program The Project.

The self-serving spray from the Mohammedan Muppet, in which he dismissed ISIS as no big deal and suggested the greatest terror threat to Australia is Pauline Hanson, was championed all over the liberal establishment media. The ABC, The Guardian, Fairfax Media and all the other elite shapers of public opinion creamed their tranny-panties over Aly’s feelgood editorial about Islamic State and the massacre in Paris. They raved about this viral-global speech and just about put up the rainbow bunting.

Naturally, this ran afoul of the patriotic sensibilities of our mates at the UPF—and rightly so—which is how come they called Aly out to the ideological mat to pit his Sunni dogma against an unrepentant Aussie patriot.

The trouble is, on both sides of the now well-pronounced ideological divide created by the terror cult of Islam the focus is on the message. But Aly’s speech was not the message, the message was Waleed Aly himself.

Now, ask for a minute, what the fuck is the media? Is it good, is it bad, does it have it right, does it have it wrong? You’ll come away with answers, but all of them will miss the point that the media is a corporate entity. A fine documentary from many years back titled The Corporation (Zeitgeist Films, 2003) addressed the subject of corporate practises as though the corporation itself were an individual person. They applied the diagnostic criteria of a celebrated professor of psychology who advises the FBI and found that the corporation exhibited all the signs of a psychopathic personality.

Fairfax, News Corps, CBS, CNN, you name it they are corporations with no human empathy but merely a desire to drive ratings and make enormous profits for their shareholders. But they have also served a traditional political purpose, too, and that is to uphold the narrative of the government and the system which it supports.

Waleed Aly IS multiculturalism, and right now multiculturalism is on the ropes because of Islam. But the same way that France won’t do the only logical thing to avoid the inevitable societal breakdown by getting out of the Middle East and taking the Middle East the fuck out of France, we won’t either. So we need then to have Islam repackaged and sold to us via a friendly good-humour man, and that salesman is Waleed Aly. He IS diversity personified; he IS Islam; erudite, charming, intelligent and entertaining (well, Islam is the opposite of all those things, but you get the drift) and no threat at all. Not like that diabolical Pauline Hanson and her hordes of suicide bombers.

Like we nationalists always say, don’t bother with the symptom, take a surgeon’s scalpel and go right to the cause. In this case, it is the same thing. To take down Waleed, one has to take down the whole stinking system that is feeding him. When that system goes down it takes Islam and everything else with it. The entire apparatus that beams Waleed's poo-stick head into living rooms all around the country, is the same system that is trading Australia away for the eternal shekel, which is the alternate currency and idol of everything carnal and venal.  Waleed embodies the very deception of this system; and there is no debating either of them.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

War On Terror, full steam ahead.

You simply must take the time and watch this video.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Are you a Conhead?

Or maybe you are are a Anticon? 

If you follow this blog no doubt you are the later.

So what is this new description? What is this new strategy from Blair Cottrell? What ever it is, we like it. I must say 2015 has been full of surprises. Please watch the video below, you will agree.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

France Terror Attacks.

The struggle will continue, our thoughts are with the victims and their families. We hope France will rise above this and light the flame of freedom for all of us to follow.  
Liberté from Whitelaw Towers on Vimeo.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Conversation On History. Who Loved Islam The Most?

I truly do get a bit sick and tired of false quotes, memes, stretching of the truth to fit an agenda. In particular ones concerning Islam and Hitler. The notion of Hitler and the National Socialists being converts to Islam. Or the comparison of Islam and National Socialism by Anti Islamic groups, verges on absolute stupidity.
Fight for Israel or die with Islam, Pamela Geller. Either way Europeans die.

One thing the people who repeat this rubbish have in common is a love for the poor embattled Nation State of Israel. 

Many books have been written on the subject of Nazis and Islam over the past 10 years. I first heard about it from the infamous Jew and anti Islam advocate, Pamela Geller. Pamela who is famous for calling on Israel to Nuke all of Europe should Iran target Israel, is a hero and leading light in anti Islamic circles.  “And I pray dearly that in the ungodly event that Tehran or its jihadi proxies (Hez’Ballah, Hamas, etc.) target Israel with a nuke, that she retaliate with everything she has at Tehran, Mecca, Medina……not to mention Europe. They exterminated all their Jews, but that wasn’t enough. These monsters then went on to import the next generation of Jew-killers.” She is hardly a source of truth and justice as many of the anti Islam groups would have you believe. She actually does have friends who have the capability to wipe everyone out.

In fact if we go by the same yard stick used by "Historians" and Pam, who claim Islam and Nazis were in league with each other. Well I'm afraid I have some bad news to report to all the infidels out there. That siding with Islam is a lot more believable if you swap the Axis powers with Allied Powers. Even more so today, as the relationship with the Western Powers and Islam is even stronger.

Hitler making secret deals with Islamic Terrorist

Donald Rumsfeld making secret deals with Islamic Terrorist.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair making deals with Islamic Terrorist

George W Bush making deals with Islamic Terrorists
Its easy to roll out old propaganda pics with Hitler shaking hands with the Mufti and add any comment you like. But a little investigation shows time and time again that people who push this post war propaganda are majority Jewish. You see comparing Nazis to Islam fits the Jewish narrative of calling upon the Holohoax to create pity and guilt for Israel. Its easy to kill a Muslim if its a Nazi Muslim. Certainly at a time when the public would appear to be still at war with the evil Nazis 70 years after the surrender. 

All manner of Axis and Allied leaders and High Ranking Military personal met with all types of Monsters to bolster or support the war effort in WW2. Something that still happens to this very day.

Just a couple of figures to think about, all easily Googled if anyone would like to check.
  1. 15000 Muslims Served with German forces during WW2 in the Wehrmacht and the SS
  2. 150,000 Jews served with German Forces during WW2, even attaining High Ranks in the Wehrmacht. 
Emil Maurice Hitlers Jewish Body Guard. A watchmaker by trade, Maurice was a close early associate of Adolf Hitler; their personal friendship dated back to at least 1919 when they were both members of the German Workers Party (DAP).[1] With the founding of the Sturmabteilung in 1920, Maurice became the first Oberster SA-Führer (Supreme SA Leader).
In 1923 Maurice also became a member of the Stabswache (Staff Guard), a small separate bodyguard dedicated to Hitler's service rather than "a suspect mass" of the party, such as the SA.[2] It was given the task of guarding Hitler at Nazi parties and rallies. Later that year, the unit was renamed Stoßtrupp (Shock Troop) 'Adolf Hitler

So on those figures alone and on twisting around historical FACTS, its possible to say that Hitler and Germany were pro Jewish and Anti Zionist. All it needs is someone like Pamela to say its so. 

My point, see how easy it is to manipulate historical facts for what ever agenda you are pushing. Its even easier if you own the Media and control the flow of information. Its even easier again with the advent of Face Book and people who will believe anything they are told if it makes them feel better about themselves. Hating Muslims is easier when you compare them to Nazis. Hey don't get me wrong, I'm not defending Islam by any stretch, I'm simply defending the truth. 

As for Hitlers quotes on Islam, lets put them into context. Hitler admired strength. He spoke only a few times on various subjects such as Islam and Bushido, the Japanese Warrior code. He admired them for their fighting spirit, but he lamented over the fact that Modern Christianity weakens the mind and the fighting spirit of  his people. Although that remark is also only based on an observation from another book.  His supposed claim about Christianity could very well be spot on. Considering Christians are one of the driving forces behind mass Immigration and the growth of Islam in the West.  Between them and the Reds we simply don't stand a chance. This fact alone, well known by our current overlords, is put to great use.

Now some more figures.
  1. Nearly half a Million Muslims Served in the Indian army during WW2 under British Command. 
  2. The majority of the French Army in North Africa were Muslim. 
  3. It was these French Muslims who raped and pillage through Italy and were later found guilty of multiple war crimes against Italian civilians. It was French Muslim troops from Morocco who also were given a free hand in Southern Germany to do the same thing in the final days of WW2.
  4. Over 4 million Muslims fought against Germany with the Allied powers, even landing on the beaches on D Day. Saving Private Mustafa anyone.
So it would appear on paper the Muslims fought overwhelmingly for the Allies. In fact the Muslims who fought for the Axis powers did not fight with them because Islam and National Socialism share the same philosophy. They fought with the Germans because they were anti Empire or for historical and cultural reasons. Of course that does not fit an the agenda at play when it comes to the Middle East and the Western Powers.

So lets look at someone who actually admired Islam and very nearly became a convert. The war time hero, or war criminal, Winston Churchill. You recall him? You should, he sent the Anzacs to their death at Gallipoli.
The Jews, by contrast, Churchill regarded
As a “sinister confederacy… for the overthrow of civilization”
In his book ‘Great Contemporaries,’
Published in 1937, Churchill describes Hitler
As “a highly competent, cool, well-informed functionary
With an agreeable manner.”
In the same book he savagely attacks Leon Trotsky.
‘What was wrong with Trotsky?’ He asked rhetorically.
“He was still a Jew.” Churchill replied,
“Nothing could get over that.

Source. He is indelibly associated with the fight to preserve Britain and its Empire from Nazi invasion and his subsequent denouncement of Soviet totalitarianism’s Iron Curtain.

In the public eye, Sir Winston Churchill’s long political career earned him a place among the greatest of Britons.

But what may come as a surprise is that he was a strong admirer of Islam and the culture of the Orient — such was his regard for the Muslim faith that relatives feared he might convert.

The revelation comes with the discovery of a letter to Churchill from his future sister-in-law, Lady Gwendoline Bertie, written in August 1907, in which she urges him to rein in his enthusiasm.

In the letter, discovered by Warren Dockter, a history research fellow at Cambridge University, she pleads: “Please don’t become converted to Islam; I have noticed in your disposition a tendency to orientalise [fascination with the Orient and Islam], Pasha-like tendencies, I really have.”

In a letter to Lady Lytton in the same year Churchill wrote: “You will think me a pasha [rank of distinction in the Ottoman Empire]. I wish I were.”

Churchill’s fascination led him and his close friend Wilfrid S. Blunt, the poet and radical supporter of Muslim causes, to dressing in Arab clothes in private while in each other’s company. Dr Dockter said of the letter from Lady Gwendoline: “Churchill had fought in Sudan and on the North West frontier of India so had much experience on being in 'Islamic

Not only did Churchill appear to regard Islam and Christianity as equals – a surprisingly progressive notion for the time – but he also admired the military prowess and history of expansion of the Ottoman Empire.

In October 1940, as Britain faced its darkest hour against Nazi Germany, Churchill approved plans to build a mosque in central London and set aside £100,000 for the project. He continued to back the building of what became the London Central Mosque in Regent’s Park – which he hoped would win support for Britain in the Muslim world at a crucial moment – even in the face of public criticism.

In December 1941, he told the House of Commons: “Many of our friends in Muslim countries all over the East have already expressed great appreciation of this gift.”

So once again if we make a simple comparison between Hitler and Churchill...

  1. Hitler admired the fighting spirit of Islam and the warrior code of Bushido. Hitler did not wish to be a Muslim.
  2. Churchill admired the fighting spirit of Islam and not only respected Islam but romanticized it.
  3. Hitler, well the SS and Wehrmacht, utilized 15000 Muslims during WW2. Hitler also had a Jewish Bodyguard and 150,000 Jews fighting in the Wehrmacht during WW2
  4. Churchill had over 4 million Muslims fighting for the British Empire alone and despised Jews.
  5. Hitler lost the war and Germany was then punished by the allies allowing Muslims 3 days to rape and murder at will.
  6. Churchill and the Allies won the war. These victorious countries now have a policy of replacing the native populations with Islamic refugees. 
  7. Comments attributed to Hitler concerning Islam and Muslims are from personal conversations, later repeated and printed in a book. No official proof of Islam and Nazi collaboration for world domination can be shown.
  8. Churchill never denied his feelings for Islam and historical proof exists. The Western Powers have made hundreds and thousands of deals with Islamic countries and are collaborating with them in allowing them to settle our homelands. Are they Nazis also?

 "I do not admit,” Churchill said
“That any great wrong has been done
To the Red Indians
Of America,
Or the black people of Australia
By the fact that a
Stronger race,
A higher grade race has come in
And taken its place”

Nazis, yes they're the problem.

Monday, November 09, 2015

Mutually Assured Destruction

Mutually assured destruction, or (MAD), is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of high-yield weapons of mass destruction by two or more opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender

This will be long and choc full of bad news and good news for some. Just depends what you do from here. But speaking for this Blog and the people who tirelessly support it and contribute we can say the Party (sic) is over. 

By now many would have seen the video featuring Jim Saleam from The Australia First Party in the company of  others in what could only be viewed as the biggest political blunder of his life. No doubt this video will go down in nationalist history as day the Zionist ripped the already wounded pro White nationalist party in Australia apart. 

Under Jim's leadership, the Party has grown, and then withered on the vine. Indeed, it has fallen. There are many reasons it has taken this descent, and thus far it has survived by the sheer determination and stubbornness on Jim's part, as well as that of his faithful Sydney-based followers. But today we must call it the end of an era, even though it's highly unlikely -- given that otherwise admirable quality of stubbornness -- that Jim or his faithful clique will concede this resounding loss. More power to them.
After wasting many years fighting off the kosher Israeli flag-wavers and the diversity-without-Islam brigade, many have said enough is enough. Our flagship, if you can call it that, has taken a huge unrecoverable blow in our eyes.

Although this battle started back in 2006-07 with the split of the party from then member Darrin Hodges, it appeared that the battle had been won and the world had moved on. After their failed attempt to move the party from a hard-line nationalist position to a hard-line party of crypto conservatives, the leaders of this putsch created the Australian Protectionist Party. This party was seen for what it was, and failed in all attempts to garner support. All it managed to do was to slow down the progress of Australia First, who wasted nearly five years putting down the APP's incessant attacks. 

The Australia Protectionist Party, sensing defeat, had its own little night of the long knives and re-merged as Nick Folkes' Party For Freedom. The PFF were left to their own devices, which proved to be a big mistake on the part of the AFP. Thanks to the global 'war on terror' and the ever increasing threat of Islamic terror attacks in Australia, PFF found themselves in a position to cash in on the paranoia that exists today. In January this year, the animosity that had been quietly fomenting between AFP and PFF increased. First it appeared on Stomfront's 'down under' forum; perpetuated by a new vanguard of Hollywood Nazis called Squadron 88. The provocations were immediately seen for what they were. The same old lies and tactics employed by the Australian Protectionist Party on the same forum were once again being rolled out against Australia First and its leader. This happened at a time when the then moderator of SFDU, who was sympathetic to the AFP, and who would have been wise to this charade, was shown the door for reasons that we don't want to touch.

This left the new moderator, who isn't even based in Australia, to try and understand what was going on; a difficult task at best, let alone with no idea of the history involved. So with this it was decided on mass that key figures would abandon these forums and let S88 die. This tactic worked and basically limited their attacks. It was a case of carry on without SFDU, and all was fine once again.

At the time it was widely known that the leader of S88 had been trying to sell his hardcore Hollywood Nazi circus all over Australia and New Zealand. It was also known that they not only had regular meetings with the Party for Freedom, but Nick Folkes was good friends with the leadership. As you would already know, we demonstrated beyond a shadow of doubt that this Hollywood Nazi club was just a front for the PFF. Every legit WN and NS group in Australia and New Zealand soon put them on notice and they vanished just as quick as they appeared.  But not before being rolled out for the media.

PFF leader Nick Folkes is a man for whom credibility doesn't answer the phone

Concurrently, Reclaim Australia had started to gain momentum. They grew so fast that even Nick Folkes was taken aback. Their anti-Islam rallies with ten or twenty hokey dingbats in attendance, were being overshadowed by the thousands now taking to the streets in disgust over Australia's absurd policy of aiding and abetting the spread of Islam in this country.

The PFF were so desperate to gain the numbers to ride the anti-Islam wave that they started inviting the now already disgraced members from S88 to bolster their demos. Much to the amusement of White nationalists across Australia, seeing the Star of David being waved around by the Party for Freedom with Hollywood Nazis truly offered the media a story, or so they thought. But all of this was ignored. 

So it was pointed out time and time again by this blog and Australia First that these Nazis going to the Rallies were Nick's lads. The dream of trying to get White nationalists to support his pissy little sideshow through S88 was a well recognised joke. The bait simply was not taken by any serious nationalist, and much was made out of this. 
Squadron 88's "Mark " at the front in his 30-degree bomber jacket, the ideal summer wear, actually lives with a member of Nick Folkes' Party for Freedom. Rent Free.

Yet, it only gets better. The rally held in Melbourne by the UPF and their growing number of supporters were also a threat to Nick, and by now, his controllers. On that morning when the bus waited to be filled with Aussies travelling to the Melbourne rally, more than just patriots were boarding. Included on the passenger checklist was Ross "The Skull" May, and his S88 cohorts. Ross May is infamous in Australian WN lore. Much has been made about Ross's relationship with Jim Saleam, which stretches back to the 1970s. This association has always been a persistent albatross around the collective neck of Jim and the AFP. But wouldn't you know,  Ross was being trotted out as S88's figurehead. 

Who was it that ushered him on the bus? Well, that was Nick "I hate Nazis" Folkes. Nick and his new BFF Ralph Cerminara later videoed Ross and Mark after pulling the bus over near Albury mid-morning and turfing them off into the freezing cold in the middle of nowhere. Nick and Ralph did this to show off their anti-Nazi credentials to a mass audience. However, two other S88 members were permitted to stay aboard and complete the journey. One of these is a Sydneysider named Clive. He is the inseparable buddy and neighbour of "Slasher", who is best described as a cross-between an acid-casualty and Davros. Slasher gets about Sydney in a disability scooter plastered with NS symbols. His mechanism is fully shot, and he persists in this life as a sort of failed medical experiment that nobody has had the heart to put out of its misery.
A much more handsome version of Sydney 'Nazi' freak show attraction Slasher
If only Nick's parents had used one of these.
Nick Folkes exploring the erotic possibilities of his anus with the help of an Arab flag.
Party for Israel.
Howard Crawford (L, middle row) the Liberal party muckraker behind Nick Folkes, with Mark of S88, and Clive.

All of his business was well-known in nationalist circles. And yet Andy Fleming, his Antifa droogs, along with the mainstream media, managed to overlook these salient aspects of what was a significant news item with highly evasive skills. However, this was not surprising, as everyone has been watching the rise of the UPF, and lost sight of the side players.

And now to the ‘that’ video, released today by Nick “I hate all Nazis except S88” Folkes… Four years ago, for reasons known only to him and the devil himself, Jim and his entourage decided to pay Slasher a visit. The equivalency of this act would be like David Duke popping in to have a beer with me. However, what’s done is done, and the alcohol-fuelled spirit of that video is now impossible to convey in its rightful context, given the setting, and the poor choice of company. In effect, it amounts to Jim Saleam’s political death. Jim will release his own video, explaining what transpired and coming back with his counter claims – which will expose much of the hypocrisy surrounding the Judas Goat Nick Folkes – but for Jim the damage is beyond repair, at least to the mind of this humble blogger.

This video, which has passed from Slasher’s phone, allegedly to an S88 member (Clive) and back to Folkes (another indication of the company Folkes keeps while crying loudly with his mate Ralph Cerminara about how they hate “Nazis) is not only a death blow to Jim, but for the time being, nationalist politics also. Nick Folkes will NEVER be let off the hook for this gross act of betrayal to White Australia, and yet race betrayal is something that Nick is a master at. But now he has sabotaged a party that has struggled against the very odds to defend the idea of Australian independence. In the meantime, using an Aussie flag like a hypnotist’s watch, Folkes has been able to lull the even weaker minds that surround him into a cabal claiming to be patriots, but who are only really patriotic to the state of Israel, through their associations.

Clive fancies himself as a national socialist. Well, he’s really earned his party badge with this act. He handed the death of a nationalist party to the Zionists as if he was giving away a cigarette.

Of course, Jim Saleam cannot be excused for keeping company with the very individuals he knew to be treading between both worlds. It shows a puzzling lack of judgement on his part, and a disastrous choice of consorts. Hollywood Nazis that hang with race traitors that support the very Israel that S88 were once infamously handing out flyers opposing are obviously not the greatest allies to take into your confidence.

This is how things play out in the toxic waste-pit called Sydney where exhibits in a freak show are more reasonable than the social cripples which inhabit what passes for nationalism in that state.

Clive (R) -- the NS skinhead who allegedly helped the Jews cripple nationalism. Perhaps all that heat from wearing a bomber jacket in 30-degree heat out in Sydney's west finally broiled what was left of his brain.

Just to add insult injury, we can't help but note with irony how these kosher clowns used the 92nd anniversary of Hitler's coup d'état, commonly known as the Beer Hall Putsch, to carry out their sabotage of Australian Nationalism. Those funny Jews, always with the jokes.

In closing we would like to say the following things. If by some miracle Australia First survives this PR disaster and rises from the ashes like a Phoenix, we pray it doesn't rise out of the toxic soup of nationalism that is the Sydney scene. We hope those who stay and fight with the embattled leadership can affect real change and drag Australia First out of the 1980s mindset; becoming more relevant for the new up-and-coming nationalists who will grow in numbers over the following years. 

We know Jim will fight until the bitter end and most likely outlive us all like a nationalist Keith Richards. As for ourselves, we will continue to fight the good fight in exposing the enemy who has had a hand in this sustained attack. But we are realists. 

Up until today we saw signs of progress. But we simply don't have another three years to spare. Nick Folkes' Party For Diversity Minus-Islam, will be swallowed up by Liberty Alliance and other spin offs from the Reclaim movement. It has been apparent that they were never in this for any other reason but to sideline White nationalism. Let them drift away like a turd in the ocean, but put them on notice! Their day will come one way or another; the past ten years of treachery will hit them like a brick in the face. When the back-slapping and high-fiving has finished, some time down the road, they will be paid-back ten-fold. I know, as I will be there to see it. 

In the meantime, let's look forward to 2016 and start taking ground back. I wish AFP and my mate Jim the best of luck. I have a feeling they will battle on, just not with us at their side. It's time for some positive nationalism, far removed from the mess that always flows out of the nationalist rabble of Sydney. We strive for greener pastures, far removed from the kosher clowns and their pantomime theaters in suburban Sydney. 

We have held back this article, waiting for Jim to upload the video reply he made the night before Folkes floated the footage from Slasher's.We are sure that Jim will have a lot more to say on this on this topic in coming weeks.

We will keep you posted.