Friday, January 22, 2016

Christopher Pyne and the two-party war on alternative politics

You'd be laughing too if you understood that this is not about ideology, it's just business
Your political future is about to be reduced to a plebian’s choice between the two major destroyers of this nation, Labor and Liberal. If they get their way, there will be no possibility of voting for so-called micro parties, or independents.

If these bastards manage to fulfil their oligarchical desire to pull the wool over all our eyes and limit our choices between two types of political dog shit, the tiny ray of hope that we create for ourselves by struggling against these pricks with political activity of our own will be dispatched to Never Never Land for good and all.  

It is these ‘micro parties’ and ‘independents’ that have so got up the nose of the majors by doing what they are supposed to do — offering an alternative to their monopoly on the running of this country — that has seen the mind-blowing public statement by Liberal party prefect and high-school hall monitor Christopher Pyne. He says it is better to vote for Labor than to place your democratic confidence in any of these righteous alternatives.

That’s right, Christopher Pyne would rather you vote for Labor than Fortitude, the Australia First Party, The Palmer United Party, or anyone likely to challenge their uniform control of this nation, because by keeping it between the two majors, they keep the business running as per usual.

Right now this “heads you lose, tails you do not win” style of bureaucracy is being playing out with the registration of The Australia First Party. All along the AFP has had WAY more than enough members to satisfy the basic criteria of forming a political party in this country. Yet, out of nowhere it was subjected to this jackass test. It was a test designed to fail the applicant, but the AFP fight on.

You need not only need a thick skin if you intend to go to the mat with these majors; you require a resolute will that brooks no lies, threats, or bribes.

Whitelaw Towers is calling for ALL micro parties — regardless of whether you’re nationalist or Ziopatriot; dedicated to cars or to social systems — to pick a date and head out as ONE to Canberra and demonstrate against the manipulation of the Australian Electoral Commission by this two-party thug coalition. This is so blatantly designed as a vehicle to shut down defiant and fledgling parties like Fortitude that it would be criminal on their part not to see it. Likewise, it’s an onus that falls to any other party that has a belief in its principles, and a conviction of their right to challenge these self-appointed custodians of the status quo.

It doesn’t matter if you’re UPF, AFP or Liberty Alliance, all minor parties need to get together and demonstrate their unwillingness to yield. If you think this is just an innocuous event in the reporting of the daily news then you're an uniformed cunt who should be kicked in the nuts and thrown over the bridge; because that's about as smart as you're ever likely to get.

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