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An Australian traitor being recognised for his efforts to feminise the army and cuck the nation

The Australian of the Year has been a joke for so long now that they might as well just float it offshore and let the first people smuggler that sails along have it. It should instead be called the Politically Correct Hero of the year Award.

The award is not representative of Australians, because it has often represented those who have dedicatedly pursued anti-Australian activities, such as cry-baby ape-impersonator Adam Goodes, who won it last year for bravely standing up to a 13-year-old girl and her disabled mother for heckling him.

This year the useless lump of metal goes to a politically correct army-homo who wants all ranks of the military to be run by women and queers, and who is now an advocate for quotas for Asians in top ranking positions. That is a bit like a Chinaman arguing there should be more Caucasians running things in China, but hey, this is the anti-White world we live in.

Former Lieutenant General David Morrison is about as un-Australian as they come. He is the globalist Australian; this animal that has been especially bred in Jewish laboratories to correspond with a mix of Marxist philosophy and global capitalist intentions. You would think a former Chief of Army's interest would be the defence of Australian sovereignty against invasion; not advocating a complete Asian takeover.

During his time running the army, he managed to pay for trannies to have sex changes; fund homos in the service to fly out to the Mardis Gras; and he wanted Aussie soldiers to run away if Moslems threatened them domestically.

One wonders where these maniacs get their energy to pursue their anti-White agendas, but they seem to be full of it.

News Corps, which is itself a major part of the problem, reports:

NEWLY minted Australian of the Year David Morrison made clear three areas he wanted to push for progress when accepting the honour earlier this week.

But the former Chief of Army has revealed to a less publicised pursuit he plans to use his platform for.

Continuing Rosie Batty’s fight against domestic violence is a priority for retired Lieutenant General Morrison, as is severing our national ties to Britain’s monarchy and continuing to battle for gender equality and chip away at the glass ceiling.

But Mr Morrison has another diversity issue in his sights — another barrier to professional advancements with its own catchy and confrontingly fitting label — the “bamboo ceiling”.

It’s the Asian equivalent of the invisible glass ceiling that has kept women out of positions of power for so long. The fact such a term exists is proof in itself of systemic racism that’s stopping Asian Australians from advancing to top jobs, and according to Gen Morrison, it’s something corporate Australia needs to face up to.

While people with Asian ethnic origin make up close to 10 per cent of all Australians, they account for less than two per cent of senior executive position in ASX 200 companies.

And when you look at the figures, Gen Morrison says, it’s not only racist, but bad business.

Just give 'em a flag to wave and they're an Aussie: it's THAT simple
Yes, it’s racist to not make sure that your country is not representative of every other country on earth. It is racist if your identity is not subjugated to a polyglot of cultural identities, which serves no purpose other than to erode the dominance of the parent culture. But more to the point, matey is now a businessman, espousing the ‘business ethics’ (a contradictory term we just invented to highlight the hypocrisy) that it is “bad business”. He must mean unlike the “good business” of selling off our ports to the Chinese; and entering into agreements that grant China economic hegemony over our nation.

 “When you think about the fact that seven out of Australia’s top 10 export markets are in Asia, it constitutes about 66 per cent of our total market, that more than 50 per cent of the world’s population and its consumer demand is $10m a year, all I’m saying as the Australian of the Year is, hey, we can do better,” he told
“This can be as much about enhancing corporate capability as well as being more inclusive.”
That’s right, Bok Choy – so in the name of business Australia should become Asian because, well, business comes before the people it supposedly serves.

Research released by the Diversity Council of Australia, of which Gen Morrison is chair, showed even among the most diversity-conscious employers, only 4.9 of senior executive positions were filled by Asian born Australians despite them accounting for 9.3 per cent of the nation’s labour force.

While Asian people were overrepresented in entry level positions, the numbers thinned out further up the management chain.

Close to a third (30 per cent) of Asian talent intended to leave their employer in the next year, the 2014 report found. One in four of those intending to resign cited negative cultural diversity as an influence on their decision.

So, the reasoning is that since we’ve been totally invaded by Asians already we are racist for not also making them our leaders.

Though it’s become a leading selection criterion in progressive companies, the consideration of candidates “cultural fit” in an organisation or position was found to be culturally biased as it results in existing leaders falling into the trap of “unconsciously promoting in their own image”.

Only 18 per cent of Asian talent felt their workplace was free of cultural diversity biases and stereotypes, and many reported they often felt stereotypes and had incorrect assumptions made about their background, leadership capability, English proficiency and age.

Much like his well documented exposure to gender inequality with female soldiers opening his eyes to the difficulties women face in male-dominated institutions, Gen Morrison conceded he was not aware of the challenges Asian Australians faced in the corporate world.


Oh, pardon us, then. Asian FEELS are hurt. It obviously hasn’t hurt their feelings to crawl out of the festering rice bowls they fled from, or abandoned like traitors, but the fact that there is still a spirit of Australianness clinging on for dear life is a matter of offence for these noodle eating bastards.

Was never born here, but 'cos he's Asian he gets $300,000 a year to call Aussies racists

Race Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane has been leading the discussion on breaking through the bamboo ceiling, and praised Gen Morrison for bringing it to public attention.

“When people hear about diversity, their minds immediately go to gender. I’m sure you’ve heard of the glass ceiling and gender diversity, but diversity also concerns race, disability, sexual orientation to name a few, but until people experience those issue themselves or are directed towards a conversation, it can be difficult to grasp or have less urgency,” he said.

“Despite people of Asian background being celebrated as a model minority the top students in the HSC, the students who perform well at university, you’ll find people of diverse Asian backgrounds are represented, but this doesn’t follow through to the top levels.

“This goes to the heart of the question of why organisations don’t promote the best talent. If they don’t, they won’t do as well as they should and our society misses out because people won’t fulfil their potential.

“It’s encouraging to see David Morrison raise these issues in the national conversation in the few days that he’s been Australian of the Year and it does highlight why this is an issue for monitory groups,” he said.

Dr Soutphommasane has advocated for companies to record ethnicity or cultural background of employees, and encouraged business to see a potential business case for cultural diversity.
For anyone not familiar with this alien specimen, he is a French-born Laotian with no ties to this country other than he turned up one day with a privileged swag of degrees and the Australian government gave him $300,000 a year of taxpayer money to tell Aussies how racist they are. Yes, it is a meaningless position, but one wonders where he gets the sheer chutzpah to waffle on about how badly Asians are treated when he is a fine example of an invader who just breezed along on the basis of their Asian-ness.

While he does find the lack of representation of Asian Australians in top jobs concerning, Gen Morrison says he’s optimistic about the issue, and hopes he can make a difference by drawing attention to it.

“There is so much opportunity and it doesn’t come about by talking about it, it comes about by action,” he says.

“Things are becoming better for women in Australia, but I don’t think there would be too many women who would say that we’ve come far enough at this stage. (The bamboo ceiling) is another one to look at. We clearly have a long way to go so we need to look at what are the possibilities we need to put in place to make it happen.”
So General Morrison, the disgusting traitor, is obsessed like a skinny 20-year-old undergraduate with every social justice issue that the globalist system can throw up. And it’s no wonder since before joining the military he studied his bachelor of arts. He disgraced Australia when he set about cucking the armed forces in his own cucked image, and now he wants invaders officially in charge of everything.
He is also obsessed with being dominated by women, and he might be a fag because he has never married.

Yep, he is right on top of his White Genocide and loving it.


karen liddel said...

Succinct and to the point... nailed it again!

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I remember when this turd was LtCol Morrison! Us diggers didn't think much of him back then either! He has shown his true colours now....traitor!