Friday, January 29, 2016


Ralph happened to be handy when the Black Rose bookshop had its windows smashed, which to this day haven't been repaired
Last night the infamous Ralph Cerminara and fellow patriot Daniel Evans were assaulted by five anarchists as they came back from a restaurant in Sydney’s Enmore.  Dan was with his wife, Ralph was with his girlfriend.

We refer to the account provided by the UPF’s Blair Cottrell, who said that Ralph and Dan were recognised as they passed the bookshop on Enmore Road, which is a two minute walk from Sydney’s King Street. A piece of anarchist filth, lurking in the doorway, recognised the two and alerted those inside.

The group now five-strong emerged and attacked the two patriots with “bats and poles”. Dan was hit over the head and repeatedly stabbed in the side of the head with a broken fluorescent tube. Ralph and Dan retreated to the nearby petrol station where Dan threw a plastic water bottle at the junkie street-trash, possibly offering them the first bath they would have had in months. Meanwhile, the two women were crying out for help.

The police came, and two of these pieces of ant-White, anti-Australian faeces were arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm, while Dan was whisked off to hospital for his cuts. The filth then visited him in hospital and charged him with affray for having the criminal audacity to attempt to defend himself with a plastic bottle.

Blair’s commentary on the UPF video involves deliberate falsehoods and inaccuracies in the biased reporting by left-wing ABC journalist Jessica Kidd.
Jessica Kid, the ABC's hired lefty liar obviously likes the look of herself
Without going into that, which can be viewed on Blair’s video, we here at WLT’s Truth Inc. ™ want to suggest what really happened.

Ralph has previously hit the Black Rose bookshop, figuratively speaking. He can be seen here in a random video taken last year provoking the Trotskyites within the Black Rose Bookshop.

We suggest that he and Dan were out to provoke again last night and just bit off more than they were expecting. The probability factor is too high for such a scenario, and these guys’ track records do not point to anything else. There is an upcoming patriot rally in Canberra, and this looks like a nice stunt that works to their propaganda, but given that we are serious nationalists, we do not support Ralph Cerminara, Shermon Burgess, or any dicky Reclaimer in any way, shape or form.

We do however take the opportunity to draw people’s attention to the Black Rose Bookshop and identify it as the source of ALL militant leftist, anti-White, and anti-Australian propaganda activity in the inner-western suburbs of Sydney.
If you are a Sydney nationalist, be very aware of these things. Which is why the main things we extrapolate from this story are the chance to name two of the anarchists involved, who are the hoity sounding Christian Enright and Montgomery Strange. We have the Facebook page of the former, and we note that he identifies himself with Moslem identity. The other is to show people what a biased lefty hack journalist looks like. If you read the link we have highlighted to the story you should have a vested interested in trolling this bint on general principle alone. Oh, and here is Christina's Facebook page:

Finally, we call for nationalists to report any incident to WLT where they are harassed or intimidated, or more realistically pestered by the junkie scum at Black Rose.
Ralph argues with local unwashed non-Australian left wing blowhard outside Black Rose Bookshop


Anonymous said...

You can say what you want about Ceminara, but he's got balls and he gets right in their face, often alone. I tip my hat to you, Mr C.

karen liddel said...

^^^ for sure... remained calm and collected whilst getting belted with weapons by the four unwashed (Christian Enright) swinging like a pussy again.... even managed a chuckle in the face of adversity.

Black Rose now closed down and the crack-head unwashed no doubt back to their parent's spare room all anarchic like...