Monday, January 25, 2016

Liberal Party hatchet man, Howard Crawford, and his WLT meltdown

Howard Crawford is the middle-aged boofhead on the Left. Anybody who may have a better picture of Howard Crawford please drop it in our inbox
Liberal Party saboteur and headkicker Howard Crawford has chosen Whitelaw Towers’ Facebook Page to publicly embarrass himself in a meltdown that has left us here wondering who cut off his med supply.

Whitelaw Towers is not a confessional or a public lavatory, but for some reason this dark figure who has been at the core of trying to destabilise nationalism in this country chose our page to defend his mate from allegations we never made against him, and to soil himself in front of as many nationalists as possible.

Posting prolifically in the Facebook comments section of the recent Whitelaw Towers blog ‘Who is the paedophile patriot?’, Crawford came bungling in like Foghorn Leghorn writing, “Mr Holt provided information on a man that had to leave the Country (sic) due to his activities and now this bloke is your best friend. Change the name from white law towers (sic) to pedo palace, you low life grubs”.

Of course, this was a defence of a man that Whitelaw Towers has so far accused only of being a fellow Liberal party hatchet man. Currently, Mike Holt, who runs a clown school that masquerades as Civic Patriot party number #45363 called Restore Australia, has been dogging the United Patriots Front. And this is how these two galahs work. Crawford has spent a fair whack of time attempting to bring down the Australia First Party on behalf of his Liberal Party handlers. He has tried to smear party president Jim Saleam everywhere from Stormfront to Facebook. Crawford attempted to use his homoerotic association with Squadron 88 as a tool against Australia First Party.
Mike Holt spent a large whack of his life in Asia, married an Asian, and now he wants to tell you what it means to be Australian
But getting back to “that” meltdown…

Not only did nobody on WLT mention Mike Holt, but we’re curious as to why on a blog regarding an unnamed paedophile patriot Crawford would defame his friend by associating him with this allegation. We understand that some WLT reader with a personal axe to grind with Holt may have linked to our story and posted it on a page of some group or other (or so we hear), but we cannot name the page and we have no policy of enlisting agents to troll scum like Holt and Crawford; although we’d happily buy that person a beer just for the beaut reaction he has elicited.

When we expressed our bafflement at his posturing, and his naming his friend in context to this post, he replied, “You and your pals just kept posting it under a blokes (sic) name. I rang him and ‘said something’. I was curious why? You see, you can’t do things like post what you scum have been and put it under a person’s name. Anyway, that’s up to his legals (sic) not me. So enjoy your day bozo or is it crusty. And if you blokes are encouraging paedophiles here, you’ll cop more than words you putrid things.”
And this is the third stooge, although Nick has used up all his idiot-credits now and is hunkered down pondering his possible future in male stripping
Given that no mention or any identifying details were posted as to the subject of our story’s identity, one would imagine a man with any schooling in “legals” would realize there is no basis for defamation. More to the point, he seems to have no understanding of how defamation law works. But the oddest thing is he is the one who defamed his own friend. Whitelaw Towers received anonymous information about an individual in the patriot scene, but so far there is nothing of a solid nature that we would publish; and we’re sure as hell are not dumb enough to name anybody as it might all turn out to be bullshit.

Thereafter he says that we are encouraging paedophiles here…? Well, what drugs is he on? The strangeness of that remark can only be explained by the bizarre nature of the character which made it.

Thereafter his blustering insults are just trademark Crawford. Finally we get down to his universal mantra about Jim Saleam (although nobody has told the silly nonce that we are not the Australia First Party), “You aren’t patriots as the Nazi Bunker Exposed footage shows. You are the traitors and that’s why you failed for 40 Y.E.A.R.S (sic). Got the message yet?”

Yes, Howie, we get the message loud and clear: you are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. See, Howard has an Asian fetish, like his pals Mike Holt and Nick Folkes. They’re all married to Asian women. Yet, they come onto the patriot/nationalist scene wanting to take over and replace all the principles that we hold dear with a Zionist race-mixing celebration of diversity, only minus Islam. Yet, Howard posted a comment previously on Party for Freedom’s Facebook page trying to ridicule Australia First Party member Vic Waterson for a demonstration he was involved with opposing Harvey Norman for its offer to give free jobs to Syrian refugees.
Pepe says, "If it feels good, do it."
In this characteristically sarcastic post, he went on to say that giving Moslems jobs was a good thing… Erm, hello! This same madman trying to make his bones on the back of the anti-Islam patriot scene now thinks appeasing Moslems by giving them Aussie jobs is a ticket to social harmony. But he is a Liberal and you can never forget that, for that Tory worldview is how he measures everything, which is why only he would come onto a page where folks are into National Socialism and hard-core racialist politics and try to discredit Jim Saleam for appearing in a video where a swastika flag is in evidence.

Um… sure, folks are really going to be down on Jim for that. But then, to add a liberal (pun intended) dose of hypocrisy into the mix, that flat is one that Crawford himself has visited. The video was traded to him by an associate of S88 in return for beer and pizza.

Crawford was a major figure behind Squadron 88, who posted ‘anti-Semitic’ flyers in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney — Malcolm Turnbull’s own electorate. And this man wants you to turn against Jim Saleam because circumstance happened to put him in a room where the tenant has a penchant for Nazi paraphernalia?! Go figure.

Of course, we gave Crawford, who is a chicken farmer, the opportunity to comment on his involvement with Squadron 88, but that’s when he finally did what he should have done right from the word go: clammed up.

Crawford is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but if there is any remote chance an edifying word or two might penetrate his pathologically ego-driven skull, then these are the words of Cicero, “Silence is one of the great arts of conversation.”
These clubs often have very grubby stories to tell...


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys im here looking 4 that beer you offered the person who broke Howard Crawford.Reschs please

Whitelaw Towers said...

You seem like you might know something about these two. Drop us a private line.

Anonymous said...

Ok but i reckon its worth at least a six pack? come on guys i mean shit, he is a crafty one.

Anonymous said...

So first it was an s88 member that "sold" a tape of mr saleam? Now its an associate? As far as I know half of them dont even like the individual as he Is not white, when in actual face the guy Is an afp member lol �� yet you fail to mention that part? Why i that????? Yet claim him to be an s88 associate also fail to mention jim spends a lot I time around there. You release details of people on the right you publish false info how are you any better than the slackbastard blog?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Oh look, Howie has a supporter, but most likely one of the S88 clan. And this stands as their idea of a rebuttal? Ho ho, let's pick it apart like a flimsy chicken-wing: you guys never were much of anything, but let's see -- you make an issue out of us clarifying that 'Slasher' was an associate. Our original information was that the video came off his phone via his friend and neighbour, who is an S88 member. We then learned it came straight from Slasher. Now, Slasher has long been associated with this Hollywood Nazi flea circus. Now, you say Howard Crawford IS an AFP member?! That alone betrays your intellect to be senile. Seriously, would a party tolerate as a member somebody who defamed it? Man, you really do have your curlies caught up with your hair nostril. He ONCE was an AFP member. But he was a real troublemaker and his infiltration of that party was another home-wrecking gig. And Jim spends a lot of time round (there)? Where is there? You do not state your meaning like a coherent person. If you mean Slasher's then I have to assume this IS Howard Crawford because only he would call black white and hope nobody noticed. That last sentence PROVES you're Howard Crawford, since the only ones who released info to Slackbastard were his pals Darrin Hodges and Nick Folkes.