Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Oscars protest is a cultural brick in the White Genocide wall

The Academy can apparently have a black head, but still has a race problem?
Jada Pinkett Smith and Spike “racist” Lee have come out in a fit of entitlement about the selections for this year’s Academy Awards. They are saying that the list of nominees is too White, and neither will attend the ceremonies.

A Twitter campaign (yawn) has grown out of this arrogant outburst from these two privileged blacks whose people have never once complained about being advantaged by the “positive discrimination” of affirmative action that sees them obtain positions in government, the private sector, and universities that they are only entitled to on the basis of the colour of their skin: NOT their achievements.

Since then, the coloured Oscars’ head Cheryl Boone Isaacs (yes, funny that) is taking action to, as the BBC reports, “alter the make-up of the board’s membership”; meaning that the black had the power all along. They are just using this manufactured furore to once and for all institute a blanket policy of promoting the talentless people of colour who cannot obtain accolades based on their own performances.
The all-White (OOPS) ALL-JEWISH Hollywood mafia dons
Now, nobody White should give a fuck about Hollyweird. The notion that anything coming out of there is “too White” transcends the laughable and seems to be actually calculated and provocative, since only the class cauliflower doesn’t know that Jews run the whole show.
So this reeks of a coordinated stunt to once more demonise White people leading up to the US election in which they fear Donald Trump might win and when he does actually not simply act in the interests of minorities, Moslems, and perverts.

When the Kenyan Obama leaves the White House, it will have been after presiding over the most anti-White government in US history. He will have left a legacy of irreversible social decay. That disgusting mulatto, who was handed a Nobel Peace Prize simply for being black and voted the president of America, has used Civil Rights as a cudgel to batter White America into a state of feeble regression.
In the name of equality Obama has helped to shape a society that is unequal because, as usual, the black must have everything given to it lest it make a ruckus and “get mad”. He did not do this without the backing of the Jews, which he, ironically, has also managed to put offside by failing to provide them the unconditional support they have insisted upon from all who are elected to the oval office. This is because he is a Moslem.

The entitlement is so ingrained in black people that even if you dissected the Negro DNA to its finest molecule and put it back together after a giving it a full carwash, you will never be able to clean away that sense of entitlement.

And now, you might ask, why do we here in Australia give two fluffy ducks about that whole thing: because, at the same time, this propaganda is being applied here too. Only a couple of weeks back the ABC published a story about how a new SBS series will confront a television audience resistant to “diversity”. The SBS, which exists to start to culturally eradicate all Anglo-European identity from mainstream cultural life with taxpayer funding, is running a parallel stream of propaganda and it’s all just somehow a coincidence?

The most ironic thing about those actors nominated is that they’re actors in every sense; puppets. They are playing a part here, a role that they never auditioned for nor agreed to. By simply being White, they have been cast in a narrative about systematic White oppression of “minorities” when Whites are set to be the “minority” any day now; and as a black president presides over the true social injustices being committed against Whites; as Jews own Hollywood; and a black head of the Oscars’ board has just somehow been alerted to a supposedly racist Hollywood. Yes, the same pro-White Hollywood that brought you Quentin Tarrantino and his endless slew of anti-White films like Django Unchained, and this latest piece of crap in which a White is raped by a Negro, The Hateful Eight. The same pro-White Hollywood teaching White men that they are beta males who sit back cucked while their White women take big black schlong.

Yep, the land of make believe it is, but it’s also the land of propaganda, and that is where the two meet for the purposes of beating down on Whitey some more. And that’s the biggest irony to be subtracted from this supposedly White-privileged algebra: that in a situation where Whites have no control, they are yet again guilty.

Any day now America is going to require White people to wear monitoring bracelets and funny hats… because of slavery, wars and stuff.
Burn, Hollywood, burn.

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Anonymous said...

But hang on a second, race dosn't exist it's only a social construct so whats the problem Hollywood?