Friday, January 01, 2016

Put the "N" in Nationalist in 2016.

Nationalist approved message for 2016.   
We may walk the same path as others, but we must stay true to who we are. Remember this in 2016, as there is a clear difference between our beliefs and that of others. Secure the ground for Nationalism and speak with honesty and pride always. 


Anonymous said...

Keep training and get fit this war is far from been over but the tide has turned in our favour! The left is collapsing....

Anonymous said...

It seems the UPF is good at attracting anti-white patriots.

Anonymous said...

Hello 9.10pm.

Please explain? You mean, those against them like Mike Holt?

Anyway, will be heading up to Toowoomba from Brisbane on the 13th of Feb for the UPF Rally.

Hoping to see the WLT crew there. If you're not 100% in favour of UPF, just go, hang on the periphery and see what they have to say. Might even get to straighten out some little SAlt shitheads from UQ if they venture up to cause trouble.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Brisbane, get up to Toowoomba on 13/2/16. Get amongst it.

Anonymous said...

Ripped or oversprayed down about 50 of these in Brisbane's inner west last night, plus as many 'Marxism Conference' posters.

Suck my moderately sized white invader dick.