Sunday, January 24, 2016

Blair Cottrell: glorious leader

Our glorious leader
It takes a magical mix of elements to form a true leader. Blair Cottrell has them all and more. What we have with Blair is an Aussie alpha male, with a fierce intellect, and a power of conviction that makes even the staunchest patriot melt in insignificance before his fire. Blair is the poet-warrior, and unlike the unrelenting slew of pretenders that come before the Aussie patriot scene to offer themselves up as leadership, Blair is not a self-publicising dick like the Nick Folkes’ and Danny Nalliahs of this world. This heroic young Australian man was sent to us to lead FOR REAL.

 As a nationalist, one might ask why I should support him. Well, Whitelaw Towers Kingmakers Inc™ isn’t about to assign him a label that he might not wish for, but we are pretty sure that our two planets move around the same sun. Take his ‘Islamic everything’ as a metaphor for ‘multiculturalism’ and you can understand that his politic approach is learned from having carefully watched the failures of successive nationalist attempts at change. He treads on familiar ground, because he has seen where strangeness queers the honourable attempts at enlightenment. He understands sympathetically the capacity for his people to follow the logical curve of all the steps necessary to comprehend the hideous struggle that faces them. He will do it softly-softly, toe-by-toe, and not lose his patience. Even his apparent deficits of tolerance, such as his catchphrase “I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but” video qualifiers are stated with a fully briefed purpose.

Australia waited, God answered our call. Now it's just up to us
Blair IS entirely aware of all the ancillary factors that have led Australia into this phase of globalist occupation. What Blair reveals in his video, only truly discloses what he hasn’t exposed and what waits in store for him to showcase as another mammoth insight and revelation. Somewhere there is a great carving on a mountainside, and one day it will be set as a monument because it bears the prophecy of Blair’s name. He is the promised one: the prodigal son and the glorious leader. Yes, America has Donald Trump, and Australia has Blair Cottrell, and if the gods loved Australia that man would be fast-tracked into the highest office for the benefit of us all.

In a handful of months this strapping young lad, with his United Patriots Front, has marched the Aussie Alt-Right into territory it could never have imagined it would occupy and we wager his supporters probably do not even comprehend the significance of right now. He is a walking headline. The man’s touch sets off sparks, and there is almost a psycho-sexual fascination being displayed for him by the media, which at once loathes him on its bogus ideological grounds, but displays a kind of masochist desire to see him dominate them. Nobody has shut up the communist kids as satisfyingly as Blair. Nobody has shown the sheer nads he and the UPF has. Nobody has struck so deep into the heart of the enemy, and come away with their drippy, gooey entrails to show us how truly weak they are quite like this man Blair Cottrell.
A Blair Cottrell prototype
In a year of slam-dunks, Blair started off the New Year in his hustings venture into Orange with the most marvellous confrontation with the Fairfax degenerates who set out, almost with a yawn, to employ their worn tactics of pulling in unaccredited social justice nobodies, and slanderous hyperbole, to discredit him. Did he take it? Did he FUCK? The video that followed matched only the amazing Gerry Harvey video of the Australia First Party in its inspirational energy. Blair put that fish-head bitch on the spot, and like the human trout she is all she could do was gulp for air. He slapped her over-powdered face with reality, and on behalf of the ineffectual sturgeon Murdoch, all she could do was um and ahh.

What Blair does next will always top what he has done before and the reason we are paying him this honour is because he would shake his head reading it. He wouldn’t be impressed at all. Because nothing impresses Blair Cottrell but action. Nothing. And he judges himself by that standard before anybody else.
Nuff said.



Anonymous said...

With Cottrell and Sowell we have the makings of sound future Nationalist leaders.

What seems concerning is the type of supporters they are getting.

Also, their plan to win seats in Parliament seems like a waste of time and money.

Personally, I would like Cottrel and Sowell to lead a movement of a re-birth of strong white men to rebuild this fractured nation.

Anyone agree?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Their aim is, we think, to get a seat in the senate. We understand they may -- and we're not sure -- contest some regional seats, but they will certainly announce their plans when they are ready. And yes, they have no intention of disbanding the United Patriots Front, which serves the purpose you have stated. It is the street movement of the party Fortitude. But also bear in mind, Australia First Party is poised to resume its registration and it offers an ideal choice for nationalists in areas where their selection permits. This means there are two parties worth following! We wouldn't piss on the rest; especially not the Ziopatriot garbage who will seriously hope Fortitude never finds itself swapping votes with.

Anonymous said...

So APF will give its unqualified support (and preferences) to Fortitude hopefully? In regard to 8.34pm's comment, winning seats is the only way, realistically, but the best to hope for now are senate seats. What supporters are you worried about them attracting?

Anyway, only a matter of time before now confirmed halachically Jewish Malcolm Turncoat instigates an "Australians for Honest Politics" final solution for the UPF, like his predecessor did with Hanson.

Hope to see a big crowd at Toowoomba on the 13th.